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Hollywood smile emax and its price at the medical center for dental care

Hollywood Smile Emax, Emax veneers are among the famous lenses used in cosmetic dentistry for damaged teeth, and most patients always seek to obtain an attractive smile to improve their overall appearance. Therefore, we will display all the details related to the Hollywood Smile Emax in terms of composition, types, advantages, usage, steps, and cost in this article.

Hollywood Smile Emax

Hollywood Smile Emax

Hollywood Smile Emax

Hollywood Smile Emax is about lenses that help protect the teeth from any pressure or conditions that may negatively affect them, aiming to beautify the teeth and harmonize their overall appearance with the goal of obtaining a Hollywood smile.

Hollywood Smile Emax veneers are made of transparent ceramic material that gives the teeth a natural color and shape like natural teeth. Ceramic material is characterized by its strength and hardness, which helps the veneers face any changes inside the mouth and last for many years. These lenses can be used with healthy teeth for cosmetic purposes or damaged teeth to hide their deformities and flaws, and get a beautiful and bright Hollywood Smile Emax with The Dental Center.

What is Emax Composition?

Emax composition consists of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic material that is characterized by its transparency and its color is similar to that of natural teeth, in addition to being smooth and at the same time solid and strong to resist breakage.

Types of Emax Veneers

There are 3 types of Emax veneers:

  1. Emax press veneers.
  2. Emax zirpress veneers.
  3. Emax ceram veneers.

Emax press veneers: These veneers are made from lithium disilicate material that fits the teeth to a large extent in shape and size. It is a strong glass material that helps the teeth perform their functional tasks. These veneers are divided into other types that we will mention in detail below:

  • Emax press HT veneers: These are veneers with high transparency that resemble the color of teeth and are suitable for cases that place front tooth fillings of the inlays or veneers type.
  • Emax press MT veneers: The transparency level of these veneers is medium, making them more transparent than less transparent veneers and whiter compared to the more transparent veneers.
  • Emax press LT veneers: Their transparency is low, making them suitable for back tooth crown installations.
  • Emax press MO veneers: Medium darkness veneers that work to restore teeth that show pigmentation on their surface.
  • Emax press HO veneers: These are non-transparent veneers with a high level of opacity, used in cases where the teeth are stained with dark pigmentation or teeth containing titanium fillings inside their cavity.
  • Impulse opal veneers: Characterized by their ivory color, making them the most suitable for replacing tooth enamel.

Emax zirpress veneers: The material used for these veneers is fluoroapatite material, available in low, medium, and high transparency forms, making them resemble gum veneers, and these veneers are used in making the gum part complementing a set of dentures.

Emax ceram veneers: These veneers are made from layers of non-fluoroapatite ceramic placed over lithium disilicate and zirconium oxide material, making them one of the best types of cosmetic dental veneers that match natural teeth to a large extent.

How are teeth beautified with Emax veneers?

The main goal of beautifying teeth with Emax veneers is to restore and cover deformed teeth to regain their natural shape and function in addition to protecting them. These veneers provide strength, durability, and hardness to the teeth, helping them perform their functional tasks perfectly without any obstacles during speaking or chewing food. Emax veneers consist of lithium disilicate ceramic specifically, which is considered one of the strongest types of

ceramics used, and the doctor prepares the teeth and suitable crowns for the patient before installing the veneers during the two sessions preceding the installation session.

Restoration Basics Before Cosmetic Dentistry with Emax Veneers

The doctor performs several steps and procedures before the installation of the veneers to help him prepare the teeth to receive the veneers, and we will mention these steps in the following points:

  • The doctor anesthetizes the area of the teeth to be fitted with veneers then removes part of their enamel layers to be able to install the crown on top of the tooth surface later.
  • Digital imaging of the treated teeth before installing the veneers so that the doctor can compare and know the success of the operation.
  • The doctor sends these images to a computer that helps in making a suitable shape for the crown, and the doctor resorts to testing the teeth and the crown by placing a temporary crown at first until the time of the permanent crown installation session comes, and the patient must follow medical instructions during the first weeks of crown installation so it does not get affected.
Who Can Benefit from Emax Composition

