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Learn about Cosmetic Dentistry and When You Need Dental Braces?

Cosmetic Dental Braces, there are many people who suffer from an irregular shape of their teeth and feel embarrassed by this appearance and seek to undergo any cosmetic procedures that work to improve the situation. One of the most important of these procedures that gives excellent results is the installation of cosmetic braces. What they are, their benefits, and their harms, all this and more we will learn about in detail in the following article.

Cosmetic Dental Braces

Cosmetic Dental Braces

Cosmetic Dental Braces

Equal and evenly aligned teeth give a person a great smile and a healthy-looking appearance, but if they suffer from a problem with their teeth or an inability to bite their jaws or crowded teeth, this of course causes a distortion in the shape of the teeth and gum disease and cavities, in addition to an adverse effect on the function of the teeth. Therefore, installing cosmetic braces is the optimal solution in this case to improve the appearance of the teeth, which is what we will learn about clearly in the following paragraphs.

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What are Dental Braces?

Dental braces are one of the best options that give effective and excellent results in improving the shape and functional performance of the teeth, by moving them from their place and adjusting their position, as it distributes the force of pressure resulting from the biting of the teeth against each other, which helps improve the overall health of the teeth.

This is done by installing brackets around the teeth, which help to realign them into their natural shape, organize them, and move them from their incorrect position, leading to a change in the jawbones in the long run, allowing the shape of the jaws to return to their natural form once again.

Ways to prevent gum inflammation with braces

What are Dental Braces?

When Do You Need Braces for Your Teeth?

Certainly, there are many reasons that make a patient need to install braces, including the following:

  • The presence of crowding in the teeth, which has an impact on the function and appearance of the teeth
  • The patient’s need to correct defects in the alignment or biting of the teeth
  • One of the teeth protrudes from its normal alignment, whether in the upper or lower jaw
  • One of the teeth is too large or too small in size compared to the neighboring teeth
  • The presence of spaces or what is known as gaps between the teeth due to some genetic diseases
  • Suffering from defects in the upper and lower jaws, such as a difference in the size of each, where the size of the lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw, or vice versa.

Types of Dental Braces

There are actually more than one type of dental braces, where the doctor determines what suits each case after an accurate diagnosis of the situation. Among these types are the following:

  • Metal braces
  • Self-ligating metal dental braces
  • Inside braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Clear braces
  • Removable braces
  • Laser braces

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Gum problems with braces

Types of Dental Braces

Steps for Installing Braces

Installing dental braces goes through more than one stage, where the doctor initially requests X-rays of the teeth or creates molds that reflect the dimensions of the teeth or creates digital models by optical scanning. Regardless of the means, they all aim to give an idea of the condition of the teeth and the readiness of the bones and roots for installing the braces. Based on the results that appear, the doctor will determine the type that suits the patient’s condition from the following two types:

  • Fixed Braces: This is the most commonly used type, which adheres to the teeth until the end of the treatment period
  • Removable Clear Braces: The doctor tends to choose this type if the problem the patient is suffering from is simple and easy.

Then the doctor completes the stages of installing the fixed braces through the following steps:

  • The dentist cleans the teeth using an acidic solution
  • The bonding material is placed on the back surface of the braces
  • The doctor attaches the brackets to the teeth in order
  • The bonding material is dried
  • Finally, the doctor connects the brackets to each other using a thin wire that adheres to them through elastic ties

Benefits of Dental Braces

Dental braces have many benefits that distinguish them, and which are not limited to just improving the appearance of the teeth or obtaining a great smile, but also include some other aspects, which is what we will learn about in detail in the following points:

  • Dental braces help a person regain their self-confidence again and be able to laugh comfortably and more beautifully
  • Enhancing the overall aesthetic appearance of the face
  • Contributing to restoring the function of the teeth again and the ability to chew food properly
  • Correcting speech and producing sounds from their correct places of articulation
  • Treating protruding jaws
  • Improving the problem of stuttering in children
  • It helps reduce the pain of crowded teeth
  • It helps in treating impacted teeth in the jaw that are not erupted
Types of Dental Braces Tools

Benefits of Dental Braces

Disadvantages of Dental Braces

Although installing dental braces is one of the very useful, easy and safe procedures, it does have some drawbacks and harms that result from it, but they are not serious and include the following:

  • The patient may feel discomfort, especially in the first months of installing the braces, due to the pressure caused by the brackets on the surface of the teeth.
  • There may be occasional injury to the inner tissues of the mouth, resulting from the impact of the brackets and metal wires on the lips and gums.
  • The pressure caused by the brackets on the teeth may lead to their erosion in some cases.
  • In some exceptional cases, there may be a breakdown of the roots of the teeth when the jawbones are strong, as they resist the movement of the tooth roots resulting from the pressure of the braces, which can cause them to erode.
  • Food may stick to the surface of the brackets, creating areas where food accumulates, which can lead to tooth decay. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the mouth and the braces in particular.
  • There are some harms that result from using dental braces equipment incorrectly, causing damage and injuries to the tissues near the gums. Therefore, it is best to choose a clinic and doctor with experience, competence and trust.
  • The gums may develop diseases due to poor oral and dental hygiene, which may cause swelling of the gums and bleeding during brushing and using toothpaste.

If you want to learn about other ways that help beautify teeth without braces, read the following article Dental Beautification Without Braces.

Dental Braces Results Before and After

The results of dental braces appear well after their removal, as they help improve the overall shape of the jaws and teeth, in addition to improving chewing strength and producing sounds from their correct places of articulation. They work by moving the teeth from their incorrect position and improving the functional performance of the teeth.

Does the Cost of Cosmetic Dental Braces Differ from Therapeutic Braces?

There is no doubt that therapeutic braces are more expensive than cosmetic braces, and installing braces does not end in one session but may continue for up to two years, depending on the patient’s condition. This means that the patient does not pay the full amount at once but rather over the course of two years, and insurance companies generally do not cover cosmetic procedures.

Tips for Installing Laser Dental Braces

Does the Cost of Cosmetic Dental Braces Differ from Therapeutic Braces?

How to Care for Dental Braces

There are some instructions that must be followed in order to maintain the health of the dental braces, mouth, and teeth in general, including the following points:

  • Be sure to clean your teeth daily using a toothbrush and toothpaste, in addition to using dental floss.
  • It is best not to clean your teeth vigorously, but gently without pressing or pulling hard.
  • It is necessary to clean and disinfect the dental braces regularly, especially when leaving the house.
  • Rinse your mouth with a salt water solution every day to get rid of dirt that sticks to the braces.
  • Avoid touching your teeth with your hand to prevent breaking the braces.
  • Brush your teeth with a fluoride solution
  • It is important for the patient to eat soft and easy-to-chew foods and chew slowly
  • Avoid eating hot, hard, crunchy foods and nuts to prevent breaking the braces
  • It is possible to eat cold foods that help maintain the braces, such as ice cream and chilled yogurt.
  • Consume moderate amounts of sugary foods and avoid chewing gum as it can stick to the braces

What is the Shortest Duration for Dental Braces?

One of the most important factors that affect determining the duration of dental braces is the extent of the problem the teeth are suffering from, where the average duration of treatment ranges from 12 to 18 months, but some cases vary from 6 months to 30 months depending on the problem. If you would like to learn about the cost of braces and the duration you need, please contact a group of the most skilled doctors at The Dental Center through this link.

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