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Animated Hollywood smile, experiences and information about the best medical center for cosmetic dentistry and treatment

Dynamic Hollywood Smile Experiences, the perfect attractive smile free from any flaws is currently the goal for many people in the era of technology and visual broadcasting. Hence, we notice the interest of many in dental cosmetic procedures and searching for all possible cosmetic methods, including the dynamic Hollywood smile which occupies an advanced ranking in different search engines. This makes us try to talk about all its details in this article.

Dynamic Hollywood Smile Experiences

Dynamic Hollywood Smile Experiences


Dynamic Hollywood Smile Experiences

The dynamic Hollywood smile is one of the latest technologies used recently for the purpose of beautifying teeth and hiding all their deformities and flaws only and does not have any therapeutic role. The idea of the dynamic Hollywood smile is based on making it from veneer material that is easy to remove and reinstall at any time as it largely resembles dentures and removable dental fixtures.

The dynamic Hollywood smile consists of veneers and lenses that enrich the overall aesthetic appearance of the teeth and is preferred by doctors in correcting front teeth flaws of the jaw or all the teeth in both jaws if the patient’s health situation requires it. Get ready to transform your smile with the amazing long-lasting dynamic Hollywood smile at The Dental Center.

Dynamic Hollywood Smile

The dynamic Hollywood smile is a technique aimed at arranging and organizing artificial teeth made of ceramic porcelain to be installed on natural teeth and works to hide their flaws and deformities. The raw materials used to make the dynamic Hollywood smile are the same compositions as the regular Hollywood smile, and the only difference between them is that the dynamic Hollywood smile offers cosmetic medical services on a wider scale than the regular smile. In general, the dynamic smile is easy to apply, quick in results, and provides the patient with the comfort they need, in addition to the patient getting used to it in a short period and requiring its special care.

Why do we opt for the dynamic veneer smile?

There are some dental problems that require rapid therapeutic intervention, and there are many therapeutic and cosmetic techniques that can treat and solve any dental-related problems. However, there are some cases that are not suitable for their health condition except for specific and determined treatment methods. We will mention the cases where the best solution for them is to install the dynamic veneer smile as follows:

  • Yellowing of the teeth and the appearance of colored spots on their surface.
  • The appearance of large gaps and spaces between the teeth.
  • Cracks in the structure of the teeth.
  • Replacement of missing teeth.
  • Tooth decay and gaps in their structure, and you can know the difference between veneer and Hollywood smile and whether Hollywood smile is harmful to teeth by clicking on this link to this article.

Who are the candidates for Hollywood Smile?

Some dentists prefer installing Hollywood Smile in the following cases:

  • People who suffer from asymmetry in the shape and size of their teeth.
  • The appearance of holes on the surface of the teeth.
  • Break and crack of teeth as a result of collision, accident, or exposure to severe pressure.
  • The spaces between the teeth.
  • Falling teeth due to the presence of cracks in their structure.
  • Change in the color of the teeth, and you can learn about the fixed Hollywood smile and who are the candidates for its installation by reading this article.
Cost of Dynamic Hollywood Smile in Egypt

Cost of Dynamic Hollywood Smile in Egypt

The cost of raw materials that make up the veneer and the difference in their prices depending on the dollar price and the local currency of

the country in which the veneer is installed are among the most important factors that control the cost of the dynamic Hollywood smile. Then comes the factor of the doctor’s experience, the nursing team, and the cleanliness and sterilization of the place. Therefore, The Dental Center is keen to provide all means of comfort to its patients while maintaining the provision of medical services at suitable prices and offers that are acceptable to them, including a current offer on the dynamic Hollywood smile that ranges in cost between 5250 and 7000 Egyptian pounds.

The difference between the dynamic and fixed Hollywood Smile

There are various comparison aspects between the dynamic Hollywood Smile and the fixed one that we will mention as follows:

  • Thickness of lenses or veneers

The thickness of the dynamic veneer is small, not exceeding 0.2 cm, so the doctor does not grind the teeth and preserves the enamel layer covering them completely and strongly.

