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What is the method of installing orthodontics after extraction and which cases are recommended for it?

Orthodontic Treatment After Tooth Extraction, Many dentists have recently resorted to installing braces after tooth extraction to address the problems of gaps resulting from dental deformities and prevent any further complications. We will mention all the details related to the extraction process and after installing the braces in the following lines.

Orthodontic Treatment After Tooth Extraction

Orthodontic Treatment After Tooth Extraction

Orthodontic Treatment After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is one of the important decisions made by the dentist, generally considered the last resort or final stage after a series of attempts and applying different treatment methods to preserve the teeth in their place in the jaw cavity and prevent their damage or the spread of infection and decay in their structure. Many cases respond to operations to solve dental problems and multiple treatments, rarely resorting to extraction, which occurs in rare cases where the level of damage has reached a significant percentage in the tooth’s structure.

The main role of orthodontic treatment after tooth extraction is to overcome the problem of gaps between teeth, working to close the distances and try to coordinate the teeth in a neat and continuous sequence without any defects, giving the teeth the attractive appearance needed to provide an ideal smile and improve the person’s overall appearance.

The idea of braces is based on pulling the teeth so that they stick together without any spaces between them by tying the wires to the supports fixed on the surface of the teeth in a way that presses on them until they move and reach the designated place. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the most prominent disadvantages of transparent crystal dental braces through this article.

Tooth Extraction for Orthodontics

Tooth extraction for orthodontics is always for a purely cosmetic purpose as it is one of the possible means or methods that help the teeth return again to their natural appearance without showing any defect or disorder in their alignment.

Mostly, the extraction is for the teeth called premolars, which their appearance does not affect the teeth whether in the presence or extraction; there is no difference between the two cases. Other teeth that might be extracted are the teeth buried between the teeth and jawbones, which a small part of them appears, and you can learn about the details of lengthening teeth with braces through this article.

Tooth Extraction for Orthodontics

Tooth Extraction for Orthodontics

Cases That Require Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a known procedure when cases reach an advanced stage of damage and do not respond to any treatment method. In most cases, these cases include the following problems:

  • Clear or apparent bending of the roots of molars or teeth.
  • Disorder in the growth of molars, which grow buried inside the jaw cavity.
  • Molars that part of their structure has broken.
  • Wisdom teeth that cannot perform their functional tasks due to a health problem.
  • Teeth fused with their neighbors in the mouth.
  • The upper part of the tooth or molars falls off, leaving the other part or the root buried in the jaw cavity.

Steps of Tooth Extraction for Orthodontics

Tooth extraction for the purpose of installing braces afterwards does not require many procedures or large preparations, just providing some surgical medical tools and preparing the teeth and mouth cavity for the extraction process by cleaning them or taking painkillers that reduce the severity of the pain. The steps of tooth extraction for orthodontics are as follows:

  • Anesthetizing the area where the molar or tooth is to be extracted or injecting an anesthetic needle into the entire gum tissues.
  • Waiting for a short period of time until the anesthetic takes effect.
  • The dentist extracts the patient’s damaged teeth using sterilized devices and equipment at the highest level.

Learn about the candidates for dental adjustment with braces through this article.

Steps of Tooth Extraction for Orthodontics

Steps of Tooth Extraction for Orthodontics

Advantages of the New Orthodontic Technique

The application of technology in the steps of orthodontic treatment has helped discover different therapeutic methods to eliminate any defects in many cases. From here, the technology of orthodontic treatment began to develop and possess many features that include:

  • Using invisible and imperceptible aligners that help move the teeth by changing them every two weeks.
  • Over time and with the periodic and continuous change of aligners, the teeth are moved towards the place intended for them to be fixed in the end, and these aligners are made according to the new place and shape of the teeth.

And discover more about other technologies used in installing dental braces through this article.

Benefits of Dental Braces

Always looking for everything that is modern and at the same time effective? Dental braces are one of the continuously evolving therapeutic methods that bring a lot of benefits to the patient’s dental health and general health, which include:

  • Treating different jaw problems, whether its size is large or small.
  • Improving the overall appearance of the teeth and their alignment with each other.
  • Giving the person the perfect smile.
  • Solving bite problems and helping the jaws’ teeth to close on each other properly.
  • Eliminating all dental problems for seniors, children, teenagers, and young people.

And do not miss the chance to learn about the prices of installing dental braces in Egypt through this article.

