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Hollywood smile without tooth filing and its price at the Medical Center for Dental Care

Hollywood Smile Without Tooth Reduction, Hollywood Smile without tooth reduction is one of the most searched topics in various search engines due to its effectiveness, practicality, and remarkable results. In this article, we will discuss it in detail, including its features, reasons for choosing it, cost, various types, and much more.

Hollywood Smile Without Tooth Reduction

Hollywood Smile Without Tooth Reduction

Hollywood Smile Without Tooth Reduction

The tremendous technological advancements recently in many fields have developed treatment methods and devices used in dentistry. Among them is the Hollywood Smile without tooth reduction, achieved by installing veneer lenses with a thickness of no more than 0.2 millimeters, making them easy to adhere to the tooth surface without reduction. There are many other types like 3n veneers and Glamneers veneers available at exclusive discounts for patients of The Dental Center

What is a Hollywood Smile?

A Hollywood Smile is one of the most used techniques for cosmetically enhancing teeth and giving them an attractive appearance free from deformities. The results of this technique include perfectly aligned teeth in relation to their shape, size, and unified color.

There are many techniques aimed at achieving a Hollywood Smile, such as teeth whitening and various dental restorations made from many raw materials including porcelain, zirconium, e.max, and composite resin, in addition to other techniques. Veneers are the most famous type of dental cosmetic procedures that require tooth reduction to be properly fixed on the tooth surface. At The Dental Center, we provide ongoing training for our doctors and use the latest methods and technologies to ensure no errors in installing a Hollywood Smile.

What are the advantages of a Hollywood Smile without reduction?

A Hollywood Smile without reduction closely resembles the traditional Hollywood Smile as they are both types of veneers that adhere to the tooth surface to hide its flaws.

The difference is that the traditional smile is made of composite and porcelain materials only due to their thickness which requires tooth reduction. This makes them require anesthesia to prevent the patient from feeling pain, unlike the non-reduction smile made of thin materials that do not require removing any part of the enamel layer, giving more space for the lenses on the tooth surface and making this procedure painless and thus does not require anesthesia while being break-resistant.

As previously mentioned, a Hollywood Smile without tooth reduction is easy and quick to implement, providing stunning results and a bright, attractive smile compared to the traditional Hollywood Smile, which may cause many side effects due to weakening of the tooth structure, sensitivity, and gum inflammation after removing part of its covering layer.

Why choose a Hollywood Smile without tooth reduction?

The Hollywood Smile without tooth reduction technique solves many problems, including:

  • Gaps between teeth, and you can read more about how to close tooth gaps without braces and their cost through this article.
  • Cracks and fractures in the tooth structure.
  • Small or short teeth.
  • Yellowing and color change of teeth.
  • Appearance of pigmented spots on the tooth surface.
  • Fluorosis that shows white spots on the tooth surface.
  • Crooked teeth.

In addition, there are benefits to a Hollywood Smile without tooth reduction that contribute to the patient’s comfort, such as:

  • Using a number of veneers depending on the affected area and the number of damaged teeth.
  • Being a technique that does not harm the teeth or mouth, easy to remove, and return the teeth to their state before their installation.
  • Changing the overall appearance of the teeth by 180 degrees and transforming them into the ideal shape.
  • Not requiring anesthesia because it is painless.
  • Not requiring recovery periods, allowing the patient to resume normal life immediately after their installation.
  • Only requiring brushing the teeth with toothpaste and removing food residues with dental floss daily, and benefit from the expertise of our distinguished doctors in installing a Hollywood Smile without tooth reductionat The Dental Center and get a smile that exudes confidence and happiness.
Cost of Hollywood Smile Without Reduction

Cost of Hollywood Smile Without Reduction

Cost of Hollywood Smile Without Tooth Reduction

Many factors control the cost of a Hollywood Smile without tooth reduction, the most important being the price of the raw materials used in the manufacture and installation of the technique, and the variation in the price of these raw materials with the international dollar exchange rate. The average cost reaches 6000 Egyptian pounds per tooth, but it may also be necessary to add dental crowns, veneer shells, or other cosmetic techniques.