The fixed veneer thickness reaches 0.5 cm and requires a strong fixing material that helps it adhere well to the surface of the teeth and also needs to grind the teeth.

  • Cost

The dynamic veneer costs are low compared to the fixed veneer, which costs are somewhat high.

  • Number of sessions

The dynamic veneer requires two sessions with the doctor where the doctor determines the measurements in one session and installs the lenses in the other.

The fixed veneer requires a larger number of sessions to grind the teeth and prepare the teeth for installing the lenses on their surface then installing the lenses and monitoring their safety and the safety of the teeth and mouth afterwards.

  • Care and attention

The dynamic veneer requires periodic care, daily removal, and placing it in a special disinfectant solution and cleaning it with special cleaning products.

The fixed veneer is cleaned using a brush and toothpaste that the patient uses to clean their teeth, so it does not require any extra effort beyond the daily routine that the patient cares for their natural teeth. Discover the difference between the dynamic and fixed Hollywood Smile at The Dental Center and enjoy a perfect smile that dazzles everyone.

Can food be eaten while wearing the dynamic veneer?

There are some tips that the doctor gives to the patient after installing the dynamic veneer, and at the top of these instructions is the commitment to eating some foods such as soft foods and soup, and avoiding specific foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, and stimulants in general because of their ability to change the color of the teeth, and reducing sticky or adhesive foods that stick to the teeth and get caught between their small spaces leading to the accumulation of bacteria and causing decay and damage to the teeth.

Is it possible for dynamic Hollywood teeth to break?

Yes, there are some cases in which the dynamic Hollywood smile fixtures are exposed to breaking, and these cases include the following:

  • Wearing the veneers and lenses of the dynamic Hollywood smile throughout the day and not removing them during sleep.
  • Eating hard foods and trying to open hard objects.
  • Using a hard toothbrush that does not suit their sensitivity.
  • Biting the nails with the teeth.

Steps to obtain a dynamic Hollywood smile

There are steps followed by the doctor in order to install a dynamic Hollywood smile, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • First step: The doctor visually examines the patient’s teeth and in complex cases, requests X-rays and medical tests that help him diagnose the problem more accurately and how to treat it.
  • Second step: After ensuring the health of the teeth and mouth or undergoing treatment in case of a problem and complete healing, the doctor takes measurements of the patient’s teeth, photographs the mouth, and places these pictures on the computer and prints them and sends them to the dental laboratory technician to manufacture molds of the smile with the same measurement, shape, and size.
  • Third step: After the doctor prepares the teeth during the previous two sessions for installing the cosmetic smile veneers and lenses, in the third session, he installs the smile and fixes it on the surface of the teeth using adhesive materials and adjusts the excess so that it fits the patient’s teeth.
Features of Dynamic Hollywood Smile

Features of Dynamic Hollywood Smile

Features of Dynamic Hollywood Smile

The dynamic Hollywood smile benefits patients with many desired results, and these features can be clarified in the following points:

  • The dynamic Hollywood smile is a cosmetic technique that gives the teeth a bright and attractive smile.
  • The dynamic Hollywood smile is a painless technique.
  • The dynamic Hollywood smile does not require administering anesthesia to the patient.
  • These cosmetic veneers do not require any surgical intervention.
  • This technique is easy to remove and reinstall unlike the fixed Hollywood smile.
  • The dynamic smile is an alternative to veneer procedures.
  • This technique does not affect the functional tasks of the mouth so we do not notice any malfunction during speaking or eating, which gives the patient self-confidence.
  • These lenses last in the mouth for up to more than 5 years and in some cases exceeded 20 years due to their stability and rigidity.
  • It protects the teeth by forming an insulating layer between them.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Hollywood Smile

Everything has its positives and negatives, and this also applies to the dynamic Hollywood smile technique, and the disadvantages of this dynamic smile are summarized in the following points:

  • This technique is purely cosmetic and has no therapeutic role.
  • It must be removed from the mouth when eating.
  • It gets damaged when consuming hot foods and drinks.
  • It has some side effects in some cases where some complain of gum inflammations and swellings.
  • Food accumulates in the gap between it and the teeth, giving a chance for bacteria to grow and infect the teeth with decay.

