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What you don’t know about laser fillings for the front teeth and the latest prices in Egypt!

Front Teeth Filling with Laser, Front teeth filling using laser technology is one of the latest techniques adopted in various Arab countries and the world due to its amazing and satisfactory results for both doctors and patients. These fillings are among the most popular cosmetic techniques among patients. Given their importance, we will discuss in detail in this article about the steps of implementation, types, cases treated, advantages, disadvantages, costs, and many more information.

Front teeth filling with laser

Front teeth filling with laser

Front Teeth Filling with Laser

Dental filling is a multifaceted chemical material made for use in filling the cavities of damaged teeth or those whose cavity has decay and needs to be replaced with another material to prevent bacterial growth and re-infection. Typically, front teeth fillings are cosmetic or have a high cosmetic role in improving the overall appearance of the teeth and face, providing the smile with the shine and attractiveness it needs.

Usually, the tooth cavity is drilled and the filling is placed inside it with the help of traditional drilling and medical tools. However, with the sharp technological development in various sciences, especially in the field of dentistry, and the discovery of many new therapeutic and cosmetic technologies and the manufacture of the latest medical devices that facilitate their application like laser. Laser has helped in the filling technique by drilling the cavity without the use of any surgical tools and directing a light beam from it helped to fix the filling strips well. Get ready to achieve an amazing and harmonious smile through front teeth cosmetic at The Dental Center, where we combine beauty and healthy function for your teeth.

What are the steps for laser filling?

What are the steps for laser filling?

What are the steps for laser filling?

Laser filling is an effective technique in repairing various teeth defects or treating diseases and problems related to them and their surrounding tissues. The doctor performs the laser filling process in several steps that can be explained as follows:

    • Anesthetizing the affected area to be filled.
    • Drilling the damaged tooth cavities to remove decay material.
    • The doctor ensures to keep the oral environment dry, so he uses some tools to suction saliva from the mouth.
    • Sterilizing and disinfecting the tooth cavity from any infection or bacteria with medical solutions.
    • Installing the filling material inside the tooth cavity in successive strips and fixing each strip with laser light bands.
    • Leveling the tooth surface with the filling surface to avoid any protrusions or excess material that could cause pain and filling fallout later.

What drives you to do front teeth filling with laser

Advanced cases of tooth decay or those that have reached advanced stages of damage and harm need fillings to replace the decay material removed from the tooth cavities. The goal of installing fillings in the cavities of the front teeth with laser is to protect them, prevent their fallout, and compensate for the void in their roots’ depth.

How long does laser filling last?

Laser filling, or as it is known, composite fillings do not last long, which is one of their disadvantages. They last a period ranging between 6 and 8 years, and this duration may vary based on the condition of each patient and the location of the affected teeth.
It also varies based on the care the patient gives to their teeth, how often they wash them, ensuring not to expose them to any pressure such as opening hard objects with them or chewing hard food on them or rubbing them against each other while talking, or neglecting regular follow-ups with the treating doctor, which leads to the aggravation of any problems that occurred in the mouth without early notice.

How is front teeth filling done with

The steps of installing or fixing front teeth filling with laser have been detailed in the previous paragraphs, but it is possible to focus on some important points when performing the procedures of front teeth filling with laser, which are that when deciding to treat with laser filling, the patient should choose the filling color similar to the natural teeth color to improve the overall appearance of the teeth, in addition to the doctor directing several laser light bands on the surface of the filling and the teeth together to ensure their good fusion, benefit from our innovative cosmetic techniques for front teeth beautification we offer at The Dental Center, and get a balanced and attractive smile that turns heads.

Post-laser filling pain?

Signs of tooth sensitivity usually appear after installing the laser filling in the damaged tooth cavity, and the common symptom is pain, especially if the decay material was large and occupied a deep space in the root of the damaged teeth. Therefore, the doctor prescribes some painkillers that control this pain, and with the patient following the necessary medical instructions, its severity will gradually decrease until it disappears after a few days.

Does laser filling require anesthesia?

Laser filling works to solve many problems that affect the teeth, especially complex decay cases, and works to fill the cavities of the damaged teeth without the need to inject the patient with an anesthesia needle or spray local anesthesia on the affected area.

