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Details of how long the result of straightening teeth lasts and the steps for its installation

Orthodontic Protrusion Correction, Orthodontic treatment addresses many pathological conditions suffering from various dental problems such as gaps, protrusions, misalignment, and irregular bites. All these diseases are easily treatable in various ways, but the results of orthodontics in them are particularly stunning, especially problems of tooth protrusion, as this article will explain.

Orthodontic Protrusion Correction

Orthodontic Protrusion Correction

Orthodontic Protrusion Correction

The installation of dental braces was discovered many years ago at the beginning, and since the discovery of therapeutic methods for dental problems without extraction or loss, that is, since the beginning of the discovery of technology and the development of the field of dentistry, and braces were then famous for its only type, the metal dental braces. Even with the development of technologies and the discovery of different types of braces, the idea remains constant and one; what changes are the materials used and the devices that help in applying these different technologies.

Tooth protrusion usually affects the front teeth in one of the jaws and is expected to spread more in children due to genetic factors or their incorrect habits and behaviors. However, the rate of young people and adults affected by it is significant, necessitating its treatment immediately upon the appearance of its signs. You can learn about the benefits of installing braces on decayed teeth through this article.

Types of Dental Braces

Orthodontic technology is among the technologies that technological development has helped discover various, diverse, and modern techniques, providing different types of braces, such as:

  • Metal dental braces.
  • Transparent removable braces.
  • Surgical dental braces.
  • Preventive braces.
  • Functional braces.

The many advantages of decorative dental braces are available through this article.

Types of Dental Braces

Types of Dental Braces

Problem of Protruding Teeth

Protruding teeth are the second most common problem facing patients, encountered by many doctors after dental crowding in the jaw cavity. Protrusion means an increase in the length of the front teeth of one jaw compared to the teeth of the other jaw, such as the length of the upper jaw teeth compared to the lower jaw teeth, which is the most common case of protrusion among children, the elderly, and also young people. The percentage of excess length ranges between 1 or 2 mm, and the percentage of the population suffering from protrusion problems reaches 10% or 15% in Asia and the Middle East, while in America, Europe, and North Africa, 20% of their population suffers from genetic or acquired protrusion problems.

Most of these percentages are for individuals who have suffered from tooth loss problems due to violent collision or malfunction during their childhood, causing a negative impact on the natural growth of teeth in these areas, which are in the first or front row of the teeth for both jaws, or problems of inflammation, erosion, or adhesions in the mouth joints that hinder the movement and stability of the affected jaw in a backward position, causing noticeable and eye-catching tooth protrusion. The most prominent and important solution to this problem, which provided the most efficient results, is orthodontics, which we will mention all its advantages and importance in treating it in detail in the following points.

Causes of Tooth Protrusion

Tooth protrusion is the problem of the hour for many dental patients in various centers, clinics, and hospitals specialized recently. To know the correct and appropriate treatment method for each case, we need to reach the causes that led to suffering from this problem, which are:

  • Genetic factors, which are the primary cause of tooth protrusion cases, especially among Africans.
  • The genes of the affected person, which make them undergo treatment.
  • Pushing the front teeth with the tongue and not stabilizing them in their place.
  • Breathing from the mouth instead of the nose.
  • Placing fingers in the mouth.
  • Using baby bottles or pacifiers for young infants.

Protruding Dental Braces

The main goal of installing protruding dental braces on the surface of the teeth is to try to return the shape and structure of the teeth to their natural position in the jaw cavity, straight vertically, neither twisted nor protruding, so that the bite of the front teeth of both jaws is correct and healthy.

For braces to play this role, it is necessary to tighten its wires and brackets well on the teeth and adjust them as these teeth move towards their correct position until they reach the position determined for them at the end of the specified period after many months or years. Cases that require installing braces on the crown are mentioned in this article.

Duration of Protruding Dental Braces

Protruding dental braces are one of the types of braces that require a long period to provide the expected results from them and what patients hope for, and the average duration for different pathological cases ranges between 12 and 18 months, but there are some exceptions, and the period their teeth need for their braces and reshaping their structure does not last less than 6 months.

There are also rare cases where the installation of braces lasted 30 months or exceeded the limit of three years, and we conclude from this that the only factor in determining this duration is the nature of the patient’s case and their health condition and the extent of damage to their teeth, so there is no fixed standard or fixed duration.

Duration of Protruding Dental Braces

Duration of Protruding Dental Braces

Tips During the Duration of Protruding Dental Braces

The duration of protruding dental braces is long, lasting for many years in some pathological cases, yet it is essential to follow all the care steps and all the tips provided by the doctor during this period, including:

  • Rinsing with water after each meal.
  • Using fluoride-rich toothpaste resistant to decay.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Cutting large-sized food into small pieces easy to chew.
  • Cleaning the braces wires of any residues on a daily basis.
  • Training on installing and removing the braces device correctly.

