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What is Bollywood Smile technology? Learn about the best medical center for cosmetic and dental treatment

Bollywood Smile, an attractive smile is one of the factors that help leave a good impression on people when interacting with them for the first time. Therefore, everyone strives to have a healthy smile that reflects self-confidence through some techniques that help them get rid of the flaws and deformities of their teeth. This article will detail Bollywood Smile, its cost, benefits, and procedural steps.

Bollywood Smile

Bollywood Smile

Bollywood Smile

It is the dazzling, bright smile that reflects the health, shine, and sparkle of the teeth, sought after by many celebrities, not just patients. There are cosmetic techniques that help achieve the desired results for a Bollywood Smile, such as dental veneers or Lumineers and the removable Hollywood smile, among many other therapeutic and cosmetic methods that include orthodontics. You can learn more about orthodontic technology, its types, benefits, and how it is installed by reading this article.

Hollywood Smile or Bollywood?

The terms Hollywood and Bollywood are associated in the minds of the public or citizens of the Arab world with the American and Indian film industries, respectively. However, this difference only pertains to the film and television series industry. In the field of dentistry, they are two different terms but for the same distinguished and shiny smile that everyone seeks. You can learn about the cost of a Hollywood Smile in Egypt by reading this article.

Cost of a Bollywood Smile

As mentioned, there are two methods that help give a person a Bollywood Smile: veneers and Lumineers, in addition to the third method, the removable Hollywood smile. The cost depends on the patient’s condition, the affected area, and the number of damaged teeth needing repair. These techniques last between two and five years, and with proper maintenance and oral hygiene, they can last over ten years. The cost of all cosmetic techniques that provide a Bollywood Smile ranges between 78,500 and 157,000 Egyptian pounds.

Benefits of Bollywood Smile

Benefits of Bollywood Smile

Benefits of Bollywood Smile

There are benefits to the methods used to give a Bollywood Smile, and one of the most frequently asked questions on various search engines is about the benefits of a Bollywood Smile, so we will mention them as follows:

Benefits of Veneers

  • Protect the teeth and give them an attractive appearance.
  • Made of porcelain material that resembles the color, shape, and size of natural teeth.
  • Resolve teeth problems where teeth whitening is not sufficiently effective.
  • Fix damaged teeth defects due to excessive consumption of carbonated drinks, caffeine, heavy smoking, and aging.
  • Veneers are the perfect solution for cases of misaligned teeth.
  • Veneer shells fill the gaps between teeth.
  • All raw materials used to make veneers are characterized by their hardness and durability, making them last for long periods, possibly for a lifetime with the patient.
  • Composite veneers are less costly than porcelain veneers, offering all choices for patients of all social classes.

Benefits of Lumineers

  • One of the most significant advantages of Lumineers is that they do not require grinding down the teeth or removing part of the enamel layer, making the teeth structure stronger compared to the veneer technique, which requires grinding the teeth for proper attachment.
  • Lumineer shells are thin and easily removable at any time compared to veneers.

Benefits of the Removable Hollywood Smile

  • Easy to install.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Securely fits on the teeth.
  • Installed in a short time.

How You Can Get a Bollywood Smile

One of the most common headlines regarding Bollywood Smile technique is What are the steps for installing a Bollywood Smile? And we will mention these steps as follows:

  1. Visual examination of the patient, then requesting some medical examinations and X-rays to clarify the problems more and help the doctor identify them and determine the appropriate treatment protocol.
  2. The doctor chooses with the patient the treatment method that suits their medical history and financial capabilities. Don’t settle for ordinary teeth, get a shiny and attractive smile with our innovative services at The Dental Center.
  3. General teeth cleaning.
  4. Choosing the suitable raw material for the patient’s teeth in terms of color, shape, and size.
  5. Preparing the teeth so that the lenses can be easily installed on their surface.
  6. Installing the cosmetic lenses in one session, and the patient gets a Bollywood Smile.

Risks of a Bollywood Smile

As mentioned, a Bollywood Smile has many benefits, but it also has some risks:

  • Inability to clench the jaws over each other in case of any malfunction during the installation of a Bollywood Smile.
  • Appearance of deformities on the teeth’s surface after a period of time from installing the smile.
  • Grinding the teeth, which is resorted to when installing the veneer technique, causes weakness and fragility of the teeth.
  • Weakness of the teeth after installing the lenses leads to their sensitivity over time towards some foods and hot and cold drinks.
  • Appearance of bad odors in case of neglecting oral and dental hygiene.
  • Veneer lenses are not repairable in case they are scratched or broken.
Do you need a Bollywood smile?

Do you need a Bollywood smile?

Do You Need a Bollywood Smile?

Cases that have accidents and suffer fractures, the appropriate treatment for them is to install Lumineer lenses that work on arranging and sequencing the teeth in a harmonious shape. As for cases suffering from gaps between teeth due to genetic diseases or loss and extraction of teeth, doctors may resort to using a Bollywood Smile that works on harmonizing them in terms of shape and size. We are here to transform your smile into an amazing art piece, book your appointment at The Dental Center today!

Best Dental Center for Cosmetics and Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most sought-after medical services recently, making specialized centers and clinics, especially The Dental Center in Cairo, continuously develop medical devices and follow the latest internationally recognized techniques while adhering to all infection control, health, and safety standards, which helped spread the center’s good reputation. Additionally, the previous patients’ reviews praising the management and interaction system with the center’s team and their complete satisfaction with the therapeutic results.

The high expertise of the center’s doctors specialized in dental cosmetics and the professionalism of the assisting nursing team are fundamental factors in the center’s fame and the quality of medical services provided due to quality certificates and licenses by responsible authorities, along with the management’s constant efforts to offer promotions and discounts on all cosmetic and therapeutic services.

Types of Celebrity Smiles

The different techniques that give a Bollywood Smile can provide various types of smiles based on the nature of each patient’s teeth, representing the types of celebrity smiles as follows:

  • Veneer lenses.
  • E-max lenses.
  • 3D Hollywood Smile.
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