Who Can Benefit from Emax Composition

Who Can Benefit from Emax Composition

There are some medical conditions in which doctors prefer to resort to Emax installation to obtain the desired results in the shortest possible time, so let us get to know these cases below:

  • Cases suffering from cracks in the teeth.
  • Teeth misalignment.
  • Teeth deformities caused by genetic diseases.
  • The presence of silver and metallic fillings inside the tooth cavity negatively affecting their overall appearance.
  • Gaps and large or small spaces between teeth.
  • Brittle teeth and erosion of their structure.
  • The presence of white or yellow spots on the tooth surface.
  • Yellowing of teeth or their discoloration in gray colors.
  • Weak teeth due to a genetic disease causing weakness or lack of thickness of the enamel layer covering the teeth.

Disadvantages of Emax Composition

Some disadvantages and harms appeared when using Emax veneers with a number of patients before, and these disadvantages can be summarized in the following points:

  • Allergic reactions to teeth after installing the veneers.
  • The teeth may suffer from decay even after installing the veneers, and in this case, it is necessary to remove the composition and replace it with another.
  • The color of Emax veneers is different from the color of natural teeth, affecting the overall appearance of the teeth, and it is preferable when resorting to whitening technology to include the compositions with the teeth.
  • The veneers are exposed to any type of damage, whether breakage or cracks, and in this case, it is necessary to replace them.
  • Many doctors do not prefer using Emax veneer technology with cases suffering from any gum diseases such as recession.
  • Bad breath occurs after installing the veneers in case they are not installed correctly and not fully adhered to the tooth surface.
  • They do not suit back teeth and molars due to their inability to withstand the pressure in this area.
  • They are expensive compared to other veneers.
  • They are not preferred for use with dark teeth because they are transparent lenses that reflect the color of natural teeth, negatively affecting the overall appearance.
  • They cannot withstand high pressure, so they are suitable for short bridges only.

Advantages of Emax Composition

Emax veneers have many benefits and advantages that add a lot to the patient, such as:

  • The transparency of Emax veneers makes them resemble the color of natural teeth.
  • They require the removal of a very thin part of the tooth enamel layer, which keeps the teeth strong.
  • They are easy to install well on the tooth surface without the need to use adhesives.
  • They give the teeth hardness and a bright aesthetic appearance.
  • Used in preparing other dental compositions.
  • Studies and research have proven their success at a high rate when used in long-term clinical trials.
  • Whitening teeth and filling the gaps between them.
  • They give the teeth their natural shape and size as before.
  • They last for a period of time that exceeds 20 years.
  • They give strength and hardness to broken teeth or those containing cracks.
  • They fit quickly with the teeth.
  • They are color-stable and do not change color over time.

Uses of Emax

Emax is characterized by many beauty and strength qualities that make it used on a wider and larger scale where we notice its use in many of the following compositions:

  • Veneers: Thin veneers or shells that are fixed on the surface of damaged or broken teeth after grinding part of their enamel-coated layer, preferred by many celebrities, hence it is called Hollywood Smile, and get a cinema stars’ look! Veneers and Hollywood Smile are the perfect solution for achieving a perfect and attractive smile at The Dental Center, and you can know the difference between veneers and Hollywood Smile by reading this article.
  • Standard inlay filling: Fills the gaps between the tops of the teeth.
  • Only covering filling: Fills the gaps between the tops of the teeth and the small adjacent area, but the rest of the tooth structure remains exposed.
  • Partial crowns: Cover part of the tooth structure.
  • Full crowns: Cover the teeth without grinding them significantly, just removing a very thin part of their enamel-coated layer.
  • Compositions on top of implants
  • Dental bridges: These bridges consist of 3 pieces of crowns and are also called dental bridges, and you can know how to install a bridge for teeth and information about the best dental compositions center in Egypt by reading this article.
Steps to Prepare Emax Compositions

Steps to Prepare Emax Compositions

Steps to Prepare Emax Compositions

Emax compositions are easy to prepare as they can be prepared and installed for the patient on the same day if the doctor has a rapid preparation device, so let us get to know the steps of preparing Emax compositions in the following points:

  • The doctor removes part of the enamel layer covering the teeth.
  • The doctor uses a special oral camera to help him take measurements of the patient’s teeth, making him abandon the use of wax molds.
  • Placing these images on a computer to help make veneers and crowns with accurate measurements.
  • Matching the color of the veneers with the color of natural teeth.
  • An emax shaping machine is used to shape a piece of emax in a shape and size that fits the natural measurements of the patient’s teeth.
  • The doctor initially tests emax veneers on the teeth to ensure their suitability for them and adjusts them if necessary to adjust some angles before fixing them on the patient’s tooth surface.

