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Details of how to remove braces and how long do they last?

Removing braces, Braces are a widely used dental treatment to modify and improve the shape and functions of teeth. Despite its long treatment period, its results are guaranteed. In this article, we will present how to remove braces, in addition to the steps followed to install braces and how to take care of them.

Removing braces

Removing braces

Removing braces

Removing braces is one of the important steps that are followed after the end of the orthodontic treatment period determined by the doctor, as this process is simple and easy and does not cause pain to the person, and it is possible to maintain the patient’s teeth in their natural form.

It is strongly recommended to go to an orthodontist to carry out the process of removing the braces, as the doctor can develop a proper treatment plan that suits the patient’s condition. On the other hand, non-specialized dentists increase the risk of complications during the procedure, and it is possible to cause damage to the teeth and permanent scarring.

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How to remove braces

Removing braces is one of the important procedures after the orthodontic treatment period, as it helps to complete the treatment and achieve the desired results. In this guide, we will discuss how to remove braces correctly and safely, which is:

Consult an orthodontist: You should contact the orthodontist and obtain their instructions accurately before deciding to remove the braces. The orthodontist should perform the necessary examination and complete the dental treatment work before proceeding with any tooth removal.

Preparing for the removal process: Before starting the removal process, all necessary equipment and tools must be prepared and how to use them must be understood. The teeth must also be thoroughly cleaned.

Using anesthesia: Anesthesia must be used to anesthetize the gums and teeth, and the anesthesia must be prepared and the injections prepared carefully. The anesthesia is injected into the area where the teeth will be removed, to completely anesthetize the area.

Removal: After anesthetizing the teeth, a special scissors are inserted under the braces wire so that the doctor can easily and accurately remove the braces.

Post-removal dental care: After removing the braces, the patient may experience some pain, sensitivity, and swelling, so they must follow the proper instructions for dental care after removal, including taking prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers, as well as avoiding solid, sticky, and difficult foods for a period of time.

Duration of wearing braces

When installing the braces, it may take an hour or two to put them on the teeth, and regarding the duration of wearing the braces, it usually ranges from 18 months to 3 years, but this period is subject to change according to the desired therapeutic goal and the characteristics of the case.

In addition to the period that the patient needs to have the braces on, the period required to keep them on depends on many factors, including the type of case, the condition of the teeth before starting the treatment, and the development of the case during the period of keeping the braces on.

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When should braces be removed?

You started braces treatment and it’s time to remove them, but what is the appropriate time to wear braces? The appropriate time to remove braces may vary from case to case and depends on several factors, including the degree of teeth misalignment, the type of braces used, and age.

In the case of using removable braces, it is preferable for the patient to wear a retainer after removing the braces for up to six months, in order to stabilize the teeth in their new positions until their position in the jaw is determined and the bone around them hardens. As for the case of using fixed braces, the duration of wearing them may differ according to the condition of each patient, and may continue for two years in some cases.

The removal of braces should be after a thorough evaluation of the condition of the teeth, to ensure that the movement in the position of the teeth does not continue after removing the braces. The patient may need to wear a removable retainer after removing the braces for some time, according to the advice of the treating doctor.

It should be noted that in some cases, it is possible to remove the braces earlier than the specified period, in case the desired results are achieved and the teeth are well stabilized in their place. To learn more about braces cases, read the following article.

When should braces be removed?

When should braces be removed?

Steps to remove braces

One must take care of the condition of the braces and follow some important guidelines to ensure that the teeth remain in good condition after removing the braces. If the time has come to remove the braces, here are the steps to successfully remove the braces:

  • Final examination: Before removing the braces, the treating doctor must perform a comprehensive examination to determine whether the teeth have become completely straight, and then proceed to remove the parts that are fixed and ensure the straightness of the teeth.
  • Removing the wires: Using a special tool, the doctor removes the wires that hold the braces in place on the teeth. There should be no worry if there is a feeling of tension or discomfort when removing the wires.
  • Removing the metal rings: After removing the wires, the doctor removes the metal rings surrounding the teeth using a special tool. This is done by pressing on the ring and then removing it safely.
  • Removing the metal brackets: After removing the rings, the doctor removes the metal brackets using a special tool. At this stage, the doctor uses tools to remove the adhesive material that remains on the teeth after removing the braces.
  • Conducting the final examination: After removing the braces, the treating doctor must perform several X-rays and take impressions of the teeth, in order to verify the straightness of the teeth and ensure that there are no other dental deformities, and monitor the growth of wisdom teeth.
  • Regular monitoring: Regular monitoring of the condition of the teeth and maintaining hygiene and regular brushing are among the most important steps after removing the braces. It is important to avoid solid foods that may damage the archwires and wires. To learn more about the conditions for installing braces, click here.

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Is removing braces painful?

