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Learn more about dental implants without surgery and what are their most important benefits?

Dental Implants without Surgery, having complete information about any modern medical procedures such as dental implants without surgery makes you take the step to get them faster, so in the following article we present you with a lot of important information you want to know about dental implants without surgery and its most important advantages.

Dental Implants without Surgery

Dental Implants without Surgery

Dental Implants without Surgery

Having teeth in the jaw and maintaining them is not considered a secondary matter but rather it is of great importance and effectively affects the person’s psychological state because changing the shape of the teeth or losing some of them makes the patient’s smile incomplete, in addition to the fact that dental problems lead to gum and jaw bone damage and therefore the person does not have the ability to feel comfortable.

There is currently a great development in treatments related to dental surgery and recovery from diseases that affect them, and one of the new options in the field of dental implants is implantation without surgery, which relies heavily on lasers that provide more accuracy for the patient to undergo a successful operation without causing deep surgical intervention in the gums.

Dental implants are an excellent choice for someone looking for a better condition for their teeth that leads to comfort when performing the normal functions of dental implants, and indeed many doctors recommend it due to the great development that has happened to it and now dental implants without surgery are available and have proven to be highly effective.

What are Dental Implants without Surgery?

Dental implants without surgery, also known as computer-guided implants, are one of the newest methods of dental implantation that rely on modern tools that work to reduce surgical intervention to perform dental implantation, meaning that the patient is not exposed to the pain that results from the incision made in the gums in traditional dental implant procedures.

The idea of dental implants without surgery is based on the use of lasers and modern devices equipped with three-dimensional images of the jaws, especially the area in which the implantation will take place. After obtaining the images that show the patient’s condition, they are entered into a simulation program that works to prepare the necessary tools, which is similar to performing the entire operation before it is actually applied, giving the dentist a better opportunity to reduce the risks of this medical procedure.

Performing dental implants without surgery is considered one of the basic steps that the patient needs to achieve the desired recovery and through which potential risks are minimized. Therefore, dental implants without surgery must be performed by a specialist and experienced doctor in such procedures so that you can be more reassured about your condition, which is what we offer you at The  Dental Center .

Types of Implants Used

Dental implants are the first part of dental implant tools that are fixed in the gums and jawbone so that the rest of the parts can be installed on them, meaning that they are the foundation on which the rest of the dental implant procedures are built. There are many types of implants that are good enough and have a high degree of stability and durability, and you should choose the appropriate center to start the dental implant procedure.

Here are some of the types of implants used in dental implants:

  • Straumann Implants: This type of implant is Swiss-made and is known for its strength, durability and high quality. It also does not need to be serviced or tightened from time to time because it is very stable.
  • Dentsply Sirona Implants: The country that manufactures this type is Germany and it is considered one of the most famous and best types of implants. It is known that German implants are characterized by high success rates and achieve amazing results for patients.
  • Zimmer Biomet Implants: This type can be used so that the patient gets a strong dental implant and does not cause any tooth sensitivity, and thus he has the ability to use it easily without worry.

Choosing the right type of implant is one of the steps that your dentist at The Dental Center helps you with in order to choose the best and most suitable for your condition, which achieves better results afterwards.

Suitable Cases for Dental Implants without Surgery

The development that is taking place in the field of dental treatment and beautification recently is one of the advantages that has contributed to improving dental implant procedures and new methods have emerged for it, including dental implants without surgery, which gives the patient the ability to obtain new and ideal teeth without the need for deep surgical procedures that require the patient’s health to be in the best condition and not suffer from immune or chronic diseases.

Therefore, there is a greater variety of people who are eligible or suitable for dental implants, and they are as follows:

  1. A person who has a good condition for the gums and jaw.
  2. If they have a certain disease such as diabetes.
  3. A person who has lost part of their teeth due to an accident or illness.
  4. A person who suffers from a blood clotting disorder.
  5. Young people who have been exposed to some accidents that have led to tooth loss.

Dental implants without surgery offer better opportunities for a large number of patients to have dental implants done for them easily and without the need for severe surgical intervention or causing bad complications for the gums and teeth afterwards. Therefore, you must trust the dental implants without surgery offered to you by the Center.

