Orthodontics before and after eruption and learn more about its prices in Egypt - المركز الطبي لرعاية الأسنان

Orthodontics before and after eruption and learn more about its prices in Egypt

Orthodontics Before and After Protrusion, There are numerous techniques used to solve dental problems, but one of the best and most used and effective is orthodontic technology. It is the technique that continues to maintain its status regardless of scientific developments and the emergence of many advanced technologies. It evolves rapidly and significantly and always provides the desired results for the patient. We will learn about this in detail in this article.

Orthodontics before and after protrusion

Orthodontics before and after protrusion

Orthodontics Before and After Protrusion

Orthodontics is the most effective technique in solving the problems of protruding teeth, especially the front teeth in the upper jaw, and problems of misalignment of the jaws. Orthodontics works on rearranging and sequencing the teeth in a regular shape in the mouth.

Many actors and actresses resort to orthodontics with the aim of beautifying their teeth and obtaining a bright, shining smile. However, the role of orthodontics is not limited to the cosmetic aspect of teeth but also their functional tasks and the importance of providing support for them to face pressures and changing conditions without being negatively affected, especially the process of eating and speaking without any malfunction or causing embarrassment to the patient.

Does the shape of the face change after orthodontics?

Yes, teeth are the primary element that controls the shape of the face. When any problems occur, such as misalignment or irregular arrangement and protrusion of the jaws, a change in the shape of the face occurs. Orthodontics is one of the most effective solutions in these advanced cases. Therefore, when it corrects the crookedness of the teeth and pulls the teeth back and hides the flaws of their protrusion and solves their alignment problems, it is natural for a change to occur in the features of the jaws, lips, and face in general.

The extent of change in the face shape when installing orthodontics depends on several factors such as age, because a significant change may occur if orthodontics is installed at a young age as the jaw and bones of children are still in the growth stage, whereas the change is minor and hardly noticeable in the case of installing orthodontics for older cases due to the completion of bone growth and their density.

Changing the arrangement and sequencing of the teeth and pulling the jaws works to fit the soft tissues covering the teeth with the new shape of their organization and the jaws. Therefore, the extent of change in the face shape depends on the extent of change in the shape and location of the teeth and jaws. You can learn about cosmetic dental clinics and dental clinic prices in Egypt by reading this article.

When do the results of orthodontics begin to appear?

The age or the patient’s age determines the time period necessary for the beginning of the appearance of orthodontic results, or the basic factor that controls the speed and acceleration of the treatment or healing process. Children who put orthodontics in the early stages of age begin to see its results on them only after 3 months from the installation process.

Dentists prefer orthodontics because of its ability to pull teeth and jaws and return them to their correct places in the jaw. The patient obtains these results when following the medical instructions for complete teeth hygiene as described by the doctor and continuous follow-up with him.

Orthodontics works in two main stages, the first stage called the initial alignment stage, and the results appear during it after 3 months, then the second stage in which the teeth are aligned with each other, and this stage lasts a time period that lasts from 12 to 18 months.

How should teeth look after orthodontics?

How should teeth look after orthodontics?

How should teeth look after orthodontics?

Orthodontics works on continuously pulling the teeth for long periods of time; so that they move from their place and return to their correct position or the position determined by the doctor according to the required

or necessary sequencing of the teeth. The movement of correcting the position of the teeth is gradual until the jaw also adapts to the pull and is formed anew and thus the teeth are formed in a new arrangement and shape. The membrane that connects the teeth and the jaw helps in their quick response and change of their forms.

The patient does not undergo anesthesia in the case of installing orthodontics, and it is one of the operations that do not take long periods of time as the duration of the installation session does not exceed two hours at most. The process of installing orthodontics is not painful, but the patient may feel some pain when making adjustments later. There are different types of orthodontics, so there are many choices that suit different cases of patients.

We will explain how the shape of the teeth changes after installing different types of orthodontics as follows:

  • Ceramic braces: The latest types of braces used by doctors and also accepted by many patients because of their similarity in color and shape to the natural color and shape of the teeth. This brace operates on the same idea and technique as internal orthodontics except for the difference in the manufacture of its brackets from transparent ceramic.
  • Lingual metal braces: It is an internal brace that is installed behind the teeth, so it does not appear, and many female patients prefer it so that the appearance of the front traditional braces does not affect their general appearance. This brace consists of small metal pieces.
  • Metal braces: The oldest types of orthodontics as it was the first type to be made and used by doctors. This brace is made of stainless steel material, and a special medical type of dye is used to work on fixing the teeth in their places. It is always used in complicated or difficult cases.

