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How to install Smile teeth? What is the cost at the medical center for dental care?

Smile Dental Installation, Smile Dental is one of the cosmetic techniques that many people and celebrities flock to in order to get healthy teeth and a perfect smile, and this will be discussed in this article in detail in terms of its definition, how it is installed, its types, advantages and disadvantages, the cases that need it, and many tips that can ensure its success and maintain it for long periods.

Smile Dental Installation

Smile Dental Installation

Smile Dental Installation

The current era is the era of sound and image, which has led many people to seek the perfect look and aesthetic appearance for their teeth and appearance. From here began the interest of celebrities and many patients in obtaining various cosmetic medical services. One of the most important cosmetic methods is the installation of Smile Dental, which has proven efficiency and quality in application and satisfying results afterwards. Smile Dental installation involves layers of varying thickness installed on the tooth surface to hide its flaws and deformities and to display a shiny and distinctive smile. There are various types of raw materials used in Smile Dental installation, all characterized by hardness and transparency to enhance the cosmetic role of this technique.

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is a technique for achieving a perfect smile by its perfection standards. It is divided into types based on the raw material used in its manufacture. Smile molds can be made from many raw materials, the most important of which are the following two types:

  • Porcelain Hollywood Smile: These are cosmetic layers made of porcelain material placed on the tooth surface to hide any pigmentation or colored spots.
  • Zirconium Hollywood Smile: These are surface installations for teeth made of transparent zirconium, which has shine and an aesthetic appearance, adding radiance and brightness to the teeth.

Hollywood Smile can also be classified based on how they are installed on the tooth surface into removable and fixed installations. Removable Hollywood Smile installations are better than fixed ones because they can be removed, placed, and cleaned at any time, unlike fixed installations that are fixed by the doctor in the clinic and cannot be easily removed except under his supervision in case of any problems or complications.

Why resort to Smile Dental Installation?

There are many health problems related to teeth and mouth that Smile Dental installations address. These cases can be represented as follows:

  • Cases suffering from yellowing of teeth and the appearance of different colored pigments on their surface.
  • Cases suffering from gaps and large spaces between teeth.
  • Appearance of signs of holes and cracks in the tooth structure.
  • Weak and brittle teeth.
  • Cases that had to extract one of the jaw teeth.
  • Cases exposed to violent accidents and collisions that led to the loss and falling of teeth.
Why is Hollywood Smile emax done?

Why is Hollywood Smile emax done?

Why is Hollywood Smile emax done?

Different dental installations are used to solve many problems related to the mouth and teeth. Among these installations, Hollywood Smile emax stands out for solving the following problems:

  • Cases suffering from tooth erosion.
  • Cases suffering from the appearance of decay signs in the tooth structure.
  • Problems of crooked teeth and their movement from their natural place in the gum, which are suited by orthodontics in solving them.
  • Cases suffering from the accumulation of tartar on the gum surface in addition to the accumulation of bacteria on the tooth structure.
  • Cases wanting to obtain an aesthetic appearance for teeth and generally improving the overall appearance, usually lenses are the best solution for them.

What is the difference between Hollywood Smile and teeth whitening?

There is a fundamental difference between Hollywood Smile and teeth whitening. Hollywood Smile consists of lenses that help improve the shape, color, and size of teeth, hiding any flaws and deformities in them and giving them the perfect smile. Teeth whitening, on the other hand, is a technique that helps whiten the surface color of teeth only, removing any pigment stains on their surface without affecting the pigments inside their structure.

Types of Hollywood Smile

Types of Hollywood Smile

Types of Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile technique usually proves its effectiveness and efficiency in many cases it treats and patients obtaining satisfactory results. Therefore, we will mention its different types as follows:

  1. Porcelain Veneers: Resemble natural teeth in color and shape and do not require tooth grinding.
  2. Composite Veneer: Characterized by its low cost but does not last for many years, don’t worry about beautifying your teeth, veneer is the perfect solution, and we are here at The Dental Center to serve you!.
  3. Emax Installations: Made of glass ceramic porcelain material manufactured from lithium disilicate, giving it hardness and durability.
  4. Lumineers: A technique similar to veneer but thinner in thickness and higher in cost.
  5. 3D Hollywood Smile: A flexible technique in application that does not require removing part of the enamel layer covering the teeth and is safest for the gums.

Basic Standards for Smile Dental Installation

There are many standards that must be adhered to for a successful Smile Dental installation, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • The upper jaw teeth should be fully visible as opposed to the lower jaw teeth, which should only show a part of them.
  • The gum should not be visible when smiling or only a small part of it.
  • The teeth should be closer to a round shape to suit the shape of installations in the case of women.
  • The convexity of men’s teeth may help in the success of Smile Dental installation.
  • The age stage and face shape control the success of the Smile Dental installation process for the patient, you can find out how to install a removable Hollywood Smile and its prices in Egypt through this article.
How to install Smile Dental

How to install Smile Dental

How to Install Smile Dental

There are many ways through which Smile Dental can be installed, and these ways can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Veneer Lenses: Are shells installed on the surface of damaged teeth, and the doctor takes their measurements and gives them to the technician to make molds similar to them in color, shape, and size. They are somewhat thick shells that require grinding the teeth for installation and ensuring they do not fall off. The patient needs to be anesthetized so they do not feel pain when removing partof the enamel layer covering the teeth, and then the lenses are installed on the teeth, taking into account not leaving any spaces or gaps to prevent any complications afterwards. Protect your investment in your veneer teeth through specialized cleaning services that maintain their beauty and shine at The Dental Center.
  • Lumineer Lenses: A technique similar to veneer, it is one of its types, but the only difference is its thin thickness and no need to grind the teeth while keeping its structure strong and durable. The installation process of Lumineer requires precision and caution in application in addition to adhesive materials that help fix them well.

