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Learn the names of dental filling tools with pictures and what is the cost of fillings in Egypt?

Names of Dental Filling Tools with Pictures, Dental fillings are among the most asked-about therapeutic techniques by many patients, due to the impressive results they achieve, making many patients opt for them. In this article, we will discuss the various medical tools used in different therapeutic and cosmetic techniques for dental problems and deformities, especially dental filling tools, their names, and their pictures.

Names of Dental Filling Tools with Pictures

Names of Dental Filling Tools with Pictures

Names of Dental Filling Tools with Pictures

The medical tools used in various dental filling techniques and the cosmetic and therapeutic operations related to them for various dental problems such as decay and fractures will be clarified in the following pictures:

Dental Scalpel Handle

Dental Scalpel Handle

Laser Device

Laser Device

Nerve Extraction Tools

Nerve Extraction Tools

Filling Placement Tools

Filling Placement Tools

Sterilization Tools

Sterilization Tools

What is Dental Filling?

Dental filling is a therapeutic technique for numerous dental problems and cosmetic imperfections, where it is used by dentists as a replacement for decayed material or bacterial assembly in the cavity of the affected tooth, preserving the tooth and restoring its natural shape, beauty, and function without the need to lose or extract it. Filling processes rely on the concept of removing the decay that caused damage to the tooth cavity, sterilizing this cavity, and then placing fillings inside it.

The role of the filling is to fill all the spaces and holes in the damaged tooth cavity, preventing any chance for bacterial growth and reproduction, thus preventing decay. These fillings are made from different raw materials such as gold, silver, and various metals, or a resin mixture, or amalgam mixture containing mercury, silver, copper, tin, and zinc together.

Given the variety of raw materials from which the fillings are made, which results in different characteristics and properties for each type of these materials, fillings differ from each other in shape, color, hardness, and the functional tasks each filling can perform. Therefore, it is possible to mention the different types of fillings and the advantages and disadvantages of each type based on the mixture they consist of or are used in their manufacture, and the five types of fillings can be explained as follows:

  • Silver amalgam fillings: These fillings consist of a mixture of metals 50% silver, tin, zinc, copper, and 50% mercury, making them unsuitable for front teeth due to their appearance. These fillings are commonlyused, strong, and durable, lasting for years in the patient’s mouth. They are affected by temperature, which makes them prone to shrinkage during cold and expansion during heat, making them easily breakable, in addition to being cost-effective.
  • Ceramic fillings: Made from ceramic and porcelain together, this mixture gives them durability along with an aesthetic appearance, making them one of the most expensive types of fillings. These fillings are resistant to tooth decay and brittleness.
  • Composite fillings: Made from a mixture of resin and plastic, cured with blue light, they are the most commonly used type due to their aesthetic role. They not only treat dental problems but also maintain a seamless appearance due to their color matching with natural teeth. However, they do not last as long in the patient’s mouth, needing replacement every 5 to 10 years.
  • Gold fillings: These expensive fillings are made from pure gold material that does not rust or corrode, making them last up to 20 years without any damage, hence their unpopularity.
  • Glass ionomer fillings: Made from acrylic material, a type of glass that does not resemble the color of teeth, these fillings release fluoride that prevents tooth decay, making them suitable for children’s teeth who are still in the stage of exchanging their teeth. However, these fillings do not last long and wear out over time, enjoy the pure and healthy smile you deserve with our distinguished dental filling services at our Dental Center.