Learn about the benefits of rubber in dental braces through this article.

How Long Do the Results of Protruding Dental Braces Last?

Dental braces provide good and high-quality results after their installation, especially after using the retainer immediately after its removal and achieving these results, as the retainer works to confirm these results and prevent the teeth from relapsing and returning to their incorrect position again.

This ensures that the results of the braces last a lifetime as long as the person maintains the health of the teeth and adheres to all the special care methods and diligently executes the necessary medical instructions after the braces are complete periodically, and get a perfect smile thanks to the advanced protruding dental braces at The Dental Center.

Other Problems Treated by Dental Braces

Dental braces treat many different and varied problems affecting the oral cavity and teeth, the most common of which are tooth protrusion, but there are other problems, such as:

  • Gaps between the teeth or large and small spaces.
  • Tooth loss.
  • Misalignment of the dental structure.
  • Incorrect biting of the jaws’ teeth, also known as bite.

How to Prevent Tooth Protrusion

Tooth protrusion, in most cases, occurs to the front teeth and cannot be prevented if it is due to genetic factors or damage and malfunction in the bone tissue of the jaw cavity. However, if the protrusion is acquired or occurs due to incorrect habits or behaviors, it is possible to prevent it by avoiding these habits, which are represented in:

  • Preventing placing fingers in the mouth.
  • Protecting the gums from any potential damage by brushing them daily.
  • Eliminating any plaque or tartar deposits using various dental care tools.
  • Wearing a mouth guard in case of playing violent games or training or during sleep if there is suffering from teeth grinding.

It is possible to follow up with a specialist doctor regularly so that the teeth are continuously examined and adhere to the medical instructions that the doctor may advise the patient, along with drinking plenty of water and chewing sugar-free gum if the mouth is dry. It is also essential to quit smoking and avoid alcohol, reduce ice cream, and ensure to eat foods allowed in the diet recommended by the doctor.

How to Prevent Tooth Protrusion

How to Prevent Tooth Protrusion

Steps of Installing Dental Braces for Teeth

Installing dental braces is one of the most therapeutic and cosmetic techniques that require a long time to complete and achieve results after fixing them on the teeth, but it is not demanding in procedures and preparations. The steps of fixing them are represented in:

  • Examining the patient’s mouth with X-rays and asking them to undergo medical examinations to determine the extent of damage to the teeth and the necessary steps for treatment.
  • Taking measurements of the teeth to determine the sizes of the braces.
  • Treating any problems related to the gums or teeth or the oral cavity in general.
  • Cleaning the teeth and removing tartar deposits from their surface or from the gum cavity.
  • Fixing the brackets on the surface of the teeth using wires and braces.
  • Connecting the wires to each other using braces ties well.
  • Ensuring the braces are fixed on the teeth and tightening its wires well on them.

And learn about filling the gaps without dental braces through this article.

How to Maintain Dental Braces for Teeth

Dental braces require care and attention so that they last the long period specified for them in the mouth without causing any damage or posing any risks or complications to the rest of the tissues and teeth of the oral cavity. This care is represented in the following points:

  • Washing the teeth daily with decay-resistant toothpaste and a soft brush that prevents gum and teeth inflammation.
  • Eliminating any deposits or impurities in the mouth by rinsing with medical mouthwash daily.
  • Cleaning the gaps between the teeth of any food residues stuck in them using medical floss or a miswak.
  • Adhering to the diet specified by the doctor, which in most cases is rich in calcium that strengthens the teeth and gives their structure hardness and durability, and consists of soft foods easy to swallow.
  • Avoiding hard foods or those rich in sugars, starches, and acids.
  • Reducing stimulants and carbonated drinks.

And more details about installing dental braces are available through this article.

Teeth straightening prices

Teeth straightening prices depend on several factors in order to determine them, the most prominent of these factors are the patient’s age and medical history and the condition of his teeth and the extent of damage to them, and the procedures he needs for treatment. The number of years of experience of the doctor in performing orthodontic procedures also affects determining the cost. Get ready to smile with confidence and comfort with orthodontic treatment at The Dental Center. There are also some minor factors that may affect even slightly in determining prices, such as the development of techniques and devices used, the location and reputation of the center or clinic. After taking all these factors into account, we notice that the prices of installing braces range between 10,000 and 30,000 Egyptian pounds in different centers and clinics.

The best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

Dental treatment and cosmetics have now become a necessity and not a luxury, and from here came the role of specialized centers and all clinics and medical institutions trying to keep pace with developments in dentistry and implement it in order to treat various pathological conditions for patients of all ages and health conditions and needs. All of this is available at The Dental Center, which includes a elite group of the best specialized doctors in Egypt and the Arab world, as it applies modern techniques, whether therapeutic or cosmetic, using advanced medical devices, which ensures that all our patients get teeth free of deformities and defects and an ideal smile.

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