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What is the cost of Snap on Smile and its most important advantages and disadvantages?

The cost of snap-on smile, Snap-on smile is one of the cosmetic technologies that help improve the overall appearance of the teeth. Due to the high demand for it in recent times and its ranking in different search engines, we will talk about it in detail in this article in terms of its definition, the cases that need it, its advantages and disadvantages, how to install it and many important information that should be known by patients or those interested in it.

The cost of snap-on smile

The cost of snap-on smile

The cost of snap-on smile

Snap-on smile is porcelain or lens shells that are made of cosmetic ceramic materials that help show the beauty and attractiveness of the teeth and improve the overall appearance of the person. These ceramic materials are porcelain or eMacs and zirconia. They are materials characterized by transparency and similarity to natural teeth in color, shape and size, which gives the teeth a dazzling beautiful smile that draws attention to it and captivates hearts. Getting bright white orderly teeth of uniform shape and size will give the person self-confidence.

It is inexpensive compared to other techniques that give the same results. It is possible to know the factors that determine its cost and the exact value of the cost when following the following headings well. Do not let missing teeth curb your lifestyle, take advantage of our snap-on smile services at The dental center and live in full comfort.

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-on smile is one of the most commonly used cosmetic techniques in solving various dental problems in recent years. It is an easy and fast application technology that gives quick results, which is expressed by the snap clip. The purpose of installing this smile is to hide any deformities or defects that may appear on the surface or structure of the teeth, such as damaged fillings in their cavity, white stains on their surface, or large spaces between some of them.

It is installed in one or two sessions at most, as it does not require the removal of any part of the enamel layer covering the teeth.

Candidates for snap-on smile

Candidates for snap-on smile

Candidates for Snap-On Smile

Snap-on smile is one of the techniques that suits all pathological conditions, and its effectiveness is not limited to a certain category. But there are some cases in which performing snap-on smile is the ideal solution, which can be explained in the following points:

  • Cases suffering from yellow teeth.
  • Cases where there are stains on their teeth surface such as white spots.
  • Extraction or loss of one or two teeth.
  • Teeth moving from their natural position in the gum.
  • Cases that need quick results.
  • Cases that want to preserve the tooth structure without exposure to cold.
  • Cases with gaps between teeth.
  • Cases with healthy gums that do not suffer from any inflammation or allergy symptoms. At our dental center, we take care of your gums to be healthier and more vibrant.
  • Healthy teeth not affected by cracks or decay in their cavities.

Advantages of Snap-On Smile

It is possible to list the many advantages of snap-on smile, which give a positive echo in the patient’s life and prevent many problems and serious complications that are difficult to control, in the following points:

  • Quick installation.
  • Do not require teeth drilling.
  • Movable, can be removed and reinstalled in its designated place in the mouth.
  • Gives teeth the aesthetic look of their own.
  • Does not cause any pain when finally removed.
  • Can be cleaned well due to the ease of removal.
  • Low cost.
  • Worn by many patients while eating.
  • Its color does not change, it is stable and is not affected by any changes occurring in the mouth.
  • It works to hide teeth defects. We provide you with a clear improvement in the appearance of your teeth with snap-on smile at our specialized dental center.

Disadvantages of Snap-On Smile

Although snap-on smile provides many benefits for patients of different age groups and health conditions, there are some damages and disadvantages that can be listed in the following points:

  • The possibility of the installations falling off immediately after installation when eating sticky foods that may stick to the shells or hot air that may expand and shrink them.
  • Difficulty pronouncing letters and words correctly.
  • Unpleasant odors appear.
  • Cannot be installed while sleeping so as not to cause suffocation if they fall off.
  • Manufacturing it in the form of a connected mold may negatively affect the overall appearance to some extent.
  • Causes gum inflammation if the gum edges do not fit well with it.
  • Prone to erosion and disintegration over time.
  • The mold is completely replaced if any part of it is scratched.
  • It may provide an opportunity for food residues to accumulate in the space between it and the tooth surface if it is not installed and fixed properly to the patient’s tooth measurements, which provides an opportunity for bacteria to grow and decay.
  • Tooth or gum sensitivity to snap-on smile components.

Preparation for Snap-On Smile

Preparation for snap-on smile begins with a visual examination by the dentist of the patient’s teeth and gums, then by x-rays and various medical examinations. In case of discovering any problems in the teeth or mouth, appropriate treatment should be received, such as decay or fracture problems in tooth structures.

