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How to choose a pediatric dentist and when does your child need one?

Pediatric dentist, one of the most important roles that should be adhered to when choosing the treating doctor for children is to look for the person who treats the disease condition who takes into account maintaining the child’s comfort, and many parents look for the desired results for their children so that they enjoy healthy and sound teeth, and throughout this article we will mention many details that help parents choose the appropriate doctor for their child in various centers and clinics.

Pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentist

The pediatric dentist is one of the specialties in the field of dental medicine, and this specialty has the main objective of protecting the child from any dangers that may threaten the health and safety of his teeth, as it helps treat any diseases affecting his teeth, especially tooth decay cavities, gum inflammation and sensitivity symptoms, improper occlusion of jaws, protrusion of front teeth or crooked and uneven teeth, and many other common diseases in children due to the nature of this age group and foods and beverages rich in sugar that destroy their teeth, in addition to teething problems and replacing deciduous teeth with permanent ones and the associated pain, discomfort and many changes.

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When does my child need to visit the dentist?

Usually experts and researchers advise parents to start monitoring the health and safety of their children’s teeth from the beginning of the eruption of their deciduous teeth, i.e. the beginning of the teething stage and when they reach 7 years, which is the stage when their permanent teeth begin to grow and appear in place of the deciduous teeth. At this stage, it is easy to fix any problems that appear on the child’s teeth before any complications or serious problems occur. We provide innovative dental care for your children at our medical dental care center, where we provide custom dental services to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile for children.

Dental problems in children

Children are more prone to various health problems related to teeth, according to the nature of their age group that goes through teething problems and tooth replacement and the nature of foods they tend to or prefer, the most common of these problems are:

  • Decay of deciduous teeth.
  • Bacterial infection and spread of infection in the mouth accompanied by pain.
  • Wrong habits and behaviors such as finger sucking or excessive use of pacifiers.
  • Accidents and violent collisions that they are likely to be exposed to as a result of playing and running.
  • Crooked and protruding teeth or teeth growing over each other due to genetic factors or growth problems.
  • Appearance of mouth ulcers.

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Dental problems in children

Dental problems in children

Causes of tooth decay in children

Tooth decay in children is the most common disease among children, due to several reasons that can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Proliferation of bacteria in the mouth and spread of infection.
  • Eating foods and drinks rich in sugars and starches.
  • Not drinking running water rich in fluoride, which affects their teeth at this sensitive stage due to lack of this active substance that resists decay.
  • Lack of attention to daily tooth brushing and not following a regular care system.
  • Exposure of the mouth to dryness due to decreased saliva secretion.

The importance of choosing a pediatric dentist

Choosing a pediatric dentist is the most important step when treating any problems affecting the child’s mouth, and this is due to the experience and professionalism of the treating physician and how he deals with children at different age stages from infancy until before reaching puberty and convincing them to receive treatment and take care of the health of their teeth is the main factor that many parents are looking for in order to ensure the safety of their children, as annoying toothaches and gum and teething diseases require high skill and application of the latest therapeutic methods that have been reached, our specialized teams at the Dental Care Center work to provide a comfortable and gentle experience for your children while fitting teeth, to ensure their comfort and confidence in medical care.

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Best Medical Center for Pediatric Dentistry in Egypt

Enjoy an exceptional experience of caring for your dental health and smile beauty at the Dental Care Center in Cairo. We offer a comprehensive range of services and features that make us the ideal choice to meet your health and cosmetic needs.

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  • Specialized medical team: We are proud of our team of experienced and dedicated doctors and specialists in dentistry. They provide personal care and innovative treatments, ensuring you have a comfortable experience and exceptional results.
  • Advanced technology: We use the latest medical technologies and devices to achieve the highest levels of quality and effectiveness in our treatments. By relying on advanced technologies, we ensure you have a safe experience and stunning results.
  • Patient comfort first: The treatment experience at our center involves caring for your comfort and satisfaction. We create a comfortable and welcoming environment that makes every visit an enjoyable and satisfying experience.
  • Central location: Our center is located in the heart of Cairo, making it easily accessible. Enjoy the peace of mind of receiving optimal care in a convenient, central location.

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Best Medical Center for Pediatric Dentistry in Egypt

Best Medical Center for Pediatric Dentistry in Egypt

Essential traits for the best pediatric dentist

Choosing the best pediatric dentist is the basic and initial point for properly treating the child and dealing with his psychology in the right way in order to achieve the desired results for parents and making the child satisfied with them and accepting them. In order to reach these results while preserving the child’s psychology, it is important that some traits are available in the treating physician, and these factors can be mentioned in the following points:

  • The doctor must have the experience to help him treat the various problems children are exposed to.
  • The doctor must be able to deal with different child personalities and control their fear and make them feel comfortable and convince them to receive treatment.
  • The doctor must have a high degree of psychological calmness, patience and does not follow any violent methods when dealing with children.
  • The availability of all means of comfort for the child in the clinic or center, in addition to the necessity of following sterilization methods and infection control agreed upon by specialized international bodies.

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Essential traits for the best pediatric dentist

How to deal with children at the dentist?

There are many methods that have been reached by specialists in the field of dentistry and psychology experts in order to properly deal with children scientifically; so that they receive the appropriate treatment for their conditions while preserving their psychology without being exposed to any harm that may adversely affect them later, and there are some examples related to these methods that can be mentioned, which are:

  • Preparing a waiting room for children containing various games that distract them and reduce their fear and make them wait for the examination without making any noise, and it is also possible to provide age-appropriate books so that any disturbance they feel can be reduced.
  • The doctor getting acquainted with the child during the first session is one of the most important points that make him accept attending the follow-up sessions.
  • Letting the child talk about the symptoms he is suffering from and not just listening to the parents.
  • Explaining the child’s health condition simply in order to calm any tension he may feel or even convince him of the need to receive treatment and apply medical instructions at home.

What should I do if children have toothache?

Dental diseases are one of the most common diseases suffered by children as we mentioned during the article in addition to mentioning the causes that lead to it and these diseases are accompanied by feeling pain that keeps the child always upset. This pain is dealt with according to some home methods and health instructions provided by the doctor after examination, which can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Daily use of saltwater solution to get rid of any bacteria trapped in the mouth.
  • Use garlic due to its effectiveness as an anti-germ.
  • Using cold compresses or pieces of ice on the painful area to soothe it.
  • Be sure to drink a cup of warm peppermint powder to soothe the severity of pain felt by the child.
  • Thyme

How to protect your child’s teeth?

The child’s teeth can be kept healthy and healthy, especially when following the medical instructions provided by the doctor to the patient, and preventive methods for the child’s teeth include the following possibilities:

  • Brushing the child’s teeth daily with the toothpaste and brush suitable for tooth sensitivity and the age group he is going through.
  • Commitment to using fluoride toothpaste with an allowed percentage that fights tooth decay.
  • Rinsing with water after each meal.
  • Using any cleaning tools that help maintain the health of teeth such as floss and miswak.
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