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Details of retainer prices after orthodontics and the appropriate age for its installation!

Retainer Prices After Orthodontics, Retainers are important devices that many doctors and specialists resort to in order to achieve good results after removing braces. The prices of retainers vary from one place to another due to several factors that must be taken into account. For all the details about the retainer after orthodontics and their prices, follow our article, and we will answer all your questions.

Retainer Prices After Orthodontics Retainer Prices After Orthodontics

Retainer Prices After Orthodontics

The prices of retainers after orthodontics are determined by a number of important factors that always vary with changing economic conditions or the general health status of the case. To be more precise in presenting these factors, let us mention them in the following points:

  • The prices of raw materials that go into manufacturing all parts of the retainer, which vary in brand and therefore differ in their value against the dollar.
  • The cost of technologies that the treating doctor may use, which are varied to suit different patients and their needs, therefore their steps and procedures vary, affecting the price due for them, hence the difference in cost from one patient to another is quite clear.
  • The number of years of experience of the treating doctor in installing braces and retainers.
  • The number of damaged teeth that need treatment and the specific location of the damage in the mouth cavity.
  • The reputation of the center or clinic where the treatment will be done.

The Appropriate Age for Installing Orthodontic Braces

Installing orthodontic braces greatly depends on the durability and stiffness of the bone tissue surrounding the teeth and its ability to withstand the pressure in the mouth, which mainly occurs when eating or rubbing during talking. As soon as this condition is met, it is possible to install braces, which can range from the age of 7 or 8 years to 14 years. Get a bright and attractive smile by installing orthodontic braces at our Dental Center, and you can find out the details about the most famous orthodontic consultant through this article.

What is a dental retainer after orthodontics?

A dental retainer is a medical device that is custom-made for each patient in the dental lab by skilled technicians to fit the measurements, shape, and size of the braces. This device consists of wires and bands that are fixed on the surface of the affected teeth to securely hold them in place and preserve them without giving them any chance to return to their incorrect position before installing the braces. This retainer is manufactured from various raw materials that vary between metals and cosmetic ceramic materials that possess sufficient hardness in addition to their suitability for the general appearance of the teeth as they have cosmetic properties represented in their color similarity to the color of the teeth and similarity in nature and size as it is easy to shape them to be the same shape as the teeth.

What is a dental retainer after orthodontics?

What is a dental retainer after orthodontics?

Why should you wear a retainer after orthodontic braces

Removing the braces after achieving the desired results is not the last procedure or final step in the phase of installing braces and treating dental problems. It is necessary to install a retainer to maintain the results obtained by the patient during the treatment period with braces without giving the teeth the chance to return to the wrong place due to the bone tissue and surrounding tissues not getting used to the new place. Here, the role of the retainer is to try to maintain the distance between the teeth and maintain space for the wisdom tooth in adolescent patients.

The appearance of a dental retainer after orthodontics

The dental retainer is one of the most important techniques resorted to after removing braces to maintain stability, safety, and vitality of the mouth. The retainer has a distinctive shape; it is a mold of transparent color and thin thickness that fits all teeth of the jaws. This retainer is easy to remove and reinstall after meals and brushing teeth or when practicing violent sports because it is easy to break and damage when colliding with anything solid.The appearance of a dental retainer after orthodontics

The appearance of a dental retainer after orthodontics

Types of dental retainers after orthodontics

The dental retainer is one of the most important fixtures used in continuing treatment of various dental problems after removing braces from their surface and initially obtaining good results. The retainer is made by a paste that is easy to put on the teeth to take a mold of their measurements. The most prominent dental retainers after orthodontics include the following:

  • Removable retainer: It is a retainer that is installed on the teeth and is easy to remove and reinstall. It is made of flexible ceramic materials capable of making the wire and bands of the retainer flexible and easy to install and remove.
  • Fixed retainer: It is a fixture that is fixed in the designated place for the affected teeth. This retainer consists of a thin wire that is fixed on the front teeth by adhesive materials to keep it in the mouth for as long as possible, and it requires care and attention so as not to damage and cause complications for the mouth.

Reasons for installing orthodontic braces for scattered teeth and more information related to it through this article.

Which is better, removable or fixed orthodontic retainer?

Both removable and fixed orthodontic retainers are used and give largely the same results because they have the same goal when installed. However, the difference between them lies in the ability to install the fixed retainer without removing it, unlike the removable one that can be easily removed and reinstalled. This difference is the reason why many prefer the fixed retainer for many patients, especially teenagers, because it is fixed on the surface of the teeth for more continuous hours, which positively affects the teeth.

Which is better, removable or fixed orthodontic retainer?

Which is better, removable or fixed orthodontic retainer?

