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The problem of crooked teeth in adults and how to prevent it

Adult Teeth Misalignment, Teeth misalignment is one of the most common problems many patients, especially children, face during the period of exchanging milk teeth with permanent teeth and its numerous risks. However, these problems can also appear in elderly patients. In this article, we will learn about the definition of teeth misalignment in adults, its causes, how to treat and diagnose it, the resulting side effects, and how to prevent and treat it, as well as the best medical center that helps solve teeth misalignment problems.

Adult teeth misalignment

Adult teeth misalignment

Adult Teeth Misalignment

Teeth misalignment in adults is one of the symptoms that all age groups suffer from, not only children due to the nature of their teeth’s growth phase and their period of changing teeth which might bring many problems and signs of oral imbalance. These issues have shown the extent of damage that can occur to elderly patients. Therefore, it was necessary for doctors to advise patients on the importance of consulting a specialist to receive necessary and immediate treatment to avoid any complications.

Teeth misalignment can appear as misaligned jaws or the lower jaw being smaller than the upper jaw, and the teeth not being in proportion with each other in length and size, which is evident when speaking due to suffering from a bite problem, which can be either an overbite with the upper teeth protruding over the lower teeth or an underbite with the lower teeth protruding over the upper teeth. You can read in detail about the possibility of teeth misalignment causing pain to the patient through this article.

What are Misaligned Teeth?

Misaligned teeth are those that have been exposed to several factors including not following a healthy diet, neglecting teeth cleaning, in addition to suffering from osteoporosis or having tumors in the mouth which caused them to deviate from their natural position in the teeth. With the rapid technological advancement in recent years, different and advanced treatment methods have been developed that do not cause any suffering to the patient but rather free them from the many health problems they face or the risks that might occur if they are not treated.

Causes of adult teeth misalignment

Causes of adult teeth misalignment

Causes of Adult Teeth Misalignment

There are many reasons that contribute to the misalignment and deviation of teeth in elderly patients, including the following:

  • Genetic diseases: It is common among children to have genetic diseases related to the shape of the jaw growing small in size, which does not give enough space for the teeth to grow properly, thus affecting the shape of the teeth and making them disproportionate.
  • Neglecting teeth cleaning: Accumulation of food residues causes bacterial growth leading to oral inflammations like gum and periodontal diseases, which evolve into tooth damage and movement from their place if not treated.
  • Tongue thrusting: Pressing the tongue against the teeth can cause them to move from their place.
  • Age factor: Aging or reaching old age comes with severe symptoms that show the body’s weakness, one of these symptoms being teeth moving forward.
  • Severe accidents and collisions: Colliding with a hard object can cause teeth to break or get damaged.
  • Poor diet: Not consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals can cause poor bone and teeth growth in the mouth. Constantly relying on soft, easy-to-swallow foods that do not require chewing can affect the size of the jaw, making it smaller due to not being used for its primary function, which is biting and chewing food.
  • Not breathing from the nose: Health problems in the respiratory system can affect the patient’s breathing process, making them breathe from the mouth instead of the nose, which damages the teeth and leads to their misalignment.

Diagnosing Adult Teeth Misalignment

The specialist’s diagnosis often involves an orthodontic surgeon examining the teeth, mouth, and jaw, and evaluating how the teeth of both jaws bite together. In many cases, the doctor resorts to imaging the mouth and face and knowing the position of the roots and gums using X-rays. With the patient’s health condition evaluation, the doctor will determine the appropriate treatment method for them.

In some severe or advanced cases, the doctor may use head measurements and panoramic X-rays to understand the relationship between the teeth, jaw, and head. Some situations may require daily imaging to analyze this relationship accurately. At the end of the examinations, a jaw bite is taken using a medical substance in the dental lab to obtain a copy matching the teeth’s measurements.

Side effects of misaligned teeth on health

Side effects of misaligned teeth on health

Side Effects of Misaligned Teeth on Health

There are many risks or side effects that may appear on the patient’s health if they suffer from teeth misalignment, including the following:

  • Developing various gum diseases: Teeth misalignment creates spaces that accumulate food residues, forming bacterial layers of tartar, causing gum disorders and infections leading to tooth damage later.
  • Tooth erosion: Misalignment allows for friction between the teeth when speaking and eating, causing erosion in the enamel layer covering the teeth and eventually leading to cracks, fissures, and then breaking.
  • Difficulty eating: Misalignment makes the teeth’s surface uneven, causing pain during eating, inability to bite and chew food properly, and leading to digestive issues and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Speech problems: Deviation of the teeth’s edges from each other can lead to incorrect pronunciation of words and improper articulation of some letters.
  • Unpleasant mouth odor: Bacteria accumulation in the spaces between teeth caused by misalignment leads to bad breath over time.
  • Negative psychological impact: Misaligned teeth can affect the patient’s overall appearance, causing embarrassment, especially when unable to speak correctly or eat with others without discomfort.
  • Teeth injury: Misaligned or deviated teeth are fragile and prone to breaking or cracking in their structure in case of collisions, accidents, or merely eating.

