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What are the problems with fixed dental prosthetics? And what is their cost?

Problems of permanent dental restorations, It is known that teeth need constant care and attention even after some medical procedures or installations that help get rid of some problems that some people suffer from inside the teeth, and despite that, teeth care is necessary after these procedures so that no damages or negative side effects occur. We will learn through this article about the problems of permanent dental restorations, what is the difference between them and other restorations, and also how much is their price and cost.

Problems of permanent dental restorations

Problems of permanent dental restorations

Problems of permanent dental restorations

Permanent dental restorations are a type of treatments for missing or damaged teeth. Permanent dental restorations cause some damages or problems after installation, including:

  • Feeling severe pain in the jaw, especially if these restorations are higher than the level of natural teeth or when the permanent tooth is exposed to fracture or displacement from its place.
  • Damage or erosion may occur in the place of the affected and extracted tooth.
  • Feeling discomfort and anxiety when eating food and difficulty chewing and also when talking to others.
  • When installed, the nerve is completely removed from the roots of the missing teeth.
  • It leads to inflammation or negative symptoms in the gums.
  • Feeling severe sensitivity, especially when drinking cold or hot drinks, as this type does not withstand changes in oral temperature.
  • Over time, the color of permanent restorations differs from the natural color of the teeth and a clear fade occurs in the teeth.
  • Sometimes bleeding or infection occurs after the installation, which is based on planting a nail inside the jaw bone, and this requires a long time to fully recover.

What is the difference between permanent and removable restorations?

There are two types of restorations, permanent and removable restorations, and of course there are several differences between them, so we will learn about these differences as follows:

Permanent restorations: This type of restoration is difficult to remove easily, and therefore the doctor will be relied upon for removal and cleaning if there is a problem with it. Permanent restorations provide a number of benefits, including:

  1. Improving and beautifying the external appearance of the teeth, and are characterized by resembling the same natural teeth.
  2. It helps the patient chew food easily and not feel anxious or uncomfortable when speaking.
  3. It preserves the mouth from problems that appear as a result of external influences.

Permanent restorations include two types:

  1. Fixed bridges: These are bridges that are fixed using strong adhesive material. Bridges are placed on the adjacent teeth and the missing teeth and connected between them.
  2. Fixed crowns: This is a cover or veneer that is placed on the affected tooth to protect it from damage and support it so that it lasts for a long period.

Removable restorations: These are easy to install and remove types that do not require a doctor. The patient can remove them himself. This type of restoration is used to compensate for damaged parts of the teeth. It consists of a metal structure that is placed over the artificial gum. It provides a number of benefits, including:

  1. It is installed to treat erosion or decay in the teeth, which leads to their loss or damage to parts of them.
  2. It is one of the restorations that help the elderly get rid of gum diseases. It also provides them with an aesthetic new shape for the teeth.

Removable restorations consist of two types:

  1. Complete removable dentures: They are installed to compensate for completely lost teeth, whether in the upper or lower jaws, or both. It also preserves the health of the jaw bones.
  2. Partial removable dentures: This type is used to restore the shape or part of missing teeth, whether it is one tooth only or more. This type is characterized by withstand temperature degrees.

What are permanent dental restorations

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Permanent teeth are one of the solutions that work to compensate for teeth missing due to decay or erosion, as they are one of the strongest restorations used in dental cosmetics.

Permanent dental restorations are artificial teeth that are strongly fixed to replace missing natural teeth, as they cannot be removed except by a specialized doctor. Permanent restorations can also be used to encapsulate and protect the dental fillings from breaking or falling off after being placed inside the tooth.

Permanent teeth are fixed using a strong adhesive material through which the permanent tooth is glued to the crown inside the tooth so that it is not easily dropped.

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Stages of permanent dental restoration procedure

The permanent tooth restoration procedure does not require several sessions, as it is installed within no more than two hours, but preparation for it takes a long period of months, so we will learn about the stages and steps of performing the permanent tooth restoration procedure:

  1. The first step is to image the shape of the teeth by taking x-rays in order to identify the size and density of the bones inside the jaw and the extent to which it can withstand placing the new teeth.
  2. After that, all the roots of the missing teeth are removed and all inflammations in the gums are treated so that the installation is done without any problems that may lead to a negative result.
  3. Planting the roots of the new teeth so that they are fixed to the jaw bones. This is nails attached to the place of the missing tooth.
  4. After this step, we will wait for a period of up to 12 weeks until the nails are assimilated in the place of the new teeth and also get rid of the feeling of any problem in the gums.
  5. Then a support is placed that links between the roots and the crown that will be installed above the tooth so that it harmonizes and coheres with each other.
  6. The doctor works to determine the measurements of the jaw through a teeth mold and also determines the required color for the patient’s condition, which is the natural color of the teeth.
  7. The tooth veneer is placed in its designated place, which is above the support or nails that have been installed.
  8. Then comes the recovery stage after placing the restorations with the jaw bones so that harmony occurs between them, and the doctor’s instructions must be followed by taking painkillers and antibiotics to get rid of problems that may appear at this stage such as inflammation or sensitivity.
Stages of permanent dental restoration procedure

Stages of permanent dental restoration procedure

How much does permanent tooth restoration cost?

