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Details about orthodontic prices in Egypt 2023 and the most prominent medical centers!

Dental Braces Prices in Egypt 2023, Dental braces have become the most used technique for rearranging teeth over the past few years, which is why they dominate many search engines due to the numerous inquiries from patients about them. In this article, we will mention the types of dental braces, their prices, benefits, and all the information related to them.

Dental Braces Prices in Egypt 2023

Dental Braces Prices in Egypt 2023

Dental Braces Prices in Egypt 2023

Dental braces are one of the methods used in dental cosmetics and treatment, and due to their high quality and efficiency, many patients opt for them, and doctors prefer them in many cases. Despite their relatively high prices compared to other methods used in treating dental problems, they remain the most, if not the most used technique. Therefore, many people always ask about the prices of installing different types of dental braces in dental clinics and centers in Egypt.

One of the most famous dental centers in Cairo is The Dental Center, which offers special discounts during the current period in celebration of its anniversary. The prices for upper jaw metal braces range between 4,000 and 10,000 Egyptian pounds, and the cost of clear braces reaches up to 20,000 Egyptian pounds and can start from 6,000 Egyptian pounds. There is also a type of removable brace that has a modest cost starting from 2,000 Egyptian pounds and does not exceed 5,000 Egyptian pounds, and you can read information about the retainer and its price and the best dental braces clinics in Egypt by reading this article.

What are the types of dental braces

What are the types of dental braces

What are the Types of Dental Braces

There are many types of dental braces recently used by patients, each type characterized by its unique features or special techniques. However, the role of all types of braces is to tighten and readjust the teeth to their correct positions as determined by the dentist for each patient, and to hide the flaws of protruding and crooked teeth. The process of applying braces does not require anesthetizing the patient; because it is not painful and is a short procedure that takes only an hour or two. The dentist makes several adjustments to the braces in subsequent sessions until it suits the patient, and some of the adjustment steps may be painful for some cases, depending on the nature of these cases and their medical history and the extent of their problem.

There are different types of dental braces to provide many options that suit all patients, and we will explain these types in detail below:

Lingual Metal Braces:

Lingual metal braces are made from small metal pieces and are known as internal braces because they are installed behind the teeth, making them invisible to others. This type of brace is highly sought after by many women who do not want the traditional front braces to be visible and affect their overall appearance.

Removable Braces:

Also known as clear braces, they are made from transparent plastic material. The name “removable braces” comes from the fact that they can be easily removed or reinstalled in the mouth by the patient at home. Removable braces are popular because they resemble the patient’s natural teeth in shape, color, and size, positively reflecting on the patient’s overall appearance. They are mostly used by doctors in simple or uncomplicated cases.

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are among the latest technologies used in dental clinics and centers recently. They are used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes due to their color and shape matching natural teeth. This type of brace is similar to lingual braces in technique, but the difference lies in the manufacturing of ceramic braces brackets from transparent ceramic material.

Metal Braces:

The first type of brace used in treating problems of crooked and protruding teeth, and it still maintains its status after the emergence of other more advanced types. Therefore, many young people opt for it because of the variety of colors of its special rubber bands. Your dental health is of utmost importance. If you suffer from tooth decay, The Dental Center is the ideal solution. We provide the latest technologies and treatments to rebuild and strengthen decayed teeth, giving you a healthy and bright smile.

Price of Upper Jaw Braces Only

Damaged or problematic teeth can occur in both the upper and lower jaws, but many dentists notice that these problems are more prevalent in the upper jaw teeth. Due to the variety of dental braces in terms of the raw materials composing them and the technology followed, there are different price ranges.

The prices for installing braces on the upper jaw for the metal type range between 4,000 to 10,000 Egyptian pounds, and the transparent type of dental braces, being the most expensive due to its cosmetic role, ranges between 6,000 and 20,000 Egyptian pounds. Removable braces are the least expensive, not exceeding 5,000 Egyptian pounds, and can start from 2,000 Egyptian pounds, and enjoy a perfect smile with high-quality braces from The Dental Center.