In case a rapid preparation device is not available in the clinic or the doctor’s center, some necessary procedures for preparing Emax compositions change, and we can mention these steps below:

  • The doctor prepares the teeth and then uses paste or wax molds to take measurements of both jaws and match their relationship to each other using a wax strip.
  • The doctor determines the color grade suitable for thenatural tooth color and then sends the measurements and colors to the dental lab.
  • The lab technician makes veneers with the same measurements as the teeth.
  • The doctor tests the made Emax compositions on the teeth, then examines them and makes some adjustments if needed until they fit the patient’s teeth and are then fixed later using a good adhesive.

Cost of Emax Compositions

The cost of Emax compositions depends on several factors:

  • The city where the clinic or specialized center is located due to the difference in the social class of residents of each city from the other.
  • The qualifications and practical experience of the treating doctor.
  • The type, brand, and quality of the Emax material used in the manufacture.
  • The number of affected teeth to be treated.
  • The therapeutic procedures necessary for each case, as there are some complex cases that require treating health problems before installing the veneers.

After knowing the factors mentioned above, the price of raw materials manufactured for Emax compositions may have the largest share in determining the cost, so we notice that the price of Emax compositions cost at The Dental Center in Cairo reaches 3850 Egyptian pounds compared to 4850 Egyptian pounds in other centers and clinics, so hurry up to book and inquire by visiting the official website of the center by clicking on this link.

How to Choose the Best Doctor for E-MAX Veneers

There are factors that help you choose the right doctor for you, such as:

  • The medical certificates obtained by the doctor, and it is preferable to be a doctor specialized in dental compositions.
  • The professional experience of the doctor.
  • The efficiency of the lab that makes compositions for patients.
  • The opinions of previous patients about a specific doctor or about a group of doctors in the area in general.
  • The organization of the clinic or center and the infection control methods followed.
  • Good treatment by the doctor and management with patients.

Results of Emax Compositions

After installing Emax veneers, it is expected that the yellowing of teeth, their misalignment, and the appearance of unsightly fillings will turn into a more harmonious appearance, arranged and shiny teeth, and uniform in color, where the teeth appear whiter and their size natural as before.

Other Alternatives to Emax

The many technologies reached by the tremendous technological development in the field of dentistry have given more choices between the many therapeutic and cosmetic methods, so we will find other alternatives to Emax, such as:

  • Gold compositions: These are the oldest compositions discovered many years ago, and they are sturdy compositions that resist breakage, cracks, and wear because they are made of gold, the most expensive type of metal, making them also the most expensive compositions.
  • Metal compositions: These are low-cost compositions that have been used by many doctors for many years, and due to their manufacture from metals that are not aesthetically consistent with the color of teeth, their use has been restricted and they have been used to support porcelain compositions.
  • Porcelain compositions: Made from porcelain material characterized by many cosmetic qualities but cannot withstand pressure, making them need metal bases to help them withstand the pressure on them.
  • Zirconia compositions: Zirconia used in the manufacture of these compositions is characterized by its high sturdiness, making it suitable for back teeth and molars, and the idea of installing zirconia compositions is similar to porcelain compositions where zirconia compositions consist of porcelain supported by a base of zirconia instead of metal, and zirconia compositions are the most requested by patients after Emax compositions due to their beauty and strength.

How Long Do Emax Veneers Last?

Emax veneers require a different kind of care from the patient, where they must brush their teeth daily with a brush, toothpaste, dental floss, and miswak to ensure the removal of all food residues and beverage deposits from their surface and to reduce certain foods and drinks only, in this case, Emax veneers can last from 5 to 20 years in addition to the importance of avoiding household health cleaners that do not lead to tooth damage and their continuation for more than 10 years.

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