Yes, when removing braces, the patient may experience some pain and pressure in the area of the braces, and this usually lasts for only a day or two. To relieve the pain, it is preferable to use pain relievers after consulting the specialist doctor, and ice can also be used to reduce swelling if it occurs, and avoid eating solid, sticky, and difficult foods for a while.

There are rare cases where there may be severe pain after removing the braces, and in these cases, the patient must consult their doctor to evaluate the condition and treat any problems that may have arisen.

To learn more about the types of braces, click here.

What happens after removing braces?

After removing braces, the appearance of the mouth is improved, and the alignment of the teeth is corrected, and self-confidence returns. However, it is important to know what happens after removing braces and how to care for the teeth.

First, there is minor bleeding after removing braces, and a sterile gauze can be used to apply pressure to the wound. Saliva and hot drinks should be avoided for 24 hours until the wound dries. Pain relievers should also be taken according to the doctor’s recommendations.

After that, the teeth are cleaned to remove any residue, and a retainer is fixed for a suitable period to stabilize the correct position of the teeth. The doctor’s instructions must be followed carefully to prevent the teeth from moving.

It is important to care for the teeth after removing braces to maintain the achieved results. Solid and sticky foods should be avoided, and teeth should be brushed after every meal, and an antibacterial mouthwash should be used. It is also necessary to regularly visit the dentist. Teeth whitening techniques can be used to improve their appearance.

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Caring for teeth after removing braces

You should take the time to properly care for your dental health, and let us learn about some medical tips that should be followed for caring for teeth after removing braces.

  1. Avoid storing the used appliance: After removing the braces, your dentist will give you your device to maintain the new condition of your teeth, and they will usually try to fit the device in your mouth, so you must keep it. To avoid losing the device, it is advisable to place it in a clear and easily accessible case, in addition to using the free storage case that may have been provided to you.
  1. Avoid difficult foods: The feeling of freedom after removing the braces may be exciting, but it is essential to stay away from eating difficult and sticky foods, as they can damage your professional teeth and lips. Soft, crunchy, caramel, pasta, and pieces of solid meat should be avoided.
  1. Use a soft toothbrush: Use a soft toothbrush to gently remove plaque from the teeth and gums. This brush is specifically designed for continued use after removing braces. It cleans better if it is not pulled too much on the teeth and gums.
  1. Maintain oral hygiene: The mouth should be carefully cleaned after removing braces using antibacterial agents, brushing, and regularly brushing the teeth. Multidirectional cleaning should be carried out across the teeth and gums, with the brush moving gradually. The minimum amount of force should be applied when applying to the gums.
  1. Consult your dentist: If you notice any unusual symptoms after removing the braces, please contact your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist will assess your condition and give you appropriate recommendations for caring for your new smiling teeth.
  1. Follow the instructions: Finally, you should adhere to your dentist’s instructions for caring for your teeth after braces, as it will help you maintain the ideal results of the procedure.
Caring for teeth after removing braces

Caring for teeth after removing braces

Can braces be removed at any time?

Yes, braces can be removed at any time, but this should be done according to the recommendations of the treating doctor. The treating doctor should be consulted if the patient is experiencing any problem or if they wish to remove the braces.

A detailed and clear explanation should be provided to the patient regarding what needs to be done after removing the braces and how the teeth can be maintained and their condition preserved. It may require using a clear, removable retainer after removing the fixed braces to help the teeth stay in their new position and assist in hardening the bone around them.

Braces also depend on the patient’s dental condition, gum condition, and the degree of movement required for the teeth. It should be noted that any failure to maintain oral hygiene can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and gum infections, which increases the risk of permanent tooth loss and makes future treatment difficult.

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How much does it cost to remove braces?

The cost of removing braces with gum cleaning typically ranges from 1000 to 2000 Egyptian pounds for a single jaw, and this, of course, varies depending on many other basic factors.

Patients should be cautious when removing braces to avoid damaging the teeth or causing any other harm to the mouth, and to avoid complications that may occur when removing the appliance under the braces or during gum cleaning.

It is strongly recommended to visit an orthodontist specialized in removing braces and inquire about the potential cost and procedures that should be followed to maintain the teeth and mouth after removal. Modern technology, such as X-rays and dental scanners, can provide a scientific and effective method for removing braces and cleaning gums while ensuring quality and accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.

When do teeth start to move after removing braces?

Teeth start to move in a noticeable and visible motion after about two months from the date of installing the braces, and this period may vary according to the condition of each patient’s teeth. It takes the teeth several years to stabilize in their new position, so patients must commit to wearing a removable retainer until the teeth are stabilized in their new position.

It is also recommended to consult the specialist doctor and seek their advice in critical situations, especially if there are significant changes in the positions of the teeth after removing the braces. The removable retainer should be tried every month after the second year from the date of removing the braces, to ensure that the teeth do not move in any direction, as the retainer should be able to be put on and removed easily.

If the patient notices any movement in their teeth, they should consult their dentist to identify the cause and take the necessary measures to treat the problem.

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