Types of dental fillings

Types of dental fillings

Types of Dental Fillings

There are many types of dental fillings, which differ from each other in terms of the raw materials used in the manufacture of each type, and these raw materials differ in properties and characteristics, which is reflected in the filling and gives it the same characteristics. However, all the raw materials used in the manufacture of fillings should be characterized by hardness and strength so they can face pressures and changing conditions in the mouth and perform the functional tasks of the teeth that result in high pressure. These raw materials can vary between porcelain, silver, or gold and a mixture of other metals in addition to mercury, tin, copper, zinc, plastic, or glass and resin.
The type of filling suitable for each case is determined by the doctor after a visual examination of the patient’s mouth and also with X-rays, and it is possible for the doctor to consult with the patient to determine the type suitable for their financial capabilities, in addition to other factors that must be taken into account such as the location of the affected tooth and the required strength and cavity area, and the types of dental fillings are represented in the following points:


Gold fillings: These are fillings made of gold, and these fillings treat tooth decay problems and work on cleaning its cavity from decay material or any bacteria stuck on the cavity walls.

  • Advantages of gold fillings: These fillings are among the most solid and strong types, which gives them stability inside the cavity and withstands any changes and lasts many years in the patient’s mouth exceeding 15 years without rusting or damage. The color of these fillings is golden due to the gold material composed of them, although they are somewhat acceptable in shape, due to their different color from the natural teeth color and their high strength, they may be used in cases suffering from damage in the back teeth and molars.
  • Disadvantages of gold fillings: These fillings are made from pure gold, so their cost is somewhat high compared to other fillings. Some electrical vibrations are emitted by these fillings in the mouth due to their reaction with saliva and other fillings in the mouth.

Silver fillings: These are fillings made from silver material, and mercury may be added to them.

  • Advantages of silver fillings: Silver gives these fillings the stability they need, and their cost is simple, suitable for different segments of society.
  • Disadvantages of silver fillings: One of the most negative points that patients with silver fillings suffer from is the mismatch of their color and shape with the color and shape of natural teeth, making them suitable for the back area of the mouth and not preferred for use in front teeth and canines, and the color of these fillings changes over time, and
    these fillings require removing a large part of the tooth cavity to properly fix the fillings inside the cavity.
    Silver is affected by heat and cold, leading to its contraction and expansion, weakening its stability inside the tooth cavity and causing the filling itself to crack or break, and the mercury added to the silver is not safe at all considering a large number of patients who suffer from allergies towards it.

Glass fillings: These fillings suit children because they are the most fragile and weak, and these fillings are made of acrylic material added to them fluoride, which resists decay and works on cleaning the teeth, these materials are weak and do not last more than 3 years with the child.

Porcelain fillings: These are fillings made of ceramic, and give the teeth the hardness and strength that help them withstand the pressure of biting and chewing food and the friction of teeth when talking, making them last at least 15 years with the patient, and one of their most prominent disadvantages is their high cost.


Laser fillings: Also known as composite fillings or light-cured dental fillings, these fillings target the treatment of tooth decay or repair any cracks and fractures on their surface to protect them from damage. These fillings are among the latest fillings discovered at the end of the last century and came with a new idea, which is directing a light beam from the laser on the surface of the fillings and the teeth, which helps in their fusion with each other and prevents their fall over time and these fillings consist of resin and silica or quartz in addition to glass.

  • Advantages of laser fillings: These fillings offer many benefits to the patient, including improving the cosmetic appearance of the teeth due to their availability in many shades of colors similar to the natural teeth colors, their cost is simple compared to other fillings, easy to apply without the need to remove a part of the tooth cavity but only a thin layer in some cases, their high effectiveness in compensating for the damaged and broken parts of the teeth or closing the spaces and gaps between two front teeth, these fillings are closely linked with the teeth, giving them stability and strength over many years.
  • Disadvantages of laser fillings: One of the most prominent disadvantages is that they are not suitable for problems with the back teeth and molars and do not withstand the pressure occurring in the mouth, do not provide the same efficiency and stability in cases suffering from wide areas of decay inside the tooth cavity.
    It is possible for symptoms of nerve sensitivity towards the chemical materials forming the fillings to appear in cases where the fillings are installed close to it, and it is difficult to control these symptoms, and this technique requires regular follow-up with the doctor and adherence to cleaning session appointments after installing the filling to ensure continuous reassurance on the filling and quick solving of any problem it faces before any aggravations occur.

Does decay return after filling?

Yes, it is possible for decay to return after the filling process due to neglect of the teeth and not ensuring their daily cleaning, or accumulation of food residues in the small gaps between the teeth, giving a chance for bacteria to grow again. In case of not removing all bacteria residues in the mouth and the re-emergence of infection, learn about the treatment of front teeth misalignment and the best centers for their care and beautification by reading this article.

