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Find out what front tooth fillings look like and how much they cost at The Dental Center?

Front Teeth Filling Shape, Front teeth fillings have become a popular solution for treating a variety of medical conditions recently. Specialists are always developing this technique to improve its results constantly, aiming to achieve the desired outcomes for all patients, regardless of their problems, ages, and the locations of their tooth decay. In this article, we will learn about the details of these fillings, the raw materials used to make them, how they are made, their advantages and disadvantages, and many other pieces of information.

Front teeth filling shape

Front teeth filling shape

Front Teeth Filling Shape

Front teeth fillings are one of the techniques that doctors frequently use to solve many complex case problems. Many patients prefer them because of their good results, which last for years without any side effects or risks, in addition to their high cosmetic role that adds beauty and attractiveness to the teeth and restores the sparkle and radiance to the smile. These fillings withstand severe pressures and the many changes that occur in the mouth because many of these fillings resemble the shape, color, and nature of natural teeth, making others not notice any difference between healthy teeth and filled teeth. Nothing compares to the confidence that comes from a beautiful smile. Discover how cosmetic dentistry at our Dental Center can transform your life.

Materials Used in Front Teeth Fillings

There are many different raw materials that can be used to make medical fillings for damaged or cracked front teeth, including:

  • Gold material.
  • Ceramic material.
  • Mercury amalgam.
  • Various metals.
  • Composite resin, and you can find out the best types of dental fillings in detail by reading this article.

Can Fillings Be Placed on Front Teeth?

Yes, the doctor installs medical fillings in the tooth cavity in the clinic or his private center. Medical fillings of various types and the raw materials used in their manufacture are suitable for all teeth and molars in the mouth in their different locations, whether in the front or back and in the upper or lower jaw. There are many fillings suitable for front teeth, especially those whose color resembles the color of natural teeth, such as composite, glass, and ceramic fillings, which highlights their role as cosmetic fillings.

How to perform front teeth filling

How to perform front teeth filling

How to Perform Front Teeth Filling

The steps followed in the process of filling front teeth are as follows:

  • Anesthetizing the affected area with local anesthesia or injecting the gums with an anesthesia injection.
  • Drilling the cavity of the damaged teeth.
  • Removing decayed material from these teeth cavities.
  • Sterilizing the cavity with medical sterilizing solutions to eliminate any bacterial residues.
  • Treating the roots of the teeth if the damage has reached them and caused any harm.
  • In case one of the front teeth is broken, it is possible to bond them together.
  • Using different raw materials to create fillings that take the shape of the gap in the tooth cavity.
  • Installing the fillings in the tooth cavity and making them take the shape of this cavity.
  • Leveling the surface of the filling with the surface of the teeth and the rest of the mouth’s teeth to remove any excess that could cause problems and complications later.
  • It is possible to add a crown on the surface of the affected teeth to protect the fillings inside them from any changes or pressures that might affect them and strengthen these teeth.

Important Tips Before Undergoing Any Front Teeth Filling

There are some tips that should be known and adhered to before undergoing the filling process, which can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Always focus on treating the health problem before focusing on cosmetic repairs.
  • Choosing the right color of the filling for the color of the teeth.
  • Doctors resort to composite filling to restructure the teeth.
  • Scheduling regular medical appointments with the doctor for examinations and to improve the function and appearance of the teeth.

When is Front Teeth Filling Preferred Over Root Canal Treatment?

Doctors always prefer treatment methods that do not require delving into the tooth cavity and its root to preserve the tooth’s structure strong after solving the problem and to prevent any complications, which makes them prefer front teeth fillings over root canal fillings. However, in severely infected complex cases, they are forced to resort to root canal filling.

Doctors resort to medical fillings in cases of damaged teeth whose cavities are infected with decay that must be removed and replaced with these fillings to prevent leaving a gap for food residues to accumulate, thereby accumulating bacteria and growing the infection and threatening the health of the teeth. Therefore, the role of fillings can be summarized in preserving the teeth and adding shine and attractiveness to the smile, and read more about root canal filling 2023 and its price by reading this article.

Duration of front teeth filling

Duration of front teeth filling

Duration of Front Teeth Filling

Dental fillings are made from various and numerous raw materials, and depending on the type of this raw material that makes up the filling, the duration of the filling can last up to 30 years. When applied to front fillings, gold fillings are the strongest and most durable, giving them the ability to last between 15 and 30 years, while other metal fillings last for 10 years and at most do not exceed 15 years. Composite resin fillings last from 5 to 7 years.

