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Here is important information about orthodontics and their prices!

Mouth Orthodontics, do you want an effective solution for tooth straightening and severe misalignment treatment after your teeth have become crooked and misaligned? Or do you need an attractive smile and aesthetic appearance? Orthodontics is the suitable medical treatment for these cases, so we will learn about it in detail through this article, follow us.

Mouth Orthodontics

Mouth Orthodontics

Mouth Orthodontics

Mouth and teeth orthodontics is considered one of the most important and prominent medical treatments that work to restore the function and shape of the teeth again, after exposure to difficult problems that cause damage to the external shape of the teeth and their function during chewing or speaking, as well as other complications in the jaws. It works to modify and correct the teeth again and place them in their proper place, along with filling the wide gaps between the teeth, and giving a bright and dazzling smile to all patients.

Through this article, we will talk about the types of mouth orthodontics and its importance, its specific cost, and more information related to orthodontics, follow us and benefit.

Types of Mouth Orthodontics

There are different types and shapes of mouth orthodontics, and the most suitable type for the patient can be determined by seeing the doctor, the dental health condition, and the patient’s financial expenses. Among its most prominent types are the following:

  • Traditional Metal Orthodontics

This orthodontic is made entirely of metal and contains extremely hard and durable materials. Therefore, it is one of the most famous and prominent types widely used in medical centers. Its cost is also simple and suitable for all cases of patients.

  • Ceramic Orthodontics

Ceramic orthodontics is a set of metal pieces that are attached to the teeth, and they are made of a light-colored ceramic material that resembles the natural color of the teeth. Therefore, it cannot be easily noticed on the patient’s teeth. It also works to move the teeth effectively and quickly, so it requires a high cost to install this type of orthodontic.

  • Clear Orthodontics

It is a mold made of a highly transparent material that is custom-designed for each patient’s teeth. This orthodontic requires changing or replacing it periodically during treatment, with changing some spaces between the teeth. Therefore, many patients prefer it because it is transparent and not visible to others.

This orthodontic is installed on the inner side of the teeth, so it is not too hidden without being visible when smiling or talking. It can also be called lingual orthodontics because it is placed on the back side of the teeth. However, it is difficult to clean or care for, and it takes a long time to show its results.

“Choose the best for your teeth with orthodontics designed specifically for your comfort and beautiful smile.”

Importance of Mouth Orthodontics

There is great importance and benefit to orthodontics, which every patient can benefit from, which includes:

  1. Orthodontics is used to improve the external appearance of the teeth to an aesthetic appearance and a bright and beautiful smile.
  2. It helps to move the teeth to the correct position inside the mouth, leaving an organized and tidy shape for the teeth without any damage to them.
  3. Performing occlusion between the jaws and the upper and lower teeth in a proper and natural way.
  4. Treating protruding teeth by pulling the front teeth back with jaw expansion.

Learn about the method of fixing teeth after orthodontics, click here.

Components of Mouth Orthodontics

Mouth orthodontics contains a number of components, which include the following points:

  • A set of deep metal pieces or arches from the inside, or they have a place to control their opening and closing, where they are placed directly on the teeth.
  • A lightweight and small metal wire is passed between the metal pieces in the middle, so that it works to connect these pieces with each other, while applying a pulling force on the wire to help move the teeth gradually to their correct position.

In most cases, the doctor resorts to using other tools or techniques with the installation of orthodontics, such as a jaw expander device that expands the jaws and occlusion naturally.

Components of Mouth Orthodontics

Components of Mouth Orthodontics

When to Start Mouth Orthodontic Treatment

It is possible to perform orthodontics at any time and at all ages, whether for adults or children. However, there is an ideal time to start orthodontic treatment. It is best to start an early examination with your child from the age of seven, so that you can perform a comprehensive examination of their dental condition and know the right time to start installing orthodontics, with constant follow-up with the specialized doctor for periodic diagnosis of the child’s condition.

This is especially true for children who suffer from difficulty breathing and interrupted sleep, gum inflammation, or those who engage in negative habits such as thumb sucking or nail-biting, as well as children with cleft palate and lips, or problems with the upper and lower jaws, who need to undergo orthodontics after this age to achieve an effective and quick result.

“Lasting beauty! Orthodontics defies time and maintains your beautiful smile.”

Duration of Mouth Orthodontic Treatment

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies from person to person, and it is determined based on a set of factors, which include:

  • The patient’s age.
  • The size of the gaps and spaces between the teeth.
  • The health condition of the teeth, jaws, and internal tissues in the mouth.
  • The type of orthodontic used for installation.
  • The extent of care for dental and orthodontic hygiene during the treatment period.
  • The severity of the problem the person is suffering from.

In most cases, the duration of orthodontic treatment ranges from one to three years.

What are the Problems Treated by Mouth Orthodontics?

Mouth orthodontics treats a variety of problems and damage that cause a lack of self-confidence in the patient suffering from them or an inability to perform the functions of chewing and speaking effectively and efficiently. The most prominent problems treated by orthodontics include:

  1. Tilted teeth.
  2. Crooked and misaligned teeth.
  3. Wide gaps and spaces between the teeth.
  4. Reversed bite of the jaws.
  5. Narrow jaw bones.
  6. Protruding upper jaw forward or backward.
  7. Receding lower jaw backward from the upper jaw, or vice versa.
  8. Inability to close the mouth naturally.
  9. Impacted teeth.
  10. Irregular alignment of teeth.
  11. Open bite.
  12. Effective treatment for cleft lip.
  13. Damaged or missing teeth.
  14. Treatment before installing dentures.