Which is better, laser filling or platinum filling

Laser filling is one of the best techniques recently followed to get rid of many dental problems, which has proven its efficiency and the quality of results it produces, unlike platinum filling which has many disadvantages causing annoyance to many of its patients.
Its disadvantages are reflected in its different color from the natural teeth color, making the overall appearance somewhat poor, the sensitivity of many cases towards the metals used in manufacturing these fillings, and their inability to stay stable within the tooth cavity and withstand different pressures faced by the teeth.

Advantages of laser dental fillings

Advantages of laser dental fillings

Advantages of Laser Dental Fillings

Laser dental fillings are among the latest technologies used in many countries around the world in recent times, being one of the therapeutic methods that provide amazing and satisfactory results for many patients, making it the optimal solution for them in treating many problems affecting their teeth. The specific advantages can be listed in the following points:

  1. These fillings are characterized by their color similarity to natural teeth, adding a cosmetic touch and attractive charm that highlights the shine and brightness when smiling. Get a comprehensive assessment of your front teeth condition and consult our specialized team at The Dental Center to choose the ideal option for beautifying your smile.
  2. These techniques are easy to apply, requiring simple steps for their installation in the tooth cavity, unlike other fillings.
  3. They protect the teeth and surrounding tissues.
  4. They prevent any chance of bacteria growth again, maintaining oral health and safety.
  5. These fillings are characterized by durability and hardness, making them easy to stabilize in the affected tooth cavities.
  6. They provide amazing and fast results, leading many patients to recommend them to others.
  7. The laser plays an effective role in the bonding of fillings with the tooth surface, giving them stability against any pressure or changes occurring in the mouth.

Disadvantages of Laser Filling

We have previously mentioned the advantages of laser filling and its high effectiveness and efficiency in repairing different dental problems and correcting any deformities or defects within its structure. However, despite this, there are disadvantages that some patients complain about and have caused them inconvenience, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Laser filling techniques do not suit cases suffering from damage or harm in the back teeth and molars because the filling might fall out, and many cracks may occur in their structure when exposed to the severe pressure happening on the back teeth and molars in the mouth as they are unable to bite and chew food.
  • They do not suit techniques for cases suffering from decay reaching deep into the tooth cavity and occupying a large part of its structure. These cases require removing a large part of the tooth cavity, causing the fillings to not stay stable inside and the laser’s inability to bond them together.
  • Signs of inflammation and nerve sensitivity of the damaged teeth may appear as a reaction to the raw materials used in manufacturing the fillings, with symptoms of sensitivity represented by swelling of the cheek or face, redness of the gums and surrounding tissues, and constant pain and discomfort.
  • These fillings have a high susceptibility to erosion or falling out over time.

Cost of Laser Dental Filling

Many factors determine the cost of laser dental filling, and these factors include both primary ones playing a decisive role in determining the cost and secondary ones affecting the cost but to a minor extent. These factors can be mentioned in the following points:

  • The degree of advancement or progress of the patient’s condition and medical history.
  • The number of damaged or affected teeth.
  • The location of the affected teeth in the mouth, as back teeth or molars require more procedures than front teeth.
  • The quality and efficiency of the raw materials used in making the different fillings.
  • The medical devices used in treatment.
  • The therapeutic techniques or methods used.
  • The sterilization and infection control methods followed.
  • The treating doctor’s expertise and professional experience.
  • The professionalism of the medical team assisting the doctor.
  • The location of the clinic or center and the living standard of families and residents in that area.

Based on all these factors mentioned in the following points, the cost of laser dental filling can range in different clinics and centers in Egypt between 350 Egyptian pounds and 450 Egyptian pounds.

Tips After Laser Filling

There are some instructions that the doctor communicates to the patient to adhere to in order to accelerate the healing after the laser filling procedure and prevent any allergic symptoms or risks. The advice varies as follows:

  1. Avoid cold and hot foods and beverages.
  2. Choose toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth.
  3. Stick to soft foods and warm drinks.
  4. Take the medications and painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
  5. Pay attention to cleaning the teeth with dental floss and a toothbrush.

The Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Beautification

The Dental Center is the first center that may come to mind for residents of Cairo, especially Nasr City and New Cairo, when mentioning dental treatment or beautification. The center is distinguished by offering constant discounts and offers on dental beautification techniques in particular due to their high costs, and you can inquire about the current offers by visiting the center’s official website through this link.

Among the most prominent features offered by the center to its patients are providing the latest therapeutic and cosmetic techniques using the latest medical devices used worldwide, following the latest sterilization and infection control methods to ensure their safety and comfort, and supervised by the most skilled dentists in the Arab world and their trained medical teams at the highest level.

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