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The best types of smiles and how much does a Hollywood smile cost in Egypt?

The Best Types of Hollywood Smiles, Many people desire a Hollywood smile for the perfect appearance and overall attractive look. Therefore, we notice a high demand from both patients and celebrities for the different and numerous types of Hollywood smiles. In this article, we will know the full details about the types of Hollywood smiles, the best type, the cases that need to install a Hollywood smile, their prices, and the best types available.

The best types of Hollywood smiles

The best types of Hollywood smiles

The Best Types of Hollywood Smiles

There are two main types of Hollywood smiles:

  • Permanent Hollywood Smile

Permanent smiles consist of 0.5 mm thick veneer lenses that require removing part of the enamel layer covering the teeth, then they are attached to the surface of the teeth after grinding with a specific adhesive. These lenses are made from different raw materials such as Emax or porcelain, and the veneer needs two sessions to prepare the teeth, take measurements, and manufacture the lenses in the lab, then the fitting of the lenses and their fixation in the third session. Enjoy a natural and sparkling smile with our dental veneer service at The Dental Center.

  • Removable Hollywood Smile

Removable smiles are also known as Snap-On Smile, and this technique is one of the best used in dental cosmetics; because it involves molds placed on the surface of the teeth to protect them and enhance their aesthetic appearance. Its advantages include no need to grind the teeth or remove part of their coated layer, in addition to the ease of removing and reinstalling them.

What is the Hollywood Smile Procedure?

A Hollywood smile is a cosmetic technique that helps hide various dental flaws and deformities and fix any related issues such as yellowing, pigmentation spots on the surface, or crooked and disorderly shapes.

The cosmetic procedure of installing a Hollywood smile is one of the latest methods used to improve the appearance of teeth and provide an eye-catching, perfect Hollywood smile in terms of angles and size. A Hollywood smile consists of thin veneers or lenses made from porcelain material that is transparent and matches the natural color of teeth, giving them a strong and beautiful impact on the overall appearance.

Why Opt for a Hollywood Smile?

There are certain cases where installing a Hollywood smile is the best solution, and we will clarify these cases as follows:

  • Teeth that suffer from yellowing and laser whitening sessions were not effective.
  • Teeth that are uneven in shape and size and need to be arranged.
  • Teeth suffering from gaps and spaces between them, especially the front teeth gaps that negatively affect the overall appearance.
  • Protecting teeth from exposure to breakage or cracks in their structure upon impact or accidents.

How Long Does a Hollywood Smile Last?

A Hollywood smile is a high-quality technique applied to protect and beautify teeth, improving their overall appearance and giving the attractive smile many desire. Therefore, specialists in manufacturing Hollywood smile lenses from strong and durable raw materials ensure their necessary toughness to fit the functional tasks of teeth in the mouth and withstand the pressure resulting from changes within, noting that many cases show their durability for 15 years and more when regularly cleaned. Read about the possibility of removing a Hollywood smile and its cost at The Dental Center through this article.

Who are the candidates for a Hollywood Smile?

Who are the candidates for a Hollywood Smile?

Who Are the Candidates for a Hollywood Smile?

Some cases are primarily chosen for installing a Hollywood smile, and we will clarify these cases in the following points:

  • People suffering from uneven shape and size of teeth.
  • People suffering from teeth yellowing.
  • People with crooked teeth structure.
  • Cases suffering from pigmentation spots on the surface of teeth.
  • Cases with cracks on the surface of teeth.
  • People with spaces between teeth.
  • People with irregularly shaped teeth edges.
  • Celebrities always keen on appearing with the best look and ideal appearance.

How Much Does a Hollywood Smile Cost in Egypt?

The cost of a Hollywood smile largely depends on the fluctuating prices of the raw materials used over time, the treating doctor’s experience, the nursing team’s efficiency, the level of sterilization and infection control used, in addition to the location of the medical center or clinic as the social class of residents in the area determines the price level. Recently, the price of a single Hollywood smile lens reached 3500 Egyptian pounds, and this price is subject to increase with the rising cost of raw materials.

What is the Best Type of Hollywood Smile?

Lumineer and composite-made veneer lenses are the best types of Hollywood smiles used in many medical cases; due to the significant demand from doctors before patients to use them in solving many dental problems, especially in complex cases.

The most important roles of these veneers are to improve the angles and shape of the smile to give it the perfect attractive look free from flaws, and these lenses or veneers last for many years, possibly ranging between 8 and 10 years. The more care is taken of the veneers or lenses and their cleanliness, the longer they will stay in the patient’s mouth, and it is better to replace them with new ones after the specified period. Enjoy ultimate confidence in your smile with the innovative Hollywood veneer we offer at our Dental Center.

Hollywood Smile 3D

Hollywood Smile 3D

Hollywood Smile 3D

Hollywood Smile 3D is a type of Hollywood smiles and consists of thin ceramic lenses that match the color of natural teeth and their shape as well, in addition to the ease of moving, removing, and reinstalling them. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important types of Hollywood smiles due to its aesthetic role that adds brilliance and shine to the teeth.

Hollywood Smile 3D is a modern Canadian technique based on inserting the patient’s mouth image into a specialized simulation program for dental problems to analyze and adjust the image until it becomes close to the ideal shape, then comparing the image before and after adjustment until the device achieves the desired improvement in the shape of the teeth and their angles. You can read more details about Hollywood Smile 3D, its price, and its benefits by clicking here.

What is the Difference Between Lenses and Smiles?

There is a fundamental difference between lenses and smiles, which is that lenses are a step in cosmetic procedures that help achieve a Hollywood smile, whereas the Hollywood smile itself is a technique that helps in fixing dental flaws and beautifying their overall appearance. Thus, we conclude that dental lenses are part of the Hollywood smile, not the other way around.

In summary, lenses are used in limited dental cosmetic cases due to their high cost, whereas a Hollywood smile is preferred by most cases due to its corrective role for dental problems and deformities, not just for beautification.

Hollywood Smile Alternatives

The techniques used in dental treatment and cosmetics can be alternative to other techniques in some medical cases, so we will present some techniques that can be used with cases not suitable for a Hollywood smile in the following points:

  • Snap-On Smile: which is a mold manufactured in a dental lab, made of transparent, colorless veneer free of any deformities that works to hide dental problems. Snap-On Smile is an innovative technique that removes stains and significantly whitens teeth.
  • Secret Smile: which is one of the teeth whitening methods.
  • Removable Veneer: is the most famous alternative made of plastic used in most and various medical cases due to its effectiveness in hiding any deformities on the surface of the teeth.

How to Care for Your Hollywood Smile?

To maintain a lasting Hollywood smile for years, follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Avoid any food or drink that stains teeth with different colors.
  • Quit smoking so that tobacco does not color the teeth gray.
  • Use the right toothbrush and toothpaste for your teeth.
  • Clean your teeth twice daily at a minimum.
  • Use dental floss to remove food residues and drink deposits between the small gaps of teeth.
  • Avoid exposing teeth to any pressure so they do not break and their structure gets cracked.
  • Wash teeth with a suitable medical mouthwash for teeth.
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