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What is the price of Hollywood Smile in Egypt and the factors affecting it?

The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt, Hollywood Smile is one of the most sought-after techniques not only by dental patients but also by celebrities. Therefore, this article will include all the information about Hollywood Smile, its latest techniques, prices, and the factors that influence its cost, in addition to its advantages and disadvantages and whether there are alternatives or not.

The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt

The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt

The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt

Hollywood Smile is a technique aimed at beautifying teeth by applying artificial structures such as crowns or veneer lenses to damaged teeth in addition to implanting teeth made of transparent porcelain or white zircon, similar to the natural tooth color. These methods are therapeutic and cosmetic at the same time, making them suitable for those suffering from dental health issues or those desiring an attractive smile.

Latest Hollywood Smile Techniques in Egypt 2023

Many researchers and specialists have developed numerous cosmetic techniques, helping achieve a Hollywood smile, which can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Removable Prostheses
  1. Among the most used techniques, affordable for various social classes.
  2. Removable prostheses are made from resin that resembles natural teeth in color and shape and can be fitted and removed at any time without the need for tooth reduction
  3. They can be done in one or two sessions at most without the need for regular follow-ups with the doctor. You can learn more about dental prostheses and their prices by reading this article.
  • Dental Implants
  1. A technique that requires a long period until they are implanted and the desired results are achieved.
  2. Among the high-cost techniques.
  3. They are not installed on damaged teeth but require their extraction and preparation of the bones for the new implanted teeth.
  4. This technique includes examining the patient’s medical condition, then implanting the grafts until they heal with the bones and placing the crown on their surface.
  5. Some cases suffer from weak jaw bones and need artificial bones, and the crowns are pink, similar to the gum color.
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges
  1. Among the advantages of these techniques is that they can be used in case of completely damaged teeth or those that have a part of their structure broken.
  2. They replace extracted teeth and fill the gaps resulting from them, and benefit from our doctors’ expertise in fixing teeth and getting a smile that exudes confidence and happiness at the Dental Center.
  1. The lenses are of two types: veneer or lumineer.
  2. These lenses are thin shells that cover the surface of damaged teeth to hide their flaws.
  3. Veneer shells, which are color-stable made of porcelain or resin, require tooth reduction to be properly fixed on the surface for a long time, and cannot be repaired if they break or crack.
  4. Lumineer shells do not require tooth reduction, thus not needing anesthesia, and are thin enough to reflect light on the teeth, characterized by the possibility of their removal and return to the previous teeth.

Who Are the Candidates for Hollywood Smile in Egypt

Many interested in getting the best smile wonder who are the candidates for Hollywood Smile? We will answer this question in the following lines as follows:

  • Cases suffering from crooked teeth and lack of uniformity in their appearance and size with each other.
  • Cases where teeth are protruding.
  • Cracks and fissures on the tooth surface.
  • Large gaps and spaces between teeth.
  • The appearance of colored stains on the tooth surface.
  • Smokers due to the effect of nicotine on the tooth structure.

Factors Determining the Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt

There are some factors that determine the cost of medical services in dental clinics and centers, which can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Prices of raw materials used in various techniques due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rates.
  • The city where the center or clinic is located and the social class nature of its residents.
  • The competence and experience of the treating doctor and his nursing team.
  • The quality of medical devices.
  • The extent of compliance with infection control and sterilization standards.
  • The nature of the patient’s condition and its advancement.
  • The number of damaged teeth and the affected area.
The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt 2023

The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt 2023

The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt 2023

The Dental Center in Nasr City is among the centers offering special deals on cosmetic dental services, with the average price of Hollywood Smile ranging between 78,500 and 157,000 Egyptian Pounds, including a set of cosmetic services cleaning, cosmetic fillings, and orthodontics. We understand that orthodontic is a complex and sensitive process, hence we adhere to strict guidelines to ensure no mistakes occur.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Dentistry in Egypt

All cosmetic dentistry operations have their disadvantages and advantages, so let us talk in detail in the following points:


  • Cosmetic dentistry operations are painless and only require a few hours.
  • It is easy to maintain their results through proper oral hygiene with a suitable brush and toothpaste for the patient.
  • They add shine, attractiveness, dazzling whiteness, and orderly alignment to the teeth.
  • They provide the teeth with durability, strength, and resilience to withstand various pressures and conditions.


  • Cosmetic veneers require the removal of part of the enamel layer covering the teeth, weakening their strength and making them fragile and sensitive to cold and hot foods and beverages.
  • The color difference of some veneers compared to natural tooth color.

Best Dental Cosmetic Clinics in Egypt

The Dental Center is among the centers offering deals on all cosmetic dentistry operations, ensuring all its patients the finest therapeutic and cosmetic techniques using the latest medical devices and maintaining a high level of sterilization and infection control in the center.

The center is distinguished by having a prosthetics lab that helps the doctor develop a treatment plan, in addition to a radiology unit for medical examinations, and is supervised by a team of skilled doctors and trained nursing staff dedicated to the comfort of all patients and ensuring they receive service without any discomfort.

How Long Does Hollywood Smile Last?

Cosmetic dentistry techniques that aid in achieving a Hollywood smile are known for their durability and ability to withstand any pressures or changes in the patient’s mouth, allowing them to last for long periods with patients, reaching more than 15 years. The longer the patient adheres to all medical instructions for oral hygiene and mouth disinfection, the longer the lifespan of veneers, crowns, or dental implants, lasting many more years than usual.

Hollywood Smile Alternatives

The tremendous technological advancement that has occurred in various scientific fields, especially in the field of dentistry, has made it easy to find alternatives to Hollywood Smile. We will mention these alternatives below:

This technique involves prosthetics made of porcelain that resemble veneers and have the same shape and color as natural teeth, and it is a painless process, so it does not require anesthesia.

  • Secret Smile

A method of teeth whitening that restores their sheen and gloss while also serving a therapeutic role in removing all tartar deposits and colored stains from the surface.

The removable veneer is a plastic mold that helps hide dental flaws, made of transparent porcelain or white zircon material.

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