Care and treatment after the dynamic veneer smile procedure

There are some habits that should be avoided after installing the dynamic veneer smile so as not to evolve the health situation and cause some serious damages and include these habits smoking, pressing on the teeth, and drinking alcohol, and require some periodic follow-up with the doctor especially during the days following its installation, and after that, the patient can visit the treating doctor every 6 months or a year in order to reassure the fixtures and teeth until he makes sure of their safety and in case of problems, early treatment is provided before any complications occur.

Recovery after the dynamic Hollywood smile

There are some habits that help the patient recover quickly after installing the dynamic Hollywood smile, including the following:

  • Not exposing the teeth or the cosmetic fixture to the pressure that may break it.
  • Not biting nails with the teeth.
  • Not chewing hard ice pieces.
  • Not opening hard objects and bottles with the teeth.
  • Not eating hard nuts and avoiding breaking walnut and hazelnut shells with the mouth.
  • Adhering to periodic session dates with the doctor to work on examining the veneer installation and ensuring the health of the teeth.
Types of Hollywood Smile

Types of Hollywood Smile

Types of Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood smile is the most used technique for beautifying teeth ever due to many people’s keenness to have an attractive and perfect appearance free from any flaws, and there is a large variety in types of Hollywood smile where the smile is divided into veneer teeth smile made of porcelain which is considered the first discovered cosmetic procedure in addition to being the most famous types of smiles ever used, and there is another type of veneer fitted on resin.

The second type is teeth crown smile which also receives good popularity among patients, and many of them opt for it, and the third type is teeth whitening smile which is considered the least costly type of smile, and finally, the fourth type is fixed smile which is installed by the doctor in

the clinic and cannot be removed by the patient afterwards.

Due to the variety of different raw materials from which the Hollywood smile is made, smiles are divided into veneer lenses and Emax lenses in addition to Hollywood smile 3D lenses, and the doctor determines with the patient the suitable type for them according to the patient’s financial capabilities and desired results, and there are two main types of Hollywood smile that we will explain as follows:

  1. Fixed Hollywood Smile: Preferred by many patients and available in 3 forms are the most famous teeth veneer smile, teeth crown smile, and teeth whitening smile.
  2. Dynamic Hollywood Smile: Known for being a mold made of resin, and is a thin, rigid, movable, and removable mold at any time, in addition to its economical cost that suits many patients and its simple application.

Best medical center for cosmetic and dental treatment

The Dental Center is the best medical center for cosmetic and dental treatment in Cairo due to its inclusion of many medical staff with high professionalism and expertise, and its diversity in choosing them between cosmetic specialists and doctors specialized in dental fixtures, and some of them follow the latest therapeutic methods for many dental problems such as decay and fractures, in addition to the best consultants in orthodontic fixtures so do not hesitate to book your session appointment in case you suffer from any health problems or deformities in the teeth through the official website of the center and you can reach it by clicking on this link.

And the center guarantees you to obtain various medical services at special prices and discounts on the occasion of the anniversary of its opening in addition to the center’s distinction with good treatment by the nursing team assisting the doctors and their constant concern for the comfort of patients always and the management that provides the highest level of sterilization and cleanliness and the latest methods of infection control, and you can follow the opinions of all previous patients of the center when visiting all the official social media pages of the center.

Does Hollywood Smile maintain its color?

Yes, because the porcelain material from which the Hollywood smile is made is color-stable and is not affected by any variables, so its color does not change. However, it is necessary to reduce carbonated drinks, stimulants, and smoking so as not to change its color due to the strong effect of tobacco in staining the teeth gray and this type of drinks stimulates the yellowing of the teeth.

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