How to Care for Dental Fillings

Installing dental fillings is not the last step that guarantees the safety of the damaged teeth again; because these fillings need constant care to not produce any negative or opposite results, so the safety of the teeth requires constant attention, which lies in the following points:

  • Regular follow-up with the doctor and adherence to medical sessions every 3 months at the least or once a year at the most to ensure the safety of the fillings and teeth.
  • Daily cleaning of the teeth with a brush and toothpaste or dental floss and miswak.
  • Consulting the doctor immediately upon noticing any problem, malfunction, or feeling any discomfort.
  • Avoiding cold or hot foods as much as possible.

How Much Does Front Teeth Filling Cost?

There are many factors that determine the price of front teeth filling, including the number of damaged teeth, the nature of the case and its medical history, the type of filling suitable for it, the price of the raw materials used in manufacturing this filling, the skill of the doctor and his support team, and many others. We notice that the price of a front tooth filling has recently reached 750 Egyptian pounds and above. Dental cosmetic has never been more convenient! Enjoy our affordable prices for front teeth fillings at The Dental Center.

Advantages of Front Teeth Fillings

There are many advantages that positively reflect on the health and safety of damaged teeth, which are as follows:

  • Using raw materials that give health and safety to the teeth.
  • Using raw materials that give the teeth the necessary strength, hardness, and durability for the teeth to perform their functional tasks in the best way.
  • Fillings are easy to install, so they do not cause any suffering or discomfort to the patient during treatment.
  • Quickly prepared and installed within one or two sessions, so it does not require much effort, time, or money.Get brighter, more balanced teeth with modern and innovative techniques for front teeth fillings at our Dental Center.

Disadvantages of Front Teeth Fillings

  • There are some fillings whose color differs from the natural color of the teeth, such as gold and silver fillings, which causes problems in the general appearance.
  • Silver fillings are affected by heat and cold, causing them to contract or expand, leading to some health problems later.
  • There are some fillings that cause an allergic reaction from the immune system in some cases.
  • Composite fillings are not suitable for cases requiring a large cavity or large area of the teeth to be filled.
  • In case of insufficient experience of the doctor, it is possible that an injury to the nerve occurs during the installation of the filling, causing other severe complications.

Procedures Followed When There is a Break or Decay in the Teeth

In case of a tooth break or cracks in its structure, the patient feels constant pain, and the same idea applies to cases of tooth decay resulting from bacterial infection or infection, which are also accompanied by discomfort and constant unbearable pain, and if the problem reaches the nerve, the situation becomes unbearable and complicated, requiring emergency and urgent intervention.

Permanent fillings are one of the techniques used in the attempt to restore the stability of the teeth, care for them, restore their natural healthy appearance, and enjoy a bright stunning smile, and it is available for doctors to restructure and shape the teeth by bonds, so it is necessary in case of any malfunction or any problem to resort to the treating doctor in order to receive urgent treatment and try to avoid any possible serious complications later.

What to do after front teeth filling?

What to do after front teeth filling?

What to Do After Front Teeth Filling?

The patient should follow the medical instructions prescribed by the doctor after installing the filling to ensure its success and prevent any other complications, which are summarized in the following points:

  • Trying to make sure there are no filling protrusions longer than the surface of the teeth and leveling the surface of the filling well with the teeth, and if any bumps are felt, it is necessary to go to the doctor.
  • Preventing the teeth from colliding with each other when talking or eating so as not to weaken and become fragile.
  • Avoiding smoking and stimulants so as not to change the color of the filling.
  • Reducing the intake of hard foods and sweetened drinks.
  • Using the appropriate toothpaste and brush for tooth sensitivity for cleaning.
  • Rinsing with medical mouthwash daily once.

Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic

The Dental Center has witnessed thousands of medical filling installations for various segments of society; due to the center’s inclusion of a group of the most efficient specialized doctors and their constant commitment to international sterilization and infection control methods, and the center offers all medical, cosmetic services, and emergency surgeries, in addition to using laser devices in various modern techniques recently, and there is an installment system for orthodontic installation and dental implant services, as the center offers many discounts and offers on other techniques and treatment methods, which you can inquire about when visiting the official site of the center by clicking here.

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