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Cosmetic filler for the front tooth and how much does front tooth filling cost?

Aesthetic veneer for the front tooth, many people suffer from many problems with their teeth, the most famous of which is the presence of cavities and fractures in the front tooth, which can cause the person to be embarrassed when speaking or lack confidence in his appearance, and therefore he needs An aesthetic veneer to help him get rid of his problems and improve his external appearance, and we will talk in this article about what are aesthetic fillings and their features and disadvantages? And what are its prices?

Aesthetic veneer for the front tooth

Aesthetic veneer for the front tooth


The aesthetic veneer is a type of modern medical compositions that are used to compensate for the damaged part of the front tooth and fill the gaps in it. Its color is also similar to the natural tooth color and does not appear as a veneer, but rather appears as a natural external appearance of teeth, and for this reason its use is more than Other traditional fillings.

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Aesthetic tooth veneers are one of the methods resorted to by doctors to treat damage resulting from decay such as cavities and holes that cause tooth weakness or loss. The use of aesthetic veneers focuses on compensating for the damaged part, whether present in the front or back teeth, in order to restore the natural shape of the teeth.


Installing aesthetic veneers is a simple, straightforward process that doesn’t require multiple sessions to perform, and the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. The dentist determines the tools used when installing the aesthetic veneer according to the extent of damage and decay present on the tooth, as well as the size of the teeth and affected areas.

Aesthetic veneers are installed through the following steps:

  • The dentist applies topical anesthetic and then removes the decayed and decayed portion of the tooth in need of repair. This is done through a tooth bore or using the appropriate laser for the condition of the teeth.
  • The affected area is examined and cleaned of microbes and bacteria to ensure precise installation of the veneer and ensure it is properly installed without any bacterial residue and is compatible with natural teeth.
  • If damage is near the tooth roots, the dentist places a glass barrier to prevent irritation to the nerve.


Dental repair is one of the important issues that must be taken care of by all groups so that no one is exposed to major tooth problems that require high costs and effort. Not being aware and neglecting teeth can result in losing them in the long run and difficulty restoring them again later on. Therefore, you must resort to medical dental care to prevent inflammation that may occur as a result of decay, erosion, and abrasion. Treatments include dental aesthetic veneers that work to:

  • Help protect the tooth from damage.
  • Contribute to restoring the external appearance of the teeth and prevent complications and inflammation affecting the nerves.
  • Strengthen weak teeth and keep them for a long time.
  • Repair front teeth from abrasion and visible cracks.
  • Rebuild teeth both in shape and function.
  • Aesthetic veneers last for a long time because they are fixed and solid, helping maintain the teeth and prevent them from falling out easily.

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Aesthetic veneers have achieved great success in treating front teeth and preserving their external appearance. Therefore, this increases their use in various clinics. Due to this, aesthetic veneers have a set of advantages that distinguish them from other veneers, including:

  1. They contain solid, stable materials that help keep teeth for longer.
  2. Most dentists see this type of veneer as easy to use and containing no harmful substances like other types.
  3. They don’t cause pain during installation.
  4. Their color resembles the teeth’s natural color, making it hard to distinguish between them.
  5. They help treat front teeth from abrasion and make them appear decent and identical to the original tooth.
Advantages of aesthetic veneers

Advantages of aesthetic veneers

Disadvantages of cosmetic fillings

Although cosmetic fillings have many advantages, they also have some downsides and disadvantages that may cause some damage, so it is important to learn about these disadvantages, including:

  1. It is difficult to fix cosmetic fillings inside a large cavity in the teeth, and it is preferred to use them in the front teeth, because they cannot withstand the force of chewing food.
  2. This filling is exposed to harmful effects and severe contamination when consuming food and drinks, and sometimes this requires replacing it with a new filling.
  3. Rapid damage occurs to the cosmetic filling when used in a large cavity.
  4. The cosmetic filling does not last permanently, it changes over time and needs to be replaced.
  5. It is one of the most expensive fillings and its use requires extensive experience from the dentist.

How to take care of tooth fillings

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you keep tooth fillings for a long time without needing to change or replace them. These tips include:

  • Constant examination of the teeth so as not to return to the same problems again, and constant follow-up with the dentist. Tell him if you suffer from any pain in your teeth.
  • Use the appropriate toothpaste and brush for your teeth to protect all tissues from damage or decay.
  • If there is any change in the color of the filling or the appearance of black lines or cracks, you should return to the dentist and inform him of that.
  • Avoid eating hard or sugary foods that lead to decay and inflammation, as well as cold drinks.

How much does an anterior tooth filling cost?

There are several options for filling anterior teeth, and costs vary depending on the size of the damage and its location in the tooth. In cases of minor decay, the damaged part of the tooth is removed and the area cleaned, then the cavity is filled using filling materials such as composite resin or oxidized glass. The filling material is shaped to match the shape and color of the tooth, then it is secured using light to make it strong and durable.

The cost of anterior tooth fillings varies depending on the types of fillings used. It is worth mentioning that these prices are subject to change over time. Our Dental Care Center provides a range of prices ranging from 500 to 1500 Egyptian pounds for an anterior filling.

How to choose a suitable cosmetic dentist?

We offer you several things and criteria that can help you choose your doctor appropriately so that you feel completely comfortable when dealing with him and also when expressing your requirements and needs. The doctor can be chosen through the following specifications:

  • Make sure he has an accredited certificate from the Faculty of Medicine recognized at the university and medical association level.
  • Search and learn about the doctor, his experience and skills in various dental specialties.
  • Get some opinions from his previous patients to learn more about his personality and style through them.
  • Learn about prices at the clinic and find out if his price suits your specified budget or not.

Inside our dental care center, there is an elite group of top dentists who focus on your comfort and create a satisfying smile for you.

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In our keenness to provide credibility and reliability to our patients, our Dental Care Center includes the best specialist doctors who work only for your comfort and have a good reputation and positive reviews from previous patients. So do not hesitate to book an appointment now to get excellent service and unmatched comfort.

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