And this type still enjoys very high popularity among dental patients, especially the youth, due to the difference in the colors of its rubber bands, which gives them many possibilities to choose from what suits them. Doctors usually advise installing it for a period ranging between one and a half years and four years. In addition to the somewhat long duration of its installation, it is also difficult to clean it after food sticks to it and drink deposits accumulate.

  • Clear braces: It is a removable brace that is easy to remove and install by the patient at any time and anywhere. It is made of clear plastic material that is the same size and shape as the patient’s teeth. It is usually used in simple or uncomplicated cases.

Duration of Orthodontics

The time period required for orthodontics to protect the teeth from damage and rearrange them varies from one patient to another due to the variability in the extent of the development of different cases and ages. There is no specific or fixed duration for all cases due to the difference in the types of orthodontics used, and some factors may affect the acceleration of the healing period, including:

  1. Difference in age between cases and the significant variation between their age stages.
  2. The medical problems that the patient suffers from, where the goals of each case of installing orthodontics differ, some cases aim to beautify their front teeth, and others want to reorganize and shape the teeth in the jaw.
  3. The type of orthodontics and the raw material it is made of.
  4. The empty spaces between all the teeth in the mouth.
  5. The extent of oral health.
  6. The presence of gum or teeth problems that require undergoing a preliminary treatment protocol before installing orthodontics.
  7. The size of the tissues in the mouth.
  8. The amount of bone in the teeth or their density.
  9. Adherence to medical sessions at their designated appointments.
  10. The extent of application of the necessary instructions and guidelines before installing orthodontics and afterwards and during the treatment period and the special adjustments made by the doctor.

The doctor takes all the above factors into account in order to be able to determine the necessary time period before the beginning of any results or noticing any improvement for each case or patient, and explains to him the time map from the beginning of installing orthodontics until its removal and arrangements afterwards to ensure the success of orthodontics and maintaining the results achieved. But in most cases, doctors determine an average of one to three years as a preliminary period, and enjoy a perfect smile with the high-quality orthodontic wax from The Dental Center.

The best age for orthodontics

Orthodontics is one of the safest therapeutic and cosmetic methods for all patients with

their different cases and age groups. Therefore, orthodontics is used in treating children from the beginning of the teething stage until the elderly. However, practically, dentists resort to installing orthodontics when children reach the age of 12 or 13 years due to the nature of this age stage in which the jaw grows, which facilitates its installation and accelerates healing in short periods of time due to rapid response. You can learn about orthodontic colors and how to choose the appropriate color from them by reading this article.

Results of Orthodontics Before and After

All the results of installing orthodontics are positive, and these operations achieve high success rates, which always encourages doctors to recommend them as an ideal solution in all advanced or complicated cases. In addition, patients feel comfortable during the treatment stage without facing severe or difficult-to-solve problems or obstacles, and doctors guarantee the success of orthodontics to a large extent when the patient follows the medical instructions during the treatment period, and supports it with a retainer after removing orthodontics for a period of time to ensure the stability of the teeth in their new places without them becoming crooked again. Your smile is our priority! Therefore, we offer excellent orthodontic services at The Dental Center.

There are different types of these retainers to suit all medical cases of different ages, and the doctor determines the necessary time period for installing the retainer based on the duration of the treatment with orthodontics and its results and the percentage of solving the teeth problem. The doctor, during the period of installing the retainer, guides the patient to the nature of the food that he must adhere to and the prohibited foods that must be completely avoided, such as sweets, starches, and acidic fruits.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Benefits of Orthodontics

Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontic operations are characterized by precision and high quality, making them the most technical to give good results in many complex cases. Therefore, many doctors resort to them, and many patients prefer them despite their high cost, which continues to increase due to the difference in the prices of raw materials and tools necessary for their manufacture with the changing dollar price. Let us mention the benefits of installing orthodontic braces in the following points:

  • Correcting the crookedness of the teeth and returning them to their correct position in the gums.
  • Solving the problem of gum congestion with many tooth roots.
  • Giving quick and good results in cases suffering from misalignment of the jaws due to problems in the upper jaw teeth.
  • Correcting the defects of protruding teeth.
  • Adjusting the distances between the jaws and eliminating the problems of teeth growing on top of each other or having large gaps between the teeth.

What are the causes of teeth protrusion after orthodontics?

Some problems may occur after installing orthodontics due to many and varied factors, and among these problems that are likely to occur is the protrusion of teeth due to the movement of the teeth from their places after a period of time from removing orthodontics. This problem does not have a specific reason for its occurrence and does not have a specific treatment period, so it is possible for the doctor to continue for many years to be able to solve this problem, and he works to fix the teeth in the place they move to after removing orthodontics.