Suitable Cases for Dental Implants without Surgery

Suitable Cases for Dental Implants without Surgery

Benefits of Dental Implants without Surgery

Dental implants without surgery have now become one of the most famous dental treatment and beautification procedures, whether for the elderly or adolescents, because they do not require major preparations before they are performed, but rather represent limited surgical intervention and lasers are used in them, which makes them a good opportunity for many patients wishing to restore their missing teeth and return to a good dental condition.

To make you more comfortable and reassured, here are some of the benefits or advantages of dental implants without surgery:

  1. Providing a safer option for patients who feel anxious about undergoing surgery.
  2. It allows the doctor to identify all the steps of the operation before it is performed through its simulation system.
  3. It does not require making an incision or wound in the gums to place the implants.
  4. It does not require suturing or modifying the tissues to cover the implants.
  5. Its effect is quick and the patient feels comfortable after a short time.
  6. It requires a shorter time to complete the implantation steps.
  7. The complications resulting from it are very few.

This is part of the benefits of dental implants without surgery, and now you should contact us at The Dental Center  to get this modern technology and restore the full functions of your teeth.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants without Surgery

Although there are many advantages that you get when having dental implants without surgery and that the patient begins to feel better quickly after having had dental implants without surgery, there are some disadvantages of dental implants without surgery that some medical conditions face, and these disadvantages are as follows:

  • There may be a negative impact for people who have problems with the bone structure in the teeth and its size, and this requires some additional procedures before undergoing dental implants.
  • If the person suffers from a change in the position of the nasal sinuses and their sagging downwards, this problem must be treated before the dentist performs the dental implant procedure without surgery.
  • If there is an infection in the mouth or gums, it is important that the patient undergo appropriate treatment before having dental implants without surgery.

These disadvantages are not in dental implants without surgery itself, but rather in the condition of the patients who undergo surgery. In order to properly assess your condition and find out whether dental implants without surgery suit you or not, you must obtain a comprehensive diagnosis of your teeth by a specialist.

Before Dental Implants without Surgery

Properly preparing the patient before performing dental implants without surgery is one of the steps that the doctor does not overlook, so before dental implants, they perform some arrangements, preparations, and dental examinations to know the actual condition, and we can take a look together at the steps before dental implants without surgery as follows:

  1. Examining the patient’s teeth and bone density and studying their physical and bodily structure.
  2. The doctor begins by requesting some types of tests to identify the types of problems they have.
  3. The doctor must obtain a three-dimensional imaging of the jaws because they need it to perform the operation.
  4. After thoroughly examining all of the above, the doctor begins to determine whether this medical procedure is possible for the patient or not.

Get ready to smile confidently with dental implants without surgery that we offer at The Dental Center.

How to Perform Dental Implants without Surgery

You can regain the normal function of your teeth in a short time with dental implants without surgery, which provides good opportunities to reach full recovery from dental problems without being exposed to the potential risks of traditional dental implants. There is some difference between traditional and non-surgical dental implantation.

Through the following steps, we will learn how to perform dental implants without surgery in detail:

  • The doctor begins by taking a CT scan or three-dimensional image of the jaw where the implants will be placed so that the computer can start working and identify the parts where the implants should be placed.
  • The location of the nerves and blood vessels is well identified before starting the surgery so that the error rate is very low.
  • The following steps are similar to traditional surgery in making small holes in the gums to place and fix the implants properly in the jaw bones, and this is done using laser beams.
  • At this step, one of the types of local anesthesia specific to teeth is used to reduce the impact of pain on the patient.
  • This surgery takes about 20 minutes and the patient can return to their normal activity.
  • After that, the crown or the final part of the dental implant is installed, and this completes the procedures for dental implants without surgery.

We offer you the best medical solutions for dental treatment at competitive prices and great results at The Dental Center .

How to Perform Dental Implants without Surgery

How to Perform Dental Implants without Surgery

After Dental Implants without Surgery

Getting good teeth and treating them for any extraction or loss has now become possible through dental implants without surgery, and it is a medical procedure like the rest of the procedures that requires some important steps that the patient must take, which are as follows:

  • Some swelling of the gums and teeth may occur, so using ice packs is good.
  • The patient may experience minor bleeding at the implant site, so they should pay attention to this.
  • Appropriate painkillers that help reduce pain after implantation can be used.
  • The patient should eat soft foods in the period after the operation and on the opposite side of the implanted teeth.
  • It is important to be aware of the impact of smoking on teeth, so it is important to quit.
  • Pay attention to cleaning the teeth properly using a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Maintain regular visits that you need to make to the dentist.

