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How to clean a Hollywood smile and what is its price in Egypt?

Hollywood smile cleaning, Hollywood smile is sought after by many celebrities and patients in order to get the attractive smile and good overall appearance that gives them self-confidence and improves their mood, and we will explain in detail in this article the definition of Hollywood smile cosmetic technology and the advice to be followed after installing it and what are its advantages or possible damages and its cost and how to clean it.

Cleaning Hollywood smile

Cleaning Hollywood smile

Cleaning Hollywood smile

The Hollywood smile is one of the modern effective techniques that have proven their efficiency and quality in giving amazing results to patients and satisfying results to doctors for different cases with different problems and ages, and cleaning the Hollywood smile is one of the first points that doctors are keen to clarify to the patient during installation and explain the extent of its effectiveness in helping teeth maintain their luster and ability to perform their various functions, and we will mention in detail the necessary medical directives that should be followed after installing the smile in the next title in the article, and before knowing how to keep the smile clean, it is necessary to know the importance of cleaning it in contributing to its continuation in the patient’s mouth for many intact years.

Post Hollywood smile installation tips

There are some tips that should be adhered to after installing the Hollywood smile in order to preserve it from damage, and these tips can be summarized in the following points:

  • Brushing the teeth daily twice or at least once with the appropriate toothpaste and the brush should be gentle so as not to cause any discomfort when using it.
  • Trying to reduce hard or solid foods so as not to put pressure on the teeth.
  • Avoid foods that stain teeth with different colors, which contributes to the appearance of different white, gray and yellow stains.
  • Quit or reduce the number of cigarettes smoked daily as much as possible.
  • Use a mouthguard to protect teeth from violent collisions that may cause fractures and cracks in their structure or wear on teeth when sleeping.
  • Regular follow-up with the doctor to ensure the installation is good and resolve any potential health issues early to prevent any future complications. You can know the cost of Hollywood smile in Egypt when reading this article.
What is Hollywood smile?

What is Hollywood smile?

What is Hollywood smile?

The Hollywood smile is a cosmetic technique that works to hide all the different dental problems related to their appearance or preventing them from performing their various functions, and it consists of shells or lenses made of different raw materials, the most famous of which is porcelain ceramics and zirconia or any materials with aesthetic appearance similar to natural teeth and their durability that supports the teeth in performing their functional tasks to the fullest.

These shells are fixed on the anterior surface of the teeth in order to prevent the appearance of any cracks in their structure or spaces between each other or hiding the different staining spots and unifying their length and size, which gives a good overall appearance and an attractive smile and a vibrant and healthy teeth appearance. Restoring mouth functions and self-confidence is possible with Hollywood smile experts at The dental center.

How is Hollywood smile done and installed?

The patient visits the doctor for a thorough examination of the teeth with the help of x-rays and some medical examinations to identify the problem and try to follow appropriate therapeutic procedures for it, and when the doctor and the patient together decide to install a Hollywood smile, the doctor will perform the following procedures:

  • Taking measurements of the damaged teeth that need cosmetic lenses in order to give them to the lab technician in order to manufacture these lenses matching them.
  • Preparing the teeth and mouth for smile installation and treating any problems before starting the installation.
  • Cooling the teeth in order to firmly attach the shells to their surface.
  • Testing the shape, color and sizes of the lenses with the patient’s damaged teeth before installing them in order to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the teeth before attaching the lenses to their surface.
  • Attaching the smile with adhesive materials that help firmly attach it to the tooth surface.
  • Using laser beams on the surface of the smile shells to ensure they are firmly attached to the teeth.
Materials used in Hollywood smile

Materials used in Hollywood smile

Materials used in Hollywood smile

There are many different raw materials used in the manufacture of Hollywood smile installations, and veneers are the most famous techniques used in smile installation, and the raw materials may be one of the following:

  • Porcelain: Porcelain lenses are characterized by their thickness, which helps hide flaws in anterior teeth, and they are usually expensive due to their similarity to natural teeth in color, shape and resistance to discoloration and keeping teeth white for many years, and installation is done in several sessions.
  • Resin mixture: It is a plastic-like material similar to the resin material used in aesthetic dental fillings.
  • Instant veneer: They are manufactured in uniform shapes, colors and sizes to suit all tooth conditions.
  • Mobile veneer: They are lenses made in different shapes, colors and sizes based on the patient’s tooth measurements, and what most distinguishes them is the ability to remove and reinstall them again.
  • Lumineers: They are veneer-like membranes but thinner and less thick, and they do not require tooth cooling as is the case when installing veneers. You can know if braces can be installed on Hollywood smile by reading this article.