Benefits of Dental Braces

Benefits of Dental Braces

Phases of Tooth Extraction When Orthodontics

Tooth extraction when installing orthodontics occurs in several stages and steps, which are as follows:

  • Using a medical device to hold the molar or tooth to be extracted and moving it in all directions to start removing it from the tissues, blood vessels, and nerves.
  • Making a surgical incision to break the teeth buried in the jaw cavity and gum.

The Duration Needed for Teeth Extracted When Orthodontics

Teeth extracted from the mouth cavity require the installation of dental braces for an average duration of 24 months in most and many medical cases. However, there are some rare cases that only need 6 months, unlike somewhat complex cases whose teeth do not move towards their correct place except within 3 years. And learn about the most prominent disadvantages of installing internal dental braces through this article.

Consultation with an Orthodontic Specialist

It is essential to consult an orthodontic specialist due to the importance of the health situation of cases undergoing treatment with braces. It is necessary to adhere to the follow-up session dates for continuous examination of the teeth, gums, and jaw cavity and to know the results of radiographic examinations, whether X-ray or CT scans, continuously with taking signs and conclusions of comprehensive medical examinations.

All this helps in determining how to deal with the teeth and how to treat them correctly and solve any health problem at its early appearance and stages before the situation

worsens and poses a risk to oral health. At The Dental Center, the dental braces technology is provided that helps in repairing the teeth to return like real teeth.

The Suitable Age for Dental Braces

The technology of dental braces is one of the technologies that do not require any conditions for its installation or use in treating different medical cases. It can be used from the age of 7 years or the stage between 8 and 14 years as long as the bone tissue in the mouth cavity is of high density and strong enough to withstand any pressures. And learn about the most prominent components of colored dental braces during this article.

How to Avoid Tooth Extraction Before Orthodontics?

It is possible to avoid tooth extraction and prevent the damage, decay, or deformities of the teeth from reaching this advanced and large extent if the person is under 16 years old, still in the bone growth stage, and the jaws’ teeth have not finally merged, which stimulates doctors to perform jaw expansion operations that have a high and guaranteed success rate.

There are some cases for adults whose condition may allow jaw expansion without any complications or risks. Dental braces are the optimal choice to regain your smile and the function of your teeth at The Dental Center.

Instructions Recommended by the Dentist After Extraction

There are many medical instructions and guidelines that must be followed after tooth extraction, all of which are strongly related to regular brushing and cleaning of the teeth and trying to avoid any cause that may lead to the teeth’s damage again. However, caring for the teeth within the first 24 hours after tooth extraction is extremely important, and there is no chance of not executing these instructions, which include:

  • Brushing them two or three times a day using a soft brush to prevent any inflammations or sensitivities to the teeth or gums.
  • Regularly using dental floss once a day to remove any residues or deposits between the teeth.
  • Not cleaning the affected area or where the tooth was extracted at all during the first 3 days.

Steps for Caring for Dental Braces

Caring for dental braces is one of the priorities that all doctors insist on informing patients about and making them adhere to implementing. There are steps for caring for braces, which are as follows:

  • Brushing the teeth with fluoride-rich toothpaste daily in the morning and evening to protect them from decay and remove any deposits from the surface of the tongue.
  • Using dental floss to remove any residues on the surface of the teeth and the braces’ brackets.
  • Wearing a mouthguard to protect the teeth and braces from breaking in case of collision with something hard.
  • Avoiding hard and tough foods that may pose a threat and pressure on the teeth and braces.
  • Avoiding foods rich in sugars or acids and carbohydrates to prevent turning the mouth environment acidic, which allows bacterial growth and infection spread in the mouth.
  • Reducing sticky foods that may stick to the braces and cause their damage.
  • Regularly using a waterpik to remove any deposits in the mouth that are difficult to reach with a brush.
  • Using dental wax that helps prevent friction between the braces on the teeth and the cheeks and prevents gum inflammation or irritation.
  • Adhering to medical follow-up session dates with the treating doctor to regularly change the positions of the braces’ wires.

Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is always mentioned and circulated among many patients in the Nasr City and New Egypt area, where the center is known for providing high-quality services for the elderly and their tooth loss problems. The center also houses the latest medical devices that help in treating all dental problems faced by children.

What distinguishes the center the most is the presence of the most advanced laser devices used in many cosmetic techniques for those who love the perfect smile and charming appearance, so do not hesitate to join us to enjoy the efficiency of our services on your journey towards the perfect image.

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