Consult an orthodontist and find out when the amazing results of orthodontic treatment will appear! - المركز الطبي لرعاية الأسنان

Consult an orthodontist and find out when the amazing results of orthodontic treatment will appear!

Orthodontist, the process of installing dental braces offers numerous advantages and benefits that reflect on the oral health and psychological state of patients, in addition to its cosmetic role. We will learn in detail about the prices, results, and advantages of installing dental braces and the cases that require them.




One of the most common questions on search engines and specialized pages is the search for an orthodontist, as the process of dental braces is the most used technique in treating all dental and jaw defects; due to its good results and the high quality of raw materials and medical tools used in its procedures. Dentists always recommend dental braces installation as a cosmetic procedure that adds shine and brightness to the teeth in addition to reshaping them in a neat and distinctive sequence. Most patients prefer installing braces over other techniques used in treating tooth decay and damage.

Egypt is distinguished by the graduation of huge numbers of doctors each year from various public and private universities, and these doctors are prepared at the highest level of professionalism and trained on the latest medical devices used in various fields of dentistry. We notice the spread of many clinics and centers specialized in cosmetic dental procedures and braces installation, so it is easy to find a specialist orthodontist in all cities of the republic with various techniques and at varying prices that suit all segments of society and with satisfactory quality. Installing braces in The Dental Center is done with great care and using high-quality materials, ensuring the continuity of results and the durability of treatment.

When do the results of braces begin to appear?

There is no specific answer or set time for when the results of braces begin to appear, due to the presence of many factors that affect the duration of treatment and speed up or slow down the healing process. The most important of these factors, or the main controlling factor, is the age or life stage of the patient. Therefore, we notice faster healing and better results in a shorter time, up to three months at the latest, in the case of installing braces for young children. On the contrary, cases of installing dental braces in older adults may take longer than that until any positive signs of improvement in the condition and the beginning of correcting the misalignment or protrusion of the teeth appear.

The process of installing dental braces takes place in two stages, each with its steps, desired results, and specified duration. The first stage involves the initial alignment of the teeth to each other after installing the braces, and positive results may begin to appear within 3 months. Then, the second stage begins, where the teeth align more clearly and orderly, and this period lasts between 12 and 18 months.

How much does dental braces cost in Egypt in 2023?

The cost of installing dental braces depends on the experience of the treating doctor and the role of the assisting nursing team, the location of the affected area, the number of teeth needing treatment whether in one jaw or both, the level of cleanliness and management at the place, and the city where the clinic or medical center is located and the living and social standards of its inhabitants.

There are different types of dental braces and many raw materials used in making the braces. With the variation in the prices of these raw materials and medical tools used during the treatment with braces technology due to the difference in the price of the Egyptian pound against the dollar, the prices of the braces installation service will vary. Therefore, we notice that the cost of metal braces ranges between 4000 and 10000 Egyptian pounds, whereas the cost of clear braces is somewhat higher due to the nature of the raw material it is made from, and the cost does not exceed 20000 Egyptian pounds but can start from an average of 6000 Egyptian pounds. Removable braces are the simplest and least expensive type of dental braces, with prices ranging between 2000 and 5000 Egyptian pounds.

Best dental braces clinics in Egypt

The Dental Center in Nasr City in Cairo Governorate is one of the best medical centers specialized in dental braces, where it includes a group of orthodontic doctors in large government and private international hospitals who have obtained advanced degrees in this specialty and are assisted by a specialized nursing team in dental braces operations in addition to the doctors’ use of the latest devices and medical tools recently spread in the field of braces, ensuring good results with high quality, in a short time, and at prices suitable for all social classes.

Types of dental braces

Types of dental braces

Types of dental braces

As we discussed, researchers and specialists in dental braces provide many choices for doctors and patients to choose from the many types and different raw materials manufactured for braces that suit the overall health condition of the teeth, jaw, and mouth. Let us mention the different types of braces and the medical conditions that each type suits in the following lines:

  • Traditional braces: These are metal braces that have been used for many years, known for their high effectiveness and providing desired results in a short time. They are the most famous and widely used type of dental braces and are the least expensive.
  • Ceramic braces: These braces have tooth-colored ceramic brackets, making them less noticeable and avoiding embarrassment for patients. However, the connecting wires are made of metal, so they require regular cleaning. Their cost is high, but they provide quick results in moving teeth back to their correct position.
  • Lingual braces: Also known as inside braces because they are placed on the inside of the teeth, making them invisible from the outside. Their drawbacks include difficulty in cleaning and their relatively high cost compared to other types of braces. They also require a longer time to show improvement in misaligned or protruding teeth.
  • Clear braces: Transparent braces that are placed on the teeth to press and move them towards their correct position. The concept is based on wearing braces that cover the teeth to increase the angles of movement, hence 18 or 30 different clear molds for various tooth sizes and distances between them with changing angle measurements are made, and they are replaced every two weeks. Their prices are high due to the cost of the raw material they are made from, and they do not provide the desired results for the patient and doctor until after a very long period. You can read more about clear braces, their price, and the best center for their installation through this article.

Who is the ideal candidate for dental braces?

The process of installing dental braces helps solve many dental problems in addition to its cosmetic role. Therefore, we will clarify the cases in which dentists prefer to install dental braces for them in the following:

  • Children’s dental problems due to their age stage characterized by continuous growth of all cells in the human body, which facilitates the braces in restructuring and organizing them to become more organized and tidy. However, this does not mean that teeth cannot be corrected for misalignment and protrusion at any age stage as braces can also help solve all dental problems but may take a longer period.
  • Children who suffer from problems when biting food and the inability to close their jaws together or crowded teeth due to narrow jaws, where doctors can use special devices used during the installation of dental braces for children to speed up the healing process.
  • Problems of moving teeth out of place or the possibility of tooth loss in the elderly.
  • Crowded teeth in the gum.
  • Huge gaps between teeth.
Advantages of dental braces

Advantages of dental braces

Advantages of dental braces

There are numerous benefits or advantages that patients gain from installing dental braces to repair or beautify their teeth to maintain their oral health. Let us mention them in detail in the following:

  • Correcting misaligned teeth and changing the position of teeth from incorrect to correct.
  • Obtaining a bright and attractive smile with healthy and organized teeth.
  • The possibility of closing the jaws on each other.
  • Treating protruding teeth, especially the upper jaw teeth.
  • Adjusting the spaces between teeth and widening the jaws, so let us take care of your smile with the installation of braces in The Dental Center, where we guarantee you wonderful results that enhance your self-confidence and bring back the beautiful smile you deserve.

Disadvantages of dental braces

Dental braces offer numerous benefits to patients of all ages and medical conditions. However, despite this, there are some disadvantages that affect the patient, but it is possible to control and overcome them. So, let us learn about these disadvantages to have the opportunity to eliminate them in the following lines:

  • The high prices of some types of braces.
  • There are some advanced or somewhat severe cases that braces cannot treat with the required efficiency.
  • Some dentists see that it is not suitable for all teeth and that it fits only teenagers and adults.
  • Some cases lose the plastic molds for the braces easily.

What are the capabilities of a dental braces center?

The Dental Center is distinguished by providing X-rays to examine the teeth during the inspection to identify the problem and the necessary protocol for treatment, cephalometric X-rays, and digital imaging unit to follow all the steps of braces installation. In addition to providing all the types of dental braces mentioned in the article and other recent types in the dental market such as Damon braces and jaw adjustment braces, the center offers all medical braces services for a certain number of teeth in one jaw or all teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

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