The cost of permanent tooth restoration varies depending on the type of material used in its installation, so we will present the prices of permanent dental restorations:

  • The prices of permanent teeth made of porcelain start from 1500 Egyptian pounds to 3000 Egyptian pounds for one tooth only.
  • While the price of permanent teeth made of zirconia or Emax material ranges between 2500 Egyptian pounds to 4000 Egyptian pounds.
  • If the patient wants to install a bridge consisting of the base or permanent restoration containing 3 units, its cost ranges from 4500 Egyptian pounds to 9000 Egyptian pounds.

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Is tooth restoration painful

No, tooth restoration is not painful and does not cause discomfort or anxiety afterwards. However, pain occurs in most cases where teeth are improperly installed.

When an unsuitable veneer is placed according to the size and measurement of the tooth or when pressure is applied to the gum, this can cause severe pain. The doctor can be resorted to in order to change the restoration and place a new veneer.

However, in the case of placing a crown or veneer on the filled tooth without removing the nerve before filling, which leads to gum sensitivity and inflammation, the damaged nerve must be removed before filling so that no other problems occur in the teeth.

Candidates for permanent dental restoration procedure

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The permanent dental restoration procedure is one of the appropriate solutions to compensate for damaged and missing parts of the teeth. All problems in the teeth such as inflammation or severe decay must be treated before permanent teeth are installed.

Permanent teeth can be installed for all cases, and we will present the most important of these cases:

  1. Cases suffering from fracture or damage to one or more teeth, which is a result of being exposed to a strong blow to the jaw or injury from an accident.
  2. This type of restoration is used especially for the elderly who suffer from complete loss of teeth or parts thereof.
  3. Some cases need permanent dental restorations to maintain the health of their teeth, especially people who practice intense sports continuously and may be exposed to dental injuries.

Requirements for permanent restorations

Permanent restorations are a type of precise restorations that must be done with great care and attention so as not to cause problems or injuries to the teeth. Based on that, the permanent tooth restoration procedure requires a set of conditions that we will clarify through the following points:

  1. Permanent tooth restoration requires a medical analysis before placement, especially for people with chronic diseases.
  2. Permanent teeth require the patient to be in good general health.
  3. The patient should not suffer from gum diseases or severe sensitivity when installing permanent teeth.
Requirements for permanent restorations

Requirements for permanent restorations

Results of tooth restoration procedure

The tooth restoration procedure provides a set of successful results that lead to the acceptance of patients and each result varies from person to person, but there are general results that can be focused on, including:

  1. Improving the external appearance of the teeth, and being aesthetically attractive.
  2. Getting good dental health and treating them from all problems such as decay or inflammation.
  3. Increasing the feeling of self-confidence in the patient when speaking to others and smiling, because of getting healthy teeth.

Caring for permanent dental restorations

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There are some guidelines or steps that will help you take care of the health of permanent teeth after installation. This is so that the result reached through the installation of permanent teeth continues.

Permanent dental restorations can be cared for as follows:

  • Good cleaning using a toothbrush or paste suitable for your condition, especially after eating foods or drinks.
  • Reduce the intake of colored foods or smoking that lead to stains or stains on the teeth.
  • It is necessary to have continuous follow-up with the doctor to ensure the safety and health of the teeth after installation.

Tips to be followed to reduce problems of permanent dental restorations

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A set of tips can get rid of problems resulting from permanent restorations. We will talk about the most important tips through the following paragraphs:

  1. It is preferable to choose dental restorations of the same size and color as the natural teeth, and also to choose them carefully according to the material used in them.
  2. Regular replacement of conventional restorations is necessary so as not to cause problems or damage to natural teeth.
  3. It is necessary to take care of the health of the teeth by using toothpaste and a brush that preserves the shape and color of the natural teeth.
  4. Reduce the intake of solid or sugary foods that lead to cracks or damage and also easily break.
  5. Continuous follow-up with a specialist doctor to detect any inflammation or decay in the teeth.
  6. Use suitable dental restorations so that they last for a long period, and this is one of the most important tips that must be followed by the patient.

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