Advantages of Orthodontic Retainers

Orthodontic retainers are complementary fixtures to the process of treating various dental problems, especially loss, gaps, and skeletal deformities, due to the following advantages:

  • It does not negatively affect the health of the teeth and gums in general.
  • It is easy to clean, especially the removable type that can be easily removed for cleaning with medical rinse, brush, and toothpaste, or the fixed type that is effective in cleaning using a toothpick and dental floss.
  • It does not require regular follow-up with the treating doctor.
  • It does not affect the overall appearance of the teeth because it is transparent and takes on the natural color of the teeth.
  • It preserves the teeth for as long as possible without causing any damage.

Disadvantages of Dental Retainers

Dental retainers have many advantages and bring many benefits and positive effects to oral and dental health. However, despite this, some disadvantages have emerged, which are represented in the following points:

  • It requires fixing in the mouth for several hours to give effective results in the case of the removable retainer.
  • It does not treat all medical cases as it is incapable of eliminating problems of advanced complicated cases.
  • Its high cost makes it unsuitable for all social classes.
  • It requires special care and attention, making the patient feel discomfort.

Steps for Installing Dental Braces

Installing dental braces is one of the therapeutic and cosmetic techniques that require precision and efficiency in execution. It is one of the methods that need some time and significant attention to the safety and health of the teeth and mouth in general until the expected results from them are started to be obtained and the patient’s condition is improved sufficiently so that the teeth can perform their functional tasks perfectly. The steps for installing braces can be as follows:

  • Cleaning the teeth with acidic chemical substances.
  • Placing the retainer on the back part of the braces.
  • Fixing the supports on the front surface of the teeth.
  • Finally drying the fixing material.
  • Connecting the supports with each other using wires and binding these wires with leather ties.

At our Dental Center, we offer a variety of options for installing dental braces in different colors and designs to suit your personal taste.

Duration of Wearing a Dental Retainer After Orthodontics

The dental retainer used after removing braces is one of the long-life fixtures that should remain fixed on the teeth for a long time and not be removed before a month, which can extend to 6 months also in severe cases. The variation in duration is due to the extent of damage to the teeth and mouth, the medical history of the patient

, and the appropriate treatment method for him.

Tips After Placing a Dental Retainer

The dental retainer is one of the fixtures that need attention and care so that it can be retained for as long as possible in the mouth to give the teeth the necessary strength and stability for their safety and vitality. The following tips should be adhered to after placing the retainer can be clarified in the following points:

  • Avoid hard and solid foods that may press on the retainer and cause it to damage.
  • Prevent eating sticky foods that may stick to the retainer and move it from its place.
  • Reduce sugars, starches, and acids that may cause tooth decay and retainer wear.
  • Avoid stimulants and carbonated drinks that may cause damage to the teeth and change the color of the retainer.

You can read more information related to installing Invisalign orthodontic braces through this article.

How to Clean a Dental Retainer

A dental retainer, like any artificial fixture that helps eliminate various and well-known dental problems, requires care and attention so that it can continue in the mouth and perform its functional tasks and keep the teeth in their correct place capable of facing changes. The method of cleaning the retainer in case any undesirable signs appear on its surface is as follows:

  • Placing liquid soap in warm water and using it on the retainer.
  • Scrubbing the retainer well with a soft brush to get rid of bacteria on its surface.
  • Leaving the soap for a few minutes on the retainer, not exceeding 3 minutes.
  • Re-cleaning the retainer again with the brush to get rid of all deposits and pigments on its surface.
  • Rinsing the retainer with warm water.

Signs of the Need to Clean a Dental Retainer

For the dental retainer to give its defined goal with high quality and efficiency, it needs significant attention and care. Do not neglect or get tired of following the medical instructions designated for it, so it is necessary to immediately go to the treating doctor and consult him in cases of the appearance of one of the following signs:

  • Accumulation of food and bacteria growth on its surface.
  • Appearance of plaque layers on the front surface of its structure.
  • Appearance of bad smells in the mouth.
  • Bad and bitter taste in the mouth.
  • Change in the color of the transparent retainer.
  • Appearance of tartar deposits on the teeth and tooth decay.
  • Bacteria or fungi growth on the surface of the retainer, exposing it to damage and fall, in which case it is necessary to clean it or consult the doctor.

Retainer Prices After Orthodontics in Egypt

The dental retainer after orthodontics is one of the best fixtures that helped overcome many problems and prevent many complications for the mouth. Due to the keenness of many doctors to install the retainer after orthodontics for its great importance in preserving the teeth, its price varied based on the treating doctor’s vision and the brands used for each patient according to his request and choice, leading to its cost starting from 3000 Egyptian pounds in various specialized places.

Details of the prices of braces for the upper jaw teeth through this article.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the best centers that treat various dental problems using advanced therapeutic and cosmetic techniques with the help of modern medical devices and sterilization methods followed by specialized institutions. The center guarantees all patients to achieve the results they hope for at the hands of the most skilled doctors and consultants who believe in the importance of obtaining the perfect smile and strive to apply it to all patients at affordable prices. So, hurry up to join our family and join our distinguished patients’ list to get quality and excellence.

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