How to Get a Hollywood Smile

There are many techniques that help in beautifying the teeth and obtaining a flawless white smile, including the following:

  • Teeth whitening: Consuming stimulants, smoking excessively, and taking a lot of medications can negatively affect the teeth and cause pigmented spots to appear on their surface. In this case, the dentist resorts to laser or traditional methods for teeth whitening.
  • Dental crowns: Dental crowns always suit cases suffering from crooked and fragile teeth or broken teeth, aiming to correct the position of the teeth without using braces, or hiding defects and deformities of the teeth in case the whitening technique is ineffective in hiding their yellowing and pigmentation on their surface. Crowns are known for their durability with the patient for life if oral hygiene is well maintained.
  • Orthodontics: The idea of orthodontics is the continuous pressure on the teeth until they are returned to their correct position in the jaw, organizing and arranging crowded teeth.
  • Dental implants: This technique aims to replace damaged teeth with artificial ones or fill the gaps between teeth, characterized by its wonderful results that last a lifetime with the patient with the same efficiency and quality, but it takes some time. The implant procedure involves placing a titanium implant into the jawbone cavity, then installing a crown on its top.
  • 3D Hollywood Smile: Also known as snap-on, is a type of movable smile that can be adjusted and installed at any time and is made of composite material.
  • Veneers: This is the latest technique used in dental cosmetics and is among the most famous types.
  • Surgeries: These techniques involve cosmetic gum surgery, crown lengthening, or giving the gums their special pink color.
What are the Different Types of Hollywood Smile?

What are the Different Types of Hollywood Smile?

What are the Different Types of Hollywood Smile?

There are many cosmetic techniques and methods of Hollywood Smile, which we will mention as follows:

  • Dental Veneer Smile: The first and oldest type of Hollywood Smile discovered, enjoying great fame and demand by most patients. Often, veneers are made of porcelain, but there is another type made of resin. Read more about the veneer technique for teeth and the prices of dental veneers through this article.
  • Hollywood Smile with Dental Crowns: Also known as the crown smile, it ranks second after veneers in terms of fame and usage.
  • Whitening Smile: The least costly type, thus attracting some social classes.
  • Fixed Hollywood Smile: A type that cannot be removed by the patient at any time after the dentist installs it in the clinic, requiring tooth reduction to be properly fixed on its surface.

And there are different raw materials used in manufacturing Hollywood Smiles, which we will mention as follows:

  • Veneer Lenses:
    These lenses are made of transparent porcelain material with high aesthetic properties.
  • E.max Lenses: Made of e.max material, considered one of the best cosmetic materials used in dental cosmetic procedures.
  • 3D Hollywood Smile Lenses: These lenses are distinguished by having the same color and shape as natural teeth, reflecting their significant aesthetic role in various dental cosmetic procedures.

As for the two main types of Hollywood Smile, we can detail them in the following points:

  • Fixed Hollywood Smile: Many patients prefer this type of smile, in addition to being the type discovered many years ago, thus gaining the trust of many patients from that time to the present. There are 3 types of fixed Hollywood Smile: dental veneers, dental crowns, and teeth whitening.
  • Movable Hollywood Smile: Also called the instant smile, it is a thin and strong resin mold that can be easily installed and removed, characterized as a more economical alternative in terms of cost compared to other methods.

How Long Does a Hollywood Smile Last?

A Hollywood Smile is characterized by the rapid achievement of desired results and noticeable improvement in the smile’s position, shine, and angles. One of the advantages of this smile is its durability for many years with the patient without being affected by any pressures or conditions occurring in the mouth due to the durability of the raw materials used in its manufacture.

How to Take Care of Your Hollywood Smile?

There are some medical guidelines that must be adhered to in order to maintain a Hollywood Smile with the patient, which are as follows:

  • Periodic follow-up with the doctor after installing the smile to ensure the health of the teeth and oral health, the safety of the smile, and its cleaning.
  • Daily brushing of the teeth with suitable toothpaste.
  • Using dental floss to remove food debris from between the teeth gaps.
  • Rinsing with a medical mouthwash daily at least once.
  • Being careful not to expose the teeth to any pressures and reducing the consumption of hard foods or nail biting to prevent the smile structure from breaking.
  • Avoiding fizzy drinks, stimulants, and foods that stain the teeth.
Who Are the Candidates for Hollywood Smile?

Who Are the Candidates for Hollywood Smile?

Who Are the Candidates for Hollywood Smile?