The main reason for the problem of teeth protrusion after removing orthodontics or the cases that suffer from this problem without the rest is the cases that suffer from weak jaw bones to which orthodontics was installed or the lack of sufficient bone quantity that can withstand the pressure and pull resulting from orthodontics.

Another reason for its occurrence is the continuous subjection of the teeth to pressure and pull after installing orthodontics, which may change the shape, appearance, and composition of the jaw bones treated with orthodontics, making it easy to change the place of the teeth after reorganizing them by orthodontics. Weakness of the jaw bones and their insufficient strength may cause teeth protrusion after removing orthodontics and the disappearance of the special pull pressure.

Treatment methods for teeth protrusion after orthodontics

Teeth protrusion is one of the most recurring and occurring problems among patients treated with orthodontics, and doctors try to solve it in many ways so as not to spoil all the steps and procedures that occurred and the high financial costs that were paid.

The methods of treating teeth protrusion after orthodontics depend on adjusting the position of the teeth to the correct position, and one of the most common methods followed in these cases is installing transparent orthodontics Invisalign, and this orthodontics is made of transparent resin material or hard transparent plastic material and is usually used in simple and medium cases.

For somewhat complicated cases, the doctor may install metal orthodontics for them to avoid any complications, and that is after returning to the patient and taking his opinion or putting his desire into consideration when choosing.

There are many other methods that help in readjusting the teeth in their correct places, which we will mention in the following lines:

  • Wearing the retainer for longer periods after removing orthodontics.
  • Constantly brushing the teeth at least twice a day.
  • Maintaining oral health from any food residues that may cause infection.
  • Adhering to all appointments with the doctor for constant examination and solving any problem in its early stages before any complications occur.
  • Not removing orthodontics before its scheduled date and not rushing to reduce the treatment duration.

How to act if orthodontics fails

It is rare for orthodontic operations to fail, and the cases in which this happens to a large extent suffer from problems in the density and size of the jaw bones, leading to teeth protrusion after removing orthodontics.

Doctors advise patients to quickly go to specialized medical clinics or centers if they feel any change in the sequence of teeth or their arrangement so that a medical examination can be conducted and the necessary radiographs can be taken to help the doctor in knowing the exact cause and determining the extent of teeth movement and how to treat it before any complications occur.

Most dentists usually resort to using retainers or transparent orthodontics for several months, and in somewhat complicated cases, it may be possible to reinstall traditional metal orthodontics, and treating teeth protrusion after removing orthodontics is easy to treat and in many cases is done within a short period compared to treating the basic teeth problem before installing orthodontics.

The best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics

Many patients from various cities of Cairo flock to receive medical services for their teeth at The Dental Center because it enjoys a high reputation for providing medical services using the latest devices and medical tools in the field of dentistry with high quality and prices suitable for all social classes in this area.

The management at the center always ensures the comfort of patients and their not waiting for long periods so as not to feel annoyed. Therefore, they have set a waiting period that does not exceed half an hour before each case and in many cases does not exceed five minutes, where the management team enjoys high professionalism in managing the place according to a strict administrative system.

Prices of Orthodontics in Egypt

There are many factors that determine the price of medical services provided in dental clinics and centers in all countries of the world, not just Egypt. Therefore, let us mention these factors in the following few concise points:

  • The country where the clinic or center is located.
  • The location of the center or clinic and the nature of the social class living in it.
  • The price of the local currency against the dollar.
  • The competence of the treating doctor.
  • The quality of the tools used in treatment.
  • The brand names of the raw materials from which the braces and wires of orthodontics are made.
  • The skill of the nursing team assisting the doctor.
  • The extent of cleanliness and sterilization of the place and the methods of infection control used.
  • The patient’s condition and its development.
  • The number of affected teeth or molars.
  • The medical procedures necessary to follow, especially in case of some problems in the mouth, which requires resorting to adding some extra steps that prepare the teeth or treat them so as not to cause any complications before installing orthodontics.

And The Dental Center in Nasr City in Cairo offers orthodontic services at the highest level of quality and at economic prices compared to other medical centers, where the prices of

metal upper jaw orthodontics range between 4000 and 10000 Egyptian pounds, and the prices of transparent orthodontics may range between 6000 and 20000 Egyptian pounds, while the movable orthodontics is one of the least expensive orthodontics used, where its prices range between 2000 and 5000 Egyptian pounds.

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