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How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Egypt? And learn about its features

How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Egypt, Egypt is one of the leading countries in the field of cosmetic dentistry, where its experts develop all cosmetic methods at an affordable cost for many people, and that is why everyone comes from neighboring countries to try teeth whitening in Egypt, and in our article we will talk about one of the cosmetic methods in Egypt, which is the Hollywood smile and we will show its most important features and cost.

How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Egypt

How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Egypt

How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Egypt

The cost of a Hollywood smile varies from country to country, as there are many factors that directly affect its increase or decrease, including:

  • The location of the center or hospital chosen by the patient in which the Hollywood smile will be performed must be easily accessible in addition to providing appropriate services and offers to patients.
  • The competence of the doctor chosen to perform the smile, having experience and skill in installing it and having many high ratings.
  • The type of techniques and devices provided by the center used in the installation process.
  • The type of veneers suitable for the patient’s face shape.
  • The quality of the materials used to make the veneers that will be installed on the patient’s teeth.
  • Other procedures performed by the patient before the procedure to ensure there is no dental problem such as X-rays and panoramic images.
  • Treatment of any problem suffered by the patient’s teeth, whether decay or gum inflammation, and according to these criteria we can determine the average cost of a Hollywood smile, which ranges from 78,000 to 157,000 Egyptian pounds.

Information about Hollywood Smile in Egypt

Hollywood Smile: It is one of the most important methods currently used in the field of cosmetic dentistry, where specialists use it to treat and beautify problems in teeth, such as the spread of stains and the presence of crowded or uneven teeth, where it is installed on the surface of the teeth after making the teeth about 0.5 mm, and the Hollywood smile is characterized by the fact that it restores the good and healthy appearance of the teeth and gets a white and attractive smile that resembles celebrities.

We understand the importance of a smile and that is why we always provide a permanent solution by installing a Hollywood smile so that you can enjoy your meals and laugh with full confidence in our dental care center.

Advantages of Hollywood Smile in Egypt

The Hollywood Smile has many advantages that can be obtained if performed in Egypt, including:

  • Egyptian centers offer special discounts and privileges for the cost of installing a Hollywood smile.
  • Getting a beautiful white smile that resembles the smile of actors and celebrities.
  • Gives a healthy and good appearance to the teeth.
  • Increases the patient’s self-confidence in himself and his teeth, especially when speaking, smiling and taking pictures.
  • Protects teeth from stains and spots.
  • It is characterized by its durability for long periods of up to 20 years if the patient takes care of it.
  • It reorganizes the shape of the teeth and makes them equal and proportionate next to each other.
  • It treats the problem of crowding and crooked teeth.
  • It works to fill gaps between teeth.

How long does the Hollywood Smile procedure take?

The Hollywood Smile installation procedure takes place in two sessions, each session can take from 30 to 60 minutes, because it goes through several steps during the session, where the doctor examines and thoroughly cleans the teeth during the first session and cools them and takes measurements and dimensions of the teeth and determines the color of the veneers suitable for the patient and sends them to the lab and installs temporary veneers, and during the second session the doctor makes sure that the permanent veneers are suitable before installing them.

How long does the Hollywood Smile procedure take?

How long does the Hollywood Smile procedure take?

What are the disadvantages of the Hollywood smile?

Despite the many advantages of the Hollywood smile, it has some disadvantages, including:

  • A layer of tooth enamel is shaved off, which causes the teeth to weaken.
  • Natural teeth cannot be restored to their natural shape before installing the smile.
  • If the veneers crack or break, they cannot be repaired, so the dentist may have to completely replace them.
  • Increased or onset sensitivity when consuming frozen, hot foods and drinks due to cooling of the enamel layer.
  • The occurrence of allergic reactions due to the patient’s sensitivity to some of the materials used in the manufacture of veneers.
  • The patient gets tooth decay or gum inflammation in the event of lack of oral hygiene.
  • It is one of the high-cost procedures compared to other procedures.
  • They may fall off or break if used to open things or bite nails.

What are the types of Hollywood smile?

The Hollywood smile has two main types that we will cover in this paragraph:

  • Fixed Hollywood smile: It is one of the most famous types of Hollywood smiles and consists of veneers made of materials such as porcelain and emax, which are characterized by being sturdy and resemble natural teeth in terms of color. They are installed on the tooth surface after the doctor removes 0.5 layer of the tooth to fix the veneer. It usually takes two sessions, measurements and dimensions of the teeth are taken and sent to the lab, and the last session is for smile installation.
  • Removable Hollywood smile: Also known to doctors as snap-on smile. It is one of the latest types of Hollywood smile, consisting of a set of molds made of certain materials and specially prepared for the patient after taking measurements of the teeth and mouth. It is easy to remove and install by the patient, especially when cleaning the teeth and eating food. It helps hide discolorations spread over the patient’s teeth and get white teeth resembling celebrities with a healthy and shiny teeth appearance.

Does the color of Hollywood smile change?

The color of the Hollywood smile does NOT change because the veneers are made of staining resistant materials such as porcelain or emax. However, in some cases, its color may change if the patient excessively eats staining foods and drinks, smokes heavily, and does not clean their teeth periodically, especially after main meals.

When can I eat after Hollywood smile installation?

No food or physical activities can be done in the first 24 hours after installing the Hollywood smile. The patient can only have ice cream two hours after the installation procedure in addition to taking the painkillers and antibiotics provided by the doctor at their specified times. Cold drinks, soft foods, and avoidance of hard foods can be taken during the first week after installation.

Installing a Hollywood Smile is not just cosmetic but an investment in your health and life quality. Let us help you make that investment by visiting our dental care center.

When can I eat after Hollywood smile installation?

When can I eat after Hollywood smile installation?

Does Hollywood smile need braces before installation?

No, Hollywood smile does NOT need braces installation. This is because there are now many advanced modern techniques that give the smile the ability to hide defects that braces may treat, such as closing gaps between teeth and treating crowded and crooked teeth.

Does Hollywood smile require tooth grinding?

Yes, Hollywood smile requires tooth grinding. The doctor removes a 0.5 mm layer of tooth enamel, which is the thickness the veneers need for installation and grinding to firmly attach and bond the veneers to the teeth. However, some types do not require tooth grinding as the veneers are characterized by their thin transparency and thickness.

What is the alternative to Hollywood smile?

Sometimes, Hollywood smile may not suit many people, so the doctor may resort to other alternatives, including:

  • Removable veneers: It is one of the alternative means used by the doctor if the Hollywood smile does not suit the patient. It is a precisely made mold from materials such as plastic or resin with a density up to 0.5 mm. It is easy to install and remove, especially when cleaning teeth and eating. Therefore, it does not require tooth grinding. In addition, it helps get a white smile resembling celebrities at a small cost.
  • Teeth whitening: It is one of the most popular current techniques to lighten tooth shades. It is a technique or means that works to hide stains and discolorations spread on the tooth surface, restores teeth lightening to their natural color or several shades lighter. There are many types that can be used at home such as cosmetic medical preparations, and those that can be performed by the dentist using more effective techniques and devices.
What is the alternative to Hollywood smile?

What is the alternative to Hollywood smile?

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