What Factors Hinder Dental Implants without Surgery

Although dental implants without surgery have many advantages, the first of which is that they are suitable for a large number of patients, there are some factors that prevent some patients from getting dental implants, and they are as follows:

  • If the patient has an infection in the mouth or gums.
  • The thickness of the soft tissues, which hinders the performance of the operation.
  • Its cost is considered high for some patients compared to the traditional type of dental implants.
  • If the patient has a limited mouth opening, this type of surgery is not performed for them.

You should undergo a complete examination and diagnosis of the condition of the jaw, gums, and jaw bone before taking the step of dental implants without surgery because it requires the patient to have a certain dental condition.

Success Rate of Non-Surgical Dental Implant Procedures

The success rate of dental implantation without surgery is high, ranging between 95% to 100%. Therefore, it is one of the best options for people suffering from chronic or immune diseases, as it involves limited surgical intervention that does not cause many complications after the procedure and thus, it is currently one of the best treatment options for tooth extraction.

Risks of Non-Surgical Dental Implants

After undergoing a non-surgical dental implant procedure, some complications or risks might occur, but they are very rare and limited, such as:

  • Infection in the implants, leading to their failure.
  • Damage to nerves or blood vessels.
  • Experiencing pain that lasts for several days.
  • Disturbance in the sinus area post-procedure.

Undergoing a non-surgical dental implant procedure at our dental center provides you with the best technology and equipment, reducing the risk of these complications and improving the success rate of the procedure.

Risks of Non-Surgical Dental Implants

Risks of Non-Surgical Dental Implants

Can Diabetic Patients Have Non-Surgical Dental Implants?

Yes, diabetic patients can undergo non-surgical dental implant procedures, but under certain conditions, such as:

  1. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels with medication.
  2. Undergoing necessary diabetes-related tests with good results.
  3. Not having any surgical procedures two months prior to the implant surgery.

Cost of Non-Surgical Dental Implants

The cost of non-surgical dental implants at our dental implant center ranges from 7000 to 15000 Egyptian pounds per tooth. While it may be slightly higher than the traditional implantation cost, the excellent outcomes justify the expense, ensuring trust in the procedure and the expertise provided by the center’s doctors.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

For those who are not eligible for traditional dental implant surgery, alternatives exist. Here are some options for those unable to undergo standard implant procedures, such as individuals with diabetes or immune-related bone healing issues:

  1. Dental bridges: Ideal for patients missing one or more adjacent teeth, bridges use adjacent healthy teeth for support.
  2. Dental crowns: Crowns, or caps, restore the natural shape of teeth, suitable for patients missing only a few teeth.
  3. Dentures: Suitable for those needing to replace a larger number of teeth, dentures are removable prosthetics.
  4. Alternative devices: There are devices available to address dental gaps, maintaining space within the mouth.

Is Dental Implant Painful?

Generally, dental implants cause no pain or minimal discomfort post-procedure. Any pain experienced after the anesthesia wears off is typically minor and temporary, similar to tooth extraction pain, and decreases gradually as the area heals. Your dentist can prescribe appropriate pain management medication.

There are several preparatory steps before dental implant surgery, and your dentist should provide detailed information about what to expect before and after the procedure to ensure comprehensive care throughout the process.

Is Dental Implant Painful?

Is Dental Implant Painful?

Duration of Dental Implant Procedure

Although patients can regain full dental function after the implant procedure, the duration of dental implantation can seem long, requiring two to six months. This timeline varies depending on individual healing rates and includes the waiting period for gum healing.

We offer innovative care plans for dental health and immediate dental implantation. Book your consultation now with our specialists at the dental care center.

Best Medical Centers for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry

Recovering from dental diseases and severe discomfort caused by decay or tooth extraction can lead to numerous complications if the lost teeth are not replaced. Therefore, you should not neglect dental problems as they affect mental health and can also lead to gum and jawbone diseases.

To alleviate any confusion or discomfort regarding your dental health, we introduce you to the best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry, our dental center, which is one of the most famous in this field. It offers a wide range of medical and therapeutic procedures that improve the appearance of your teeth and help restore their full function naturally, thanks to a team of highly skilled doctors dedicated to achieving complete health and recovery for your teeth.

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