In addition to thoroughly cleaning the teeth if there are calculus deposits on their surface or various gum diseases including sensitivity or inflammation that need immediate treatment. One of the most important steps to take before installing snap-on smile is to keep the mouth and teeth protected from any infection and clean them continuously with medical cleansing products.

Snap-on smile steps

Snap-on smile steps

Snap-On Smile Steps

The medical examination is the first step taken by the dentist in order to ascertain the problem and try to solve it in a way that suits the patient. Snap-on smile is installed in several steps that can be explained in the following points:

  • Preparing the mouth and teeth for smile installations and treating any possible dental and gum problems.
  • Taking measurements of the patient’s teeth in order to manufacture molds similar to them using polyvinyl siloxane material or polyether and wax molds.
  • Sending these measurements to the dental laboratory in order to manufacture a smile similar to them.
  • The dentist tests the smile in order to make any possible modifications in case it does not match the patient’s teeth.
  • Thoroughly washing and cleaning the teeth before fixing the shells.
  • Fixing the installations on the anterior surface of the teeth.

Recovery After Snap-On Smile

The period following the installation of snap-on smile, the patient will only suffer from anesthesia withdrawal symptoms if subjected to an amount of anesthetic or initial maladaptation to smile installations, but discomfort symptoms disappear within two or three days at most. But there are some severe symptoms that some cases may feel and require the dentist’s immediate intervention, which are one of the following points:

  • Gum ulcers.
  • Feeling constant pain.
  • Bleeding does not stop.
  • Inability to speak and move the jaw.
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing food.
  • Frequent dropping of shells from the tooth surface.

Results Before and After Snap-On Smile

Before installing snap-on smile, the shape of the teeth will be poor, with defects and deformities ranging from gaps between some of them to losing their bright white color, which psychologically affects the patient and makes him lose confidence in himself.

After installing snap-on smile, the situation is completely the opposite, as the teeth are sparkling white and no defect appears on their surface, but they are in their ideal condition, which is reflected positively on the patient’s psychology.

How Much Does Snap-On Smile Cost?

The price of any medical service provided in various medical institutions depends on several factors that we will mention in detail at the end of the article. But for the cost of snap-on smile itself, it can reach 5000 Egyptian pounds. You can contact The dental center to find out about current discounts on it. If you read patients’ experiences, snap-on smile click here.

Other alternatives to snap-on smile

Other alternatives to snap-on smile

Other Alternatives to Snap-On Smile

There are many alternatives to snap-on smile that help beautify the teeth and give them a good appearance and increase their luster and brilliance. These alternatives include the following techniques:

  • Braces: Braces treat gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, lack of uniformity in shape and size, or lack of occlusion of the jaws on each other.
  • Dental bridges: Bridges are techniques that treat problems of losing more than one adjacent tooth, and the bridge needs adjacent teeth to help fix it.
  • Dental implants: Implants are one of the best techniques to solve tooth loss and bone cavity gaps that can later cause problems and serious complications. Filling gaps or replacing damaged teeth with artificial ones, these implanted teeth will help support the rest of the mouth’s teeth in performing their vital functions and protect them from moving from their correct position, weakening, becoming brittle and being damaged.
  • Veneers: These are thin shells and lenses that are fixed to the anterior surface of the teeth in order to hide their deformities and defects. This technique relies on removing a part of the enamel layer that coats the teeth in order to ensure good fixation, and veneers are made of various cosmetic raw materials that resemble teeth in color, shape and size, such as porcelain.
  • Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening sessions work to remove all colored stains and spots from their surface as well as those inside the tooth cavity. The bleaching step is repeated several times until the teeth are obtained sparkling white.

Best Snap-On Smile Clinics

The dental center in Cairo is one of the best centers that provides various cosmetic dental techniques at discounts that suit all patients of different social classes. The center guarantees patients the best medical services, whether when beautifying or treating problems and deformities of various teeth, as a result of applying advanced techniques using the latest laser devices while following sterilization methods and infection control issued by the World Health Organization. A distinguished medical team of doctors and nurses oversees the various services for different age groups of patients. To inquire about current offers, please visit the center’s official website via this link.

Criteria for Determining Snap-On Smile Prices

There are different and diverse criteria that control the pricing of snap-on smile, which can be mentioned in the following points:

  • The city where the clinic or center is located.
  • The dollar price that controls the price of raw materials used in the manufacture of installations.
  • The cost of laser devices used in applying modern techniques followed when installing snap-on smile.
  • The cost of sterilization methods and infection control.
  • The treating dentist’s experience and the professionalism of the medical team assisting him.
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