Treatment Methods for Adult Teeth Misalignment

There are various treatment methods that the treating doctor may resort to in order to get rid of misalignment and deviation problems of the teeth. However, they try to choose the most suitable method based on the patient’s health condition or medical history. Usually, the issue of a misaligned bite appearing when pronouncing letters and words is of utmost importance to them in order to eliminate it and find the most suitable solution for it. Among the most effective treatment methods in solving these problems are the following:

  • Installing braces: Braces consist of brackets, bands, and wires, performing the role of orthodontics as they are a type of it. The idea relies on continuous pressure on the jaw for long periods, making the teeth move in a certain direction towards the correct or desired position. These braces are available in 3 different types or shapes according to the raw material they are made of: ceramic, lingual, and metal. The doctor determines the suitable type for each patient based on the results of their oral exam. Do not settle for regular braces; let us enhance your smile with unique colors and styles that suit your taste at The Dental Center.
  • Invisalign device: It is an invisible device used to make transparent molds similar to natural teeth in shape and size. A mold is installed every week or ten days as the teeth change position and move more towards the correct position. These molds are invisible and unnoticed, allowing the patient not to feel embarrassed, but they are high in cost, not affordable for everyone, leading them to opt for braces. Get immediate and noticeable results with our outstanding dental veneering services at The Dental Center.
How to prevent adult teeth misalignment

How to prevent adult teeth misalignment

How to Prevent Adult Teeth Misalignment

There are some measures that can be taken to protect against misalignment and deviation of teeth, mostly extended in effect from childhood to maturity stages, including the following:

  • Avoid putting the finger inside the mouth: Sucking the finger can cause imbalance inside the mouth and deviation of the teeth.
  • Addressing issues when speaking and eating: Trying to treat any problem appearing during chewing food and pronouncing some letters and words early has a positive effect in avoiding the aggravation of any imbalance or problem in the mouth.
  • Undergoing medical examinations: Imaging the teeth with X-rays and other diagnostic rays or medical examinations to consult the specialist in damaged teeth and their placement to avoid any complications later.

Is it Necessary to Correct Misaligned Teeth?

The patient’s teeth condition determines the appropriate treatment method, whether installing braces or resorting to different treatment methods. If the misaligned teeth do not pose any risks or problems to the teeth’s health or their basic functional tasks, the decision to install braces is up to the patient, and they have the freedom to choose. However, many patients prefer to install braces to achieve a good and ideal teeth appearance. On the contrary, in case of numerous complications for the patient, such as inefficiency of their teeth performing their functions due to deviation and misalignment, gum and different teeth diseases will appear, so it is necessary to install braces.

Treating Teeth Misalignment Without Braces

There are some cases where misalignment or deviation is slight and does not require installing braces, forcing the doctor to choose another treatment method, or cases that do not want to install braces due to their appearance causing them embarrassment or the long treatment period. These treatment methods include the following:

  • Orthognathic jaw surgeries: These are alternative surgeries to installing braces that help reduce the treatment period and are effective in advanced cases suffering from speaking or chewing dysfunction. There are two types of these surgeries: minor surgeries that help reposition the teeth in the right place in the bones and gum cavity and fix them there, or major surgeries that work on changing the shape of the teeth, jaw, and their bone structure, effective in severe cases where the negative impact and damage during eating and speaking are significantly clear.
  • Veneering teeth: Simple cases of teeth deviation and misalignment are easily controlled by installing veneers to serve as an alternative to braces, performing the same role. Dental veneering requires grinding and removing the outer layer covering the teeth to reduce their size and create small spaces between the teeth for the ability to properly fix the veneers on the front surface of the teeth. These veneers are made of veneer, ceramic, or zirconium. We offer you at The Dental Center our expertise in dental veneering with the quality and natural appearance you are looking for.

Does Teeth Misalignment Cause Pain?

Yes, misalignment affects the relationship of the mouth’s contents with each other where we notice a problem in the bite of the jaws on each other showing a malfunction in the relationship of the teeth with each other, their ligaments, surfaces, or with the gum making the patient feel pain. Complications may occur later if not treated, increasing the intensity and frequency of this pain.

Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic

The Dental Center is one of the best medical centers that provide therapeutic and cosmetic services for various specialties in the field of dentistry in Cairo. The center offers the latest technologies used recently by the latest medical devices recommended by many specialists and researchers in the field with sterilization and infection control methods provided by the World Health Organization. A team of doctors and nursing staff oversees these services in the center. You can contact the center’s customer service team through this link to inquire about current discounts and offers.

How Much Does Treating Adult Teeth Misalignment Cost?

Several factors help determine the cost of the medical service provided by the center or clinic to the patient, including the location of the center, the experience of the doctor and nursing team, the price of raw materials used in the treatment, in addition to the patient’s condition

and the extent of damage in their mouth. Regarding the treatment methods used to eliminate teeth misalignment and deviation, there are methods without braces or installing braces. We notice that the cost of treatment without braces can reach 4000 Egyptian pounds, and 1000 Egyptian pounds for a single jaw stabilizer, whereas installing braces can range between 7000 and 20000 Egyptian pounds, and these prices are subject to increase or decrease with changes in the dollar rate. You can learn how to complete the steps of the orthodontic process through this article.

What is the Duration of Orthodontic Treatment?

The duration of treatment varies from one patient to another based on their medical condition, medical history, and how they respond to treatment. Thus, we notice the average treatment period ranges between 12 and 18 months, but sometimes it changes to range between 6 and 30 months. Adhering to the medical guidelines provided by the doctor to the patient helps accelerate the recovery period and shows a positive reaction towards the treatment method. You can learn if there is a possibility to add braces to Hollywood smile and its price in Egypt through this article.

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