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Discover the process of installing dental braces and the appropriate age for it

Method of Installing Braces, There are some cosmetic procedures that are provided in the medical field of dentistry, whose role is to obtain a harmonious and organized teeth shape without any problems that lead to major harm or complications in the long run. Among these procedures is teeth straightening, which works to modify and treat the problems that impede the natural shape and appearance of the teeth. Through this article, we will discuss this in detail, follow us.

Method of Installing Braces

Method of Installing Braces

Method of Installing Braces

Healthy teeth and a perfect smile are important things that must be taken care of in order to appear naturally without any problems. For this reason, the cosmetic field specialized in teeth has realized this matter, and provided teeth straightening as one of the most important treatments that help restore the original teeth as they were before. It can be done with all cases that have external damage to the teeth.

What are Dental Braces?

Dental braces are a branch of cosmetic dentistry, and it works to treat problems that affect the teeth, jaws, and face in general. It leads to realigning the teeth in their natural, correct shape. It is also used as an effective treatment to obtain the best results without any deviation or misalignment of the teeth. It also helps get rid of protruding teeth and close the gaps between the teeth, especially the front ones. These problems cause the inability to perform the normal functions of the mouth, such as chewing or speaking, in addition to the appearance of the teeth.

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What are the Cases for Dental Braces?

Braces can be installed at all age stages for those who have misaligned or deviated teeth, without any contraindications or harm that can occur after installation. There are some problems that confirm the need for dental braces as follows:

  1. Readjusting the shape of the teeth and correcting crowding and misalignment of the teeth.
  2. Arranging the upper and lower teeth naturally.
  3. Getting rid of extra teeth in the mouth and preventing them from appearing again.
  4. Improving teeth with cracks in the mouth or cleft lip.
  5. Treating protruding teeth or the problem of crooked teeth.

Complete Steps for Installing Dental Braces

Braces are installed through several stages or steps, which are:

First: Medical Diagnosis: A thorough examination of the condition of the teeth and jaws is conducted, and through this, the type of suitable braces for the patient and the correct treatment method for the patient’s condition are determined.

Second: Conducting Medical Tests: The doctor requires some tests and X-rays on the teeth and jaws to ensure certain things, such as the overall health of the mouth and gums, and the integrity of the jaw bones.

Third: Removing Extra Teeth: After completing the X-rays, all extra teeth inside the mouth are removed so that they do not cause interference or crowding of the teeth.

Fourth: Installing the Dental Braces

  1. The doctor thoroughly cleans the teeth so that the installation can be done without any other obstacles that may lead to an error in the procedure.
  2. They place a jaw stabilizer during installation.
  3. A metal device is used to leave sufficient and appropriate spaces between the teeth and the back molars.
  4. The doctor takes measurements of the natural teeth to study them carefully through a specific model that is manufactured. This step is one of the basics of installing braces.
  5. They clean again so that the braces can be installed.
  6. An adhesive material is used and placed on the tooth surfaces, then the bases of the braces are fixed to determine the position of each tooth.
  7. The doctor uses a powerful light to firmly set this material.
  8. All the fixed bases are securely connected using metal wires by applying pressure on the teeth, and this is based on the extent to which the patient’s condition requires pressure or not.
  9. After that, the stabilizer is placed to maintain the jaws and tooth movement and the safety of the braces.
  10. The doctor schedules several visits to check the braces and monitor them regularly.
Complete Steps for Installing Dental Braces

Complete Steps for Installing Dental Braces

What is the Suitable Age for Dental Braces?

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Many studies and research have recommended the need for early treatment in case of dental problems to prevent the occurrence of other symptoms or complications. Although early detection does not lead to a result, it helps to get rid of the problem and avoid the need for high costs to treat the matter.

The suitable age for installing dental braces is from the age of twelve until the permanent teeth appear and are complete. Some patients with cleft lip can be treated before the age of twelve.

How much does it cost to install dental braces?

When determining the cost of installing dental braces, certain criteria or factors that affect the price of dental braces must be considered, such as the patient’s health condition and the procedures they need before installation, the type of braces used and the treatment period, in addition to the quality of the materials from which the braces are made, and the services provided through the center where the installation is desired. In most cases, the price and cost of dental braces in Egypt range from 7,000 Egyptian pounds to 20,000 Egyptian pounds. Benefit from the discounts and offers provided by our medical center for dental care and contact us now.

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How long does it take to install dental braces?