Price of clear braces in Egypt

Price of clear braces in Egypt

Price of Clear Braces in Egypt

Clear braces are one of the types of dental braces used in treating protrusion and crookedness of teeth, as previously mentioned. However, clear braces are now beginning to be the first alternative to metal braces and other types due to their transparency, invisibility when installed on the teeth, making them appear in their natural color and shape, and ease of removal, cleaning, and reinstallation.

Measurements for the braces are taken by photographing the teeth in three-dimensional images that detail the jaw. They are installed for a period ranging between 6 months or 30 months, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. They are usually used in simple or moderate cases and are not suitable for complicated cases because they need to be changed regularly to suit the changing movement of the teeth by tightening. Therefore, the price of clear braces starts at 3,000 or 6,000 Egyptian pounds and the maximum can reach up to 20,000 or 28,000 Egyptian pounds.

Best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center in Nasr City, Cairo, attracts many dental patients from various suburbs of Cairo and different social classes. This is due to the center’s management’s commitment to providing high-quality medical service at affordable prices, in addition to including a team of the most competent and skilled dentists and their medical teams, and providing the latest medical devices used in all fields of dental treatment and cosmetics, with a constant focus on updating them with the latest versions.

7 benefits of orthodontic braces

There are many benefits to installing orthodontic braces, not just 7, as the process is characterized by high precision in execution and high quality of raw materials and tools used. The success rates of orthodontic operations are very high compared to other technologies used in treating and beautifying teeth. Therefore, let us learn about the specific benefits of the orthodontic braces process below:

  • Correcting crooked teeth and readjusting them to their correct positions or those determined by the doctor.
  • Solving the problem of gum overcrowding with many teeth.
  • Addressing the issue of teeth not clampingonto each other due to problems with the upper jaw teeth.
  • Pulling protruding teeth back, adjusting their shape, and returning them to their natural form.
  • Reducing the spaces between teeth or creating sufficient space between them, and you can read about what is orthodontic wax and its price in Egypt by clicking on this link.

The criteria that determine the prices of dental braces in Egypt 2023

As previously mentioned at the beginning of the article, the current price ranges in different dental clinics and centers in Egypt, it should be known that there are some criteria that determine the cost of different medical services in the field of dentistry and not just installing orthodontic braces. Therefore, some of the factors that help determine the prices of orthodontic braces in 2023 will be clarified below:

  • The city where the clinic or medical center is located.
  • The standard of living and social classes residing in this area.
  • The price of the country’s currency against the dollar.
  • The quality of the raw materials used in the technology.
  • The difference in the price of raw materials used in the technology with the change in the dollar rate.
  • The treating doctor’s experience.
  • The efficiency of the devices and medical tools used.
  • The skill of the supporting team.
  • The administrative team organizing the place.
  • The level of cleanliness and sterilization of the place.
  • The location of the affected area.
  • The number of affected teeth in the jaw or jaws.
  • The steps determined by the doctor before the start of the treatment period, as some cases require additional procedures in case of problems with the teeth or gums, which requires treating them immediately before installing the braces to avoid any complications.

All the aforementioned standards are available at the highest quality and level at The Dental Center, and you can book and inquire through the center’s official website.

The technology used in orthodontic braces

As we learned in the previous headings in the article about the orthodontic braces process and its main role in solving dental problems and how to treat them and the different types for it, we will conclude that there is one constant technology for all types of orthodontic braces used, which is that the doctor measures the patient’s teeth and calculates their measurements accurately using a camera specifically for dentists to assist them in this.

Then, plastic molds are formed in the same shape as the patient’s teeth, arranged in a special order, and these molds are replaced weekly gradually according to their arrangement during manufacturing, and we notice the change in the measurements of these molds according to the change in moving the teeth. In the case of installing clear braces, it should be worn for only 22 hours and is preferably removed while eating.

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