Steps of Dental Filling

The dental filling process targets cases suffering from decay, cracks in the tooth structure, or a broken part of the teeth, working to treat and repair their deformities. The filling step takes place during one or two sessions at most, and if there are health problems related to the rest of the mouth’s teeth or surrounding tissues, necessary medications should be taken and wait for complete healing before placing the filling inside the affected tooth cavity, and the filling process consists of several steps as follows:

  • Anesthetizing the affected area using local anesthesia or injecting the patient’s gum with an anesthesia syringe.
  • Drilling holes inside the damaged tooth cavity using a drilling tool.
  • Using a scraping tool to remove decayed material or any infection residues from inside the cavity, and this step can be applied more easily using a laser device.
  • Sterilizing the cavity using disinfectant solutions to ensure the elimination of any bacterial residues stuck on its walls.
  • In cases where decay reaches the root, protecting the nerve by installing a lining of glass ionomer or composite resin or other materials.
  • Placing the filling inside the cavity, making sure it is shaped and fitted to the cavity to prevent movement.
  • Leveling the tooth surface with the filling surface to get rid of any excess and protrusions, and you can learn more about cosmetic fillings for tooth gaps and their prices in Egypt by reading this article.
Names of Dental Filling Tools

Names of Dental Filling Tools

Names of Dental Filling Tools


use many tools in various techniques and methods for treating and cosmetically enhancing various dental problems, among these tools are dental filling tools, which include the following:

  • Silver fillings requiring the following tools:
  1. Transfer tool.
  2. Polisher.
  3. Carving and scraping tool.
  4. Tool for organization and arrangement.
  5. Tool for distributing fillings.
  6. Amalgam file.
  • Amalgam mixing device amalgumator.
  • Composite fillings

These are white-colored fillings that harden into a solid mass when exposed to blue light, used in cosmetic procedures, consisting of various types, including partially liquid fillings suitable for small gaps, soft fillings available in shades of white to match every patient, making them the most used fillings in many cases, inner tooth fillings that are more solid, and front tooth fillings that are transparent and have an aesthetic shape.

  • Glass ionomer fillings:

These fillings stimulate teeth to build a dentin layer, making them suitable for deep decay cases. Due to their inability to last long in the patient’s mouth and wear over time due to friction and chewing, they are replaced with other types of fillings later.

  • Crack fillings: Specialized fillings for sealing any cracks in the tooth structure to prevent decay.
  • Matrix band and wedging tools: These tools help correct the shape of the teeth after placing fillings in their cavities.
  • Disinfectant solutions for cavities affected by decay.
  • Tools for drilling and excavating tooth cavities.
  • Temporary fillings.
  • Measuring tape for determining the size of fillings on the patient’s teeth.
  • Calcium hydroxide.
  • Crown remover.
  • Chisel.
  • Wedges and pins.
  • Punctured rubber dam.
  • Rubber dam holder.
  • Rubber dam frame.
  • Rubber dam forceps.
  • Rubber dam clamp.
  • Rubber stop.
  • Root canal treatment.

And read more about the cosmetic filling for the front tooth and the price of front tooth fillings by clicking on this link.

Cost of Dental Filling in Egypt

The cost of any medical service provided by clinics and specialized centers is influenced by many factors, the most important of which are the price of the raw materials used in different fillings and their price variations with the dollar rate, the city where the clinic or medical center is located, and the living standards of the families there.

Also, the cost depends on the efficiency of the doctor performing the operation or supervising the treatment, the professionalism of the nursing team assisting him, the application of sterilization and infection control methods, the modern techniques followed, and the advancement of the medical devices used. Accordingly, the cost of dental fillings in Egypt ranges between 500 Egyptian pounds and 4000 Egyptian pounds, regain the brilliance of your smile with our fantastic dental fillings at our Dental Center.

The Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center in Nasr City is the best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics due to the availability of advanced laser devices, one of the latest medical devices used by all the center’s doctors across different dental specialties, in addition to using this device in applying the latest therapeutic and cosmetic techniques followed by international medical institutions. You

can contact the customer service team for inquiries about different techniques and currently available discounts when visiting the official site of the center by clicking on this link.

The center’s various medical services, whether surgical or cosmetic, are supervised by a group of the most competent dentists and surgeons graduated from the most prestigious Arab universities, assisted by the most professional and skilled nursing teams, always ensuring to follow the latest sterilization methods. So, do not hesitate to book with the best dental center.

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