There are some medical conditions for which the best choice is to install a Hollywood Smile, and these conditions are:

  • Those who suffer from disorderly teeth and disproportionate sizes.
  • Those who suffer from protruding teeth, especially in the front teeth.
  • People who have experienced accidents or collisions leading to the breaking of their teeth or cracking part of their structure.
  • People who suffer from gaps between their teeth.
  • The presence of some cracks in the tooth root, making them prone to easy falling.
  • Cases suffering from yellowing of the teeth or the appearance of pigmentation on their surface.
  • Cases that continuously eat foods that stain the teeth, such as turmeric, or drinks that turn the teeth gray, such as stimulants and fizzy drinks.
  • Heavy smokers, where tobacco deposition on the tooth surface turns their color to gray over time.

Results of Hollywood Smile

Dentists clarify the therapeutic and cosmetic methods, results of each technique, its requirements before and after installation, and its duration with the patient. Therefore, the treating doctor explains to the patient installing a Hollywood Smile that this technique is movable, easily removed and reinstalled, allowing the opportunity to replace it with another technique later, and that its results are quick and only require care of the teeth cleanliness with toothpaste and brush daily, and it is the only technique that has no side effects after its installation.

And when used with cases that grind their teeth during sleep, the doctor provides a plastic guard that protects them from pressure, thus protecting them from the chance of breaking or cracking.

Dangers of Hollywood Smile

There are some risks that may occur after installing a Hollywood Smile, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • Some types of cosmetic veneers are non-removable due to their strong adhesion to the teeth after their surface is reduced.
  • They are replaced in case of any damage to them that cannot be repaired.
  • In some cases, teeth become sensitive to cold and hot foods and drinks.
  • High accuracy is required in choosing the color grade of the patient’s teeth to match it with the rest of the mouth’s teeth because it is difficult to change them after their installation on the tooth surface.
  • These veneers are easily broken when exposed to pressure, especially when following some habits such as nail biting and opening hard objects with the teeth.
  • Hollywood Smile does not suit cases that do not take care of their teeth cleanliness or advanced cases of tooth decay, gum diseases, and tooth fragility.

Some Tips for Teeth Whitening

There are some tips that facilitate the teeth whitening process, characterized by the wonderful and beautiful results it achieves, exceeding all possible expectations by patients. These tips also help in maintaining the smile installation for longer years with the patients, so let’s get to know these tips in the following lines:

  • Trying to quit smoking, stimulants, and fizzy drinks to prevent the teeth from yellowing again.
  • Adhering to whitening sessions in the clinic or center with the doctor.
  • The ineffectiveness of toothpaste, gels, and whitening creams to the extent that makes the teeth brilliantly white.
  • Consulting the doctor before using any chemical substances or cleaning products that help in whitening the teeth at home.

Cost of Hollywood Smile

Cosmetic Hollywood Smile operations do not occur on their own, as most cases require other cosmetic operations such as installing crowns or veneer shells, among many other cosmetic techniques that cover part of the mouth’s teeth or the entire jaws. Many factors control the cost of Hollywood Smile in medical centers and clinics, the most important of which are the price of raw materials, the efficiency of the doctor and the nursing team, and the location of the center. Recently, the cost of a Hollywood Smile has reached 6000 Egyptian pounds.

The Best Medical Center for Cosmetic and Dental Treatment

The Dental Center is one of the best medical centers specialized in cosmetic and dental treatment, where the center includes a group of doctors in all dental specialties. Most patients of the center seek the Hollywood Smile installation available at good offers, especially the special offer for the group. Most visitors of this offer are youths who always want to appear in their best and most beautiful state. You can also come with your friends to benefit from the offer, and contact information is available for booking or inquiry during your visit to the center’s official website by clicking on this link.

My Experience with Hollywood Teeth Without Reduction

There are many previous patient experiences at The Dental Center with the Hollywood Teeth without reduction technique, and we clarify one of them as follows:

Miss Reem was one of the cases suffering from anesthesia phobia, and the damage level in her teeth was high as she faced teeth yellowing, disorderly teeth shape, and numerous gaps in different areas of the mouth. After coming to the center and being examined by one of the specialists in cosmetic dentistry, the doctor convinced her of the best solution for her case, which is installing Hollywood Teeth without reduction; due to the fragility of her teeth and their inability to endure reduction, and because it is a painless technique that does not require anesthesia.

And in the second session, the doctor began preparing her teeth for the artificial smile installation process, taking her measurements, and sending a printed image of them to the laboratory technician to manufacture similar molds. In the following session, the artificial mold was installed and tested for fit in shape, size, and color with her teeth, and the results were satisfactory for the doctor and amazing for Reem due to the disappearance of all her teeth flaws and gaining enough confidence to smile freely.

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