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Steps for Installing Mouth Orthodontics

The process of installing orthodontics involves a series of steps and stages, which can be explained through the following points:

First: Medical Diagnosis

Initially, the doctor performs a comprehensive examination of the condition of the teeth and jaws to ensure the suitability of orthodontic treatment for the patient’s condition, and then determines the most suitable type of orthodontic, whether fixed or removable.

Second: Conducting Medical Examinations

After the previous step, the orthodontist needs to perform some medical examinations and X-rays on the condition of the teeth and upper and lower jaws, so that the doctor can examine the integrity of the internal tissues of the teeth and roots.

Third: Extracting Excess Teeth

Then the stage of extracting excess teeth from the mouth begins, so that they do not cause a problem of tooth crowding or overlapping, and also to start installing the orthodontic and receiving it from the jaw bones.

Fourth: Installing Orthodontic Appliance

  1. Initially, the doctor thoroughly cleans, disinfects, and dries the mouth to begin installing the orthodontic appliance.
  2. A jaw retainer is placed during installation, so that the doctor can open the mouth without any problems.
  3. Adjustments are made for the spaces between the molars and teeth using a small metal device around the molars.
  4. A photographic model of the condition and position of the teeth is taken, so that the areas for placing the metal pieces and arches of the orthodontic can be determined.
  5. The mouth is cleaned and dried again, so that the orthodontic can be installed successfully.
  6. A strong adhesive material is applied to the outer surfaces of the teeth, so that the metal pieces can be attached to it, which help in correcting the movement of the teeth.
  7. Ultraviolet rays are directed onto the adhesive material to make it solid and durable on the teeth.
  8. The doctor uses a metal wire to securely connect the arches with each other, while applying a force of pressure on them to change the position and movement of the teeth.
  9. Finally, the doctor removes the jaw retainer from the mouth.

After that, the doctor sets specific appointments for consecutive visits to apply the appropriate force and tension on the teeth according to each patient’s condition, usually every 4 weeks to move and monitor the teeth.

Steps for Installing Mouth Orthodontics

Steps for Installing Mouth Orthodontics

Orthodontic Appliances Used in Orthodontic Treatment

There are different types and shapes of orthodontic appliances used in orthodontic treatment, which include the following:

Fixed Appliances

  • Brackets, which have several types, including:
  1. Metal brackets.
  2. Clear brackets.
  3. Coated brackets.
  4. Lingual brackets.
  • Fixed expanders.
  • Fixed functional appliances.
  • Fixed non-conventional appliances.
  • Fixed reinforcing appliances.
  • Small screws.

Removable Appliances

  • Removable functional appliances.
  • Removable expanders.
  • Removable bone-borne appliances.
  • Removable reinforcing appliances.
  • Removable non-conventional appliances.

“Advanced techniques, natural results, orthodontics is the best choice for you.”

Caring for Mouth Orthodontics

Here are a set of tips or instructions to help you care for and pay attention to your orthodontics, so that you can achieve successful and dazzling results after completing the treatment period. Some of the most important tips are:

  1. Avoid sticky foods that can stick to the teeth and orthodontic appliance, as well as hard foods that can cause breakage or damage to the orthodontic.
  2. Avoid sugars and dark or colored drinks to prevent damage to the color of the teeth or enamel layer.
  3. Continuous follow-up with the dentist to ensure the integrity of the orthodontic and perform deep tooth cleaning.
  4. Perform daily tooth cleaning using the dedicated toothbrush and suitable toothpaste, along with using effective dental floss to remove food debris between the orthodontic and teeth.
  5. Adhering to the appointments set by the doctor to apply the necessary force on the teeth for a successful result after orthodontic treatment.

“Regain your self-confidence with effective orthodontics that suits you!”

Cost of Mouth Orthodontics

The cost and price of orthodontics is determined through a set of criteria that affect the overall cost of orthodontic treatment, the most important of which are:

  • The type of orthodontic used, whether fixed or removable and clear.
  • The quality of the materials or raw materials from which the orthodontic is made.
  • The level of healthcare and services provided by the center where the orthodontic is installed.
  • The quality of the techniques used in the manufacture and design of the orthodontic.
  • The patient’s health condition.
  • The cost of medical examinations and X-rays required before installation.

In general, however, the cost of orthodontics ranges between 10,000 Egyptian pounds and 30,000 Egyptian pounds, depending on the above factors. You can benefit from our offers and prices for orthodontics at our Dental Center. Contact us now or send us a text message through our website at the bottom of the page.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Beautification

At the Dental Center, we take pride in our patients’ trust and testimonials about the high quality and reliability we provide. We excel in offering our services at competitive prices, making us the best choice in dental care thanks to the recommendations of patients who have received treatment from us. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading destination for optimal dental care in Egypt. We are committed to providing a comfortable and personalized experience for each patient while ensuring the delivery of accurate and effective treatments tailored to each individual’s needs.

Choosing the Dental Center means relying on a team of professional doctors, benefiting from our affordable prices, and enjoying high-quality services that ensure you receive the best care for your teeth in Egypt. This phrasing reflects the center’s commitment to providing high-quality services and focuses on the trust and satisfaction felt by patients, making it effective in attracting potential customers’ attention.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Beautification

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Beautification

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