Advantages of Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is one of the best cosmetic techniques recently used in treating various dental flaws and has many advantages mentioned in the following points:

  • Improving the overall appearance of the person.
  • Getting a perfect smile.
  • Getting teeth that are brilliantly white.
  • Characterized by durability and hardness, making it last for many years, up to 10 years or more.
  • Resists any wear or damage to the teeth.
  • Prevents yellowing of teeth or staining of their surface with any spots, whether white or gray.
  • Prevents tooth decay, learn about Hollywood Smile prices and the different types of dental veneer through this article.

Disadvantages of Hollywood Smile

We mentioned in the previous title the many advantages of Hollywood Smile and the extent of the benefits that accrue to the patient with a positive impact on their dental health and overall health. However, despite this, we notice the appearance of a little suffering among some people who have installed Hollywood Smile, and the disadvantages they suffer from are mentioned in the following points:

  • Inability to remove the fixed type of smile except in case of damage and the need for another as a replacement.
  • Appearance of tooth sensitivity towards many foods and drinks due to the weakening of the enamel layer covering them as a result of grinding them for fixing the lenses.
  • Lack of professionalism in fixing them correctly can cause many risks, most notably the appearance of bad smells.
  • High cost.
  • Cannot treat problems of crookedness and gaps between teeth that require orthodontic installation.

Candidates for Smile Dental Installation

The cases that might find Smile Dental installation effective can be one of the following points:

  • Cases suffering from the appearance of stains on their tooth surface.
  • People suffering from signs of wear and the appearance of protrusions on their tooth surface.
  • Cases suffering from large spaces between teeth.
  • Cases of accumulation of tartar on the tooth surface.
  • Some with fractures and cracks in their tooth structures.

Who cannot get Hollywood Smile installation?

There are conditions for the Hollywood Smile installation process that must be available in the cases undergoing treatment with it. Therefore, there are some cases where Hollywood Smile installation is not effective and does not give any good results, and these cases can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Cases suffering from the jaws not closing on each other need orthodontics, not Hollywood Smile installation, due to the inability to install it correctly on the uneven tooth surface.
  • Cases suffering from weak tooth structure due to grinding teeth, as the teeth cannot withstand the pressure of the lenses on them.
  • Cases using orthodontics find Hollywood Smile installations ineffective with them.
  • Gum inflammations can make installing Hollywood Smile on the tooth surface dangerous and have many negatives due to the gums’ inability to withstand the pressure of fixing the lenses on them.
  • Cases treated with implants or different therapeutic techniques are difficult to suit any cosmetic techniques.

After Installing Smile Dental

After installing Smile Dental, there are some medical guidelines that accelerate the recovery process and prevent any complications, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • Good oral and dental care and ensuring they are well cleaned with a brush and toothpaste.
  • Using dental floss and a toothpick daily to get rid of any food accumulations.
  • Using medical mouthwash to eliminate any bacterial accumulation in the mouth.

Some tips for teeth whitening

There are some instructions that can help in whitening teeth and getting rid of their yellowness, and these tips can be represented in the following points:

  • Quitting smoking.
  • Avoiding stimulants like tea and coffee.
  • Adhering to teeth whitening sessions with the doctor.
  • Using toothpaste that helps whiten teeth.
  • Brushing teeth with an electric brush that cleans teeth deeply.
  • Reducing any foods or drinks that stain teeth and change their color.

Recovery After Hollywood Smile

The recovery period after Hollywood Smile goes through several stages, and several tips should be adhered to during this period, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Avoiding pressure on teeth and opening hard objects or chewing hard foods to prevent any breakage or crack in the structure of the installations.
  • Avoiding wrong habits that might harm the installations, such as nail biting and chewing ice.
  • Periodic follow-up with the doctor to examine the installations and ensure the health of the teeth to solve any problem early before any risks occur later.

Cost of Installing Smile Dental

There are many factors that can control the cost of installing Smile Dental, represented in the price of raw materials entering the manufacture of installations and the dollar price affecting their prices, in addition to the patient’s condition, number of damaged teeth, and affected area. One of the most important factors that should not be ignored is the experience of the doctor and the nursing team supervising the case. Therefore, after considering all these factors, the cost of installing Smile Dental ranges between 78,500 and 157,000 Egyptian pounds, making the cost of a single tooth 3,000 or 5,000 Egyptian pounds.

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