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Find out the cost of installing fixed dentures in detail and who are the candidates for treatment with them!

Cost of installing a fixed denture, Installing a fixed denture is one of the best types of treatment currently used in the field of dentistry, as this method of installing this prosthesis is safer and more effective compared to other techniques, which is what we will learn about in this article.

Cost of installing a fixed denture

Cost of installing a fixed denture

Cost of installing a fixed denture

Installing a fixed denture consists of artificial teeth that are fixed in place of damaged teeth in the mouth, and the method of installing the prosthesis is able to make the teeth aesthetic in appearance and good in strength and solidity while at the same time sound and healthy like the rest of the teeth in the mouth able to perform their various functional tasks, and you can learn how to restore your healthy teeth with Invisalign installation, one of the types of dental installations through this article.

At The Dental Center, fixed dentures are characterized by being strong and robust, providing patients with a long-term solution to restore and beautify their teeth.

Candidates for installing fixed dentures

Fixed dental prostheses are the most widely used types of therapeutic and cosmetic installations used by specialized doctors in treatment, and these installations are characterized by their suitability for the conditions of different patients of different ages and degrees of dental damage and their need for immediate treatment, but they give amazing and high quality results in certain medical conditions that we consider them as primary candidates for treatment with them are:

  • Cases of tooth loss.
  • A condition in which the gums are affected by various diseases such as inflammation or sensitivity that results in deterioration of the bony tissue in the mouth and over time the falling out of the teeth from the jaw socket.
  • Those with root canal diseases who have not restored their teeth.
  • Tooth decay that made the roots susceptible to damage at any time.

Advantages of installing dentures in Egypt

The method of installing dentures is the best in many medical conditions, especially the elderly and those who suffer from loss of a large number of their teeth and their fragility, and many other medical conditions, due to their many advantages, which are:

  • Preserving the bony tissue in the jaw from atrophy and erosion.
  • Allowing the teeth to chew well and improve eating.
  • Making the person able to pronounce the letters and words correctly, preventing him from embarrassment.
  • Improving the overall appearance of the teeth.
  • Giving the person his ideal smile again, which reflects positively on his psyche.
  • Increases the patient’s self-confidence, especially in gatherings and occasions.
  • Feeling good about the warmth and coldness of food and drink without pain or complications.
Advantages of installing dentures in Egypt

Advantages of installing dentures in Egypt

Disadvantages of installing dentures in Egypt

Installing dentures in Egypt is one of the most famous treatment methods for various dental diseases in recent times, which enjoyed many advantages mentioned above, but it also has some disadvantages, which are:

  • It causes severe pain that the patient cannot withstand at times and requires adherence to some analgesics in order to control it.
  • Inability to move the joints naturally and not improve over time somewhat in some medical conditions.
  • Tooth sensitivity in many medical conditions, especially to certain types of food and drink.
  • Inability to eat certain types of foods such as solid or sticky foods so as not to cause damage to the prosthesis and threaten its stability and stability in the mouth.
  • The appearance of ulcers in the oral cavity initially, then after that reducing their severity as much as possible when adhering to rinsing with water and salt, and following the medical instructions that the doctor advises the patient until the situation is controlled.
  • Nausea.
  • Increased saliva secretion in the mouth.

How a fixed denture is installed in Egypt

The fixed denture set is one of the most used techniques in the treatment and cosmetic dentistry of teeth due to the quality of its effectiveness and the admiration of many patients and their satisfaction with its results, but also its installation steps are one of its most distinctive features, as they are characterized by simplicity, practicality and do not require any effort or significant time period that would prolong the treatment period with them, and these steps are easy to mention in the following points:

  • Thoroughly examining the patient’s mouth visually and with various imaging techniques in order to determine the location of the damage and its degree so that the necessary method for it can be determined and be effective in treatment.
  • Removing the roots of missing teeth or extracting any damaged teeth in the mouth.
  • Take an impression of the teeth using wax molds so that a set of teeth can be made with the same specifications in terms of shape, color and size.
  • Installing prostheses or dentures in the mouth after testing them and making any adjustments they need.
  • Commitment to the necessary follow-ups and sessions to maintain the prosthesis and preserve it.

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How a fixed denture is installed in Egypt

How a fixed denture is installed in Egypt

How to take care of a fixed denture

The fixed denture set requires extreme care in order to preserve it for as long as possible without being exposed to any complications or problems that may threaten its stability, and the most important of these methods of care are:

  • Brushing the teeth with warm water and fluoride-rich toothpaste that resists decay daily at least twice.
  • Commitment to rinsing the teeth in the mouth with a medicinal rinse that resists bacterial deposits on their surface.
  • Using dental floss to remove any food residues stuck between the teeth.
  • Regular use of the toothbrush daily to clean the teeth.
  • Adherence to the list of permitted foods and beverages such as vegetables, fruits and avoidance of stimulants, sugars, acids and starches in order to keep the mouth healthy and refreshing.

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Prices for installing fixed dentures in Egypt

Installing a fixed denture set is the best treatment method used in recent periods, especially the last three or four years. It helped eliminate a large percentage of lost tooth diseases as a result of their falling out on their own, extraction, and many other reasons.

The stronger the cause and the greater the damage, the more preparatory procedures required for the mouth and teeth, which increases the cost and makes it high, with the cost of installing one tooth reaching 4000 Egyptian pounds in the denture set, and be sure that beauty and elegance come together in installing fixed dentures with us at The Dental Center.

Factors affecting the prices of fixed dentures in Egypt

The price of installing teeth in Egypt varies from place to place due to many factors that should be taken into account and which may be represented in the following points:

  • The experience of the treating physician and the number of years during which he performed operations to install fixed dentures.
  • The extent of damage in the mouth and the number of teeth that need treatment.
  • The patient’s age, medical history, and number of procedures his condition requires.
  • The cost of the raw materials used in manufacturing artificial teeth in the dental laboratory and the medical tools used in that.
  • The cost of medical devices and therapeutic techniques applied in treatment.
  • The extent of development of sterilization methods used.
  • The reputation of the place where the treatment takes place, whether it is a center or clinic, and the extent to which previous patients are satisfied with the quality of the service.
Factors affecting the prices of fixed dentures in Egypt

Factors affecting the prices of fixed dentures in Egypt

Best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center is the center specializing in the treatment and cosmetics of teeth in Nasr City, one of the new cities of Cairo, which is home to millions of residents, a large percentage of whom have undergone treatment at the center, and previous patients always give positive opinions about it and recommend it to other patients due to their satisfaction with the good level of service that enabled them to get the results they want.

The most prominent of these results was getting healthy teeth free of any deformities or defects that would be ideal to get their ideal smile, and the center provides all our patients with all the latest therapeutic and cosmetic technologies that are the latest in dental science and research so that they get their ideal appearance complemented by teeth free of any problems or complications. Therefore, you can join our family now in order to appear with your ideal look, so do not hesitate to book your consultation.

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