Who is not eligible for Hollywood smile?

There are many cases in which the Hollywood smile works to hide the flaws of their teeth and helps them get an attractive smile and decent overall appearance, and despite that, there are cases that are absolutely forbidden to install the smile as a result of not fulfilling the conditions that help the installation process succeed in them, namely:

  • Those under 18 years old, i.e. children and adolescents.
  • Teeth that have not grown well and there is a health problem behind it.
  • People who have braces on their teeth.
  • Cases suffering from various gum diseases.
  • Cases suffering from loss of more than 3 teeth, especially if they are adjacent.
Hollywood smile advantages

Hollywood smile advantages

Hollywood smile advantages

There are many advantages that the patient may benefit from in case of installing a Hollywood smile, which can be listed in the following points:

  • It gives results in a short period of time, which accelerates the process of beautifying various dental deformities.
  • It does not require many sessions before and during installation, and it does not make the patient wait long before the examination.
  • It lasts with the patient for many years, which is due to the quality and durability of the raw materials used in its manufacture.
  • It gives an attractive appearance and shiny white teeth.
  • It protects the teeth from being affected by various foods and drinks, which prevents changing their color or accumulating residues and deposits on their surface.
  • It gives the teeth consistency, uniform shape and decent appearance, which increases a person’s self-confidence and is reflected positively on his psychology. Don’t let missing teeth hamper your lifestyle, take advantage of Hollywood smile services with us at The dental center and live comfortably.

Before Hollywood smile

Before installing the Hollywood smile, the patient suffers from problems of tooth discoloration, fractures or gaps between them that give food and bacteria a chance to accumulate and infection to spread in the mouth, and when the doctor decides to install a Hollywood smile, he will explain to the patient how to apply it and the necessary advice to ensure its success and how to maintain it so that he later gets good-looking teeth, and the doctor prepares the teeth and mouth before installing them by giving the necessary medications for a specified period in appropriate doses to eliminate any infection or problems in the mouth.

How long does Hollywood smile last?

The Hollywood smile is characterized by its ability to stay in the patient’s mouth for many years, not exceeding 15 years in some cases, but it can be exceeded in other cases, and this depends on the durability of the lenses or shells used and caring for the teeth continuously.

Hollywood smile cost

The Hollywood smile is one of the cosmetic techniques used by many doctors in simple or complex cases of dental deformities, and its price is controlled by many factors such as the affected area and the number of damaged teeth or the cost of raw materials used in manufacturing the installations in addition to the treating doctor’s experience, and the cost of the smile per tooth may range between 3000 to 5000 Egyptian pounds.

Hollywood smile damages

The Hollywood smile benefits the patient’s dental health as well as mental health, but despite that, it may cause damage to patients, including:

  • The lack of professionalism of the treating doctor may cause improper installation, causing other problems and complications.
  • It causes deformities to the teeth over time.
  • One of its types requires cooling the teeth and removing part of the enamel layer covering them, which causes weakness and fragility in the tooth structure.
  • Inability to re-wear or remove it after installation, which damages the teeth more than benefiting them.
  • Teeth and gum sensitivity to some drinks and foods when installing the smile.
  • Bad breath and mouth odor.
  • It requires continuous follow-up with the doctor in addition to continuous care of it, and in case of neglect, it will cause adverse results.

Are there alternatives to Hollywood smile?

Yes, the technological development that helped develop different cosmetic methods led to the emergence of many advanced alternatives to the Hollywood smile because of its relatively high cost compared to them, and these alternatives include cosmetic braces, laser teeth whitening, and veneers that have proven their distinction and efficiency in application and the results it gives, in addition to dental implants that are characterized by their lifelong continuity with the patient.

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