Installing dental braces requires a certain period of time, ranging from one to two years, and this depends on the degree of difficulty of the problem. In most cases, the period the patient needs is a few months. The duration of installing dental braces may depend on several factors as follows:

  1. The patient’s age: The installation period with children is shorter because their teeth are in the growth stage.
  2. Cleanliness of the teeth and mouth: It is essential for the patient to clean their teeth daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste before installation, so that the treatment is successful without any problems.
  3. Type of dental braces: The installation period is determined based on the type used, whether metal or clear.
  4. Compliance with the dentist’s instructions during treatment: The doctor determines the installation period based on following these instructions, such as eating suitable foods, cleaning the teeth, and how to handle the braces.
  5. Severity of the dental problem: The treatment duration varies depending on the type of problem. If it’s misalignment or deviation, it takes a short period, but in case of jaw misalignment, it takes a longer time.

Types of Dental Braces

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There are several types that can be chosen according to the patient’s needs, which are:

  1. Traditional Metal Braces: Metal braces are commonly used in clinics and medical centers because they do not require high costs and provide the desired result. This type is made entirely of metal.
  2. Ceramic Braces: This type is the most suitable because it consists of ceramic materials that take on the natural color of the teeth, while the wires are metallic. This requires high costs to install on the teeth and must be cleaned regularly to prevent discoloration. Ceramic braces help move the teeth quickly inside the mouth.
  3. Lingual Braces: Many cases require this type of braces because it is hidden and not visible. It is installed on the back teeth and is called lingual or internal braces. It is installed by placing the brackets or metal wires of the braces behind the tooth from the inside, in an inconspicuous way. However, it cannot be cleaned easily and takes a long time to install.
  4. Clear Braces: This type of braces requires high costs for installation because it is clear and cannot be easily noticed. It involves 18 to 30 aligners that are changed and replaced over several weeks of treatment, with adjustments to some spaces between the teeth. It is custom-made for the patient’s condition and requires a long time to be installed correctly and provide the desired results.
Types of Dental Braces

Types of Dental Braces

Disadvantages of Dental Braces

There are a number of disadvantages or complications that result from dental braces, which are:

Difficulty in cleaning: Most patients find it difficult to clean their teeth with braces due to the metal wires present, which can cause some gum inflammation and other problems. Many doctors recommend using a toothbrush specifically designed for braces and a toothpaste containing the effective fluoride for deep cleaning.

Feeling pain: There are a number of people who do not complete the treatment period with braces due to the severe pain felt by the patient in the treated dental area, and this pain develops over time.

Relapse of dental braces: It is possible for the teeth to relapse after a period of installing the braces, and this is due to problems with the gums and tooth supports, or advancing age.

Is installing dental braces painful?

It is known that dental braces do not cause pain, but the patient may feel some pain or discomfort during the initial period of the procedure due to the tension and pressure that occurred during the procedure and changing the position of the teeth to the correct and new position. Therefore, the doctor recommends taking some painkillers and medications that help relieve pain. After a week, the following issues may occur, which will disappear after two weeks, and then the person will return to their normal life:

  1. Sores on the lips or in the mouth itself.
  2. Pain when chewing food.
  3. The appearance of some wounds on the tongue.

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Dental Care After Installing Braces

To maintain the results obtained
Here is the continuation of the translation:

To maintain the results obtained through installing dental braces, you can follow several tips or advice, as follows:

  • Avoid sticky or hard foods that can harm the gums and teeth.
  • Stop consuming sugary foods and carbonated drinks, which can cause damage to the tooth enamel area.
  • Adhere to follow-ups with the doctor and the appointments they set to ensure the movement of the teeth and the safety of the braces.
  • Clean the teeth daily with a toothbrush designed for braces and use dental floss to remove food residue between the teeth.
  • Have the doctor perform a deep teeth cleaning regularly, twice a week.

What are the Components of Dental Braces?

There are several components that dental braces contain, as follows:

  1. It includes metal bases or pieces that are installed directly on the tooth without the need for modifications, and they are wide and hollowed out from the inside and can be opened easily.
  2. There are some metal wires that are connected to the metal bases using the brackets placed on the teeth of the jaw, and the doctor works on tightening these wires to give the desired shape and move the teeth.
  3. The doctor uses some specific tools and techniques for teeth straightening in some cases, to expand the jaws and give the appropriate shape to the teeth and the desired smile.

Advantages of Installing Dental Braces

As we mentioned earlier, dental braces are an effective procedure in solving problems that lead to an unsightly appearance of the teeth, such as their crookedness or misalignment of the rows of teeth from the natural state, or jaw misalignment, as it gets rid of this and more other problems or damage. Some of its advantages are:

  1. Preventing exposure to cavities or infection after naturally aligning the teeth, as it allows the tooth surfaces to be exposed for cleaning without any obstacles.
  2. Obtaining a healthy bite to prevent pressure on certain teeth or a single tooth.
  3. The braces treatment is done without any pain or harm.
  4. It helps maintain the teeth and gums after the healing period.
  5. Giving the natural and aesthetic shape of the teeth, which increases the patient’s confidence when speaking or smiling.

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Advantages of Installing Dental Braces

Advantages of Installing Dental Braces

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