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Nerve filling, how much and when is it used?

How much does root canal treatment cost? You can achieve a full recovery for your teeth after root canal treatment, which allows you to get rid of nerve inflammation or infection in the tooth. Before undergoing this medical procedure, you should be sufficiently aware of what filling is, how it is done, and what prices are available, in addition to a lot of information about the suitable center to perform it and other details in the following article.

How much does root canal treatment cost

How much does root canal treatment cost

How much does root canal treatment cost?

Root canal treatment is one of the medical procedures that greatly help us get a comprehensive treatment for dental problems that the patient faces. Usually after teeth cleaning procedures, if they are affected by cavities, they can become inflamed in the nerve, making the therapeutic solution through root canal treatment one of the important steps that help the person get a greater degree of comfort.

Cavities usually occur due to the accumulation of harmful bacteria on the teeth, which leads to an increase in the cavities that the teeth are affected by, so work must be done to improve them through cleaning and filling the teeth. After completing these procedures, the nerve may need filling in order to improve its condition after inflammation.

What is root canal treatment?

As a result of consuming a lot of sugars or neglecting to clean the teeth for a long period, the teeth become affected by cavities, which usually penetrate to the nerve in the tooth. One of the best ways to treat the problem of tooth decay and nerve inflammation is filling, which comes as a subsequent step to cleaning the teeth from dead cells and tissues and removing the damaged part of the tooth pulp.

Root canal treatment is your best choice if the roots of the tooth nerve have become severely inflamed, especially after cleaning the tooth from cavities. If you start to feel swelling in the gums and severe pain in the teeth after filling, you should go back to the doctor to determine if you need a root canal treatment or not.

What is nerve inflammation?

Nerve inflammation is an injury resulting from an infection in the tooth nerve or a virus that affected the nerve and caused damage to the roots, and therefore the patient feels more relief and reaches a much better condition for the teeth than before. There are blood vessels and nerves in the tooth pulp, which become inflamed and have a negative impact, and the person feels severe pain in the nerve.

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What is nerve inflammation?

What is nerve inflammation?

When is root canal treatment necessary?

Root canal treatment is one of the important medical procedures that help the patient achieve a better condition of dental improvement. To recognize that you need root canal treatment before undergoing a medical examination, you may notice some symptoms that necessitate root canal treatment, which are as follows:

  • Severe pain in the affected tooth and inability of the patient to tolerate the pain.
  • Extreme difficulty in chewing food on the affected tooth.
  • Beginning of an abscess appearing in the gum below the tooth.
  • Feeling of inflammation and swelling in the affected tooth.
  • Severe sensitivity in the teeth, specifically in the affected tooth.
  • There may be a slight gum recession around this tooth.
  • In some cases, the pain may lead to a severe headache.
  • Difficulty in consuming extremely cold and extremely hot foods.

If some or all of the above symptoms appear, you should hurry to your treating physician to get a complete diagnosis and start your treatment period quickly.

Root canal treatment for baby teeth

Baby teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced with other teeth, but if the nerve is affected before they fall out, there is more than one way to treat it, and root canal treatment is not one of them. However, some doctors prefer to amputate or remove the nerve pulp, which is the source of the pain that the child feels. This method is considered one of the safest and allows the patient to achieve complete relief without complications.

Your children’s teeth are in safe hands – improving and ensuring the health of their teeth with our experts at The Dental Center.

How many sessions does root canal treatment require?

Root canal treatment works directly to improve the patient’s condition for the better and eliminate the pain that the person is feeling. However, before the root canal treatment is performed, your doctor must perform a complete filling of the root canal to determine the condition of the teeth and the extent of damage to the nerve. Usually, root canal treatment requires one to three sessions, and the doctor determines the most suitable number of sessions for you.

Our Dental Center is equipped with advanced facilities and a dedicated laboratory for quickly manufacturing dental restorations with high quality.

How many sessions does root canal treatment require?

How many sessions does root canal treatment require?

Does every root canal treatment require a crown?

Root canal treatment is a therapeutic step in which the inflammation affecting the nerve is treated and the condition of the teeth that the patient feels relief in is improved. Root canal treatment is resorted to in case the patient has suffered severe damage to the tooth. In this case, a crown is also needed, meaning that the vast majority of patients who have undergone root canal treatment require a crown after the filling.

Our root canal treatment at The Dental Center relies on the latest therapeutic methods and innovative medications. For more information on how to install the crown after root canal treatment, click here.

Complications of root canal treatment

Although root canal treatment is one of the good medical procedures that help you get relief for your teeth and get rid of the severe pain you are currently feeling, there are still some complications or risks associated with root canal treatment that you should be aware of:

  • Persistent pain in the tooth for a few days.
  • In some cases, the filled tooth may become loose.
  • Cracking of the tooth after root canal treatment.
  • Weakness in the tooth which may lead to a part of it breaking.
  • There is a possibility of developing an abscess after root canal treatment.

Proper preparation of the patient before undergoing root canal treatment can help reduce the complications associated with the filling, leading to a state of discomfort.

Benefits of root canal treatment

There are many benefits that the patient gets from undergoing root canal treatment, which improves the patient’s condition for the better and leads to a lot of comfort and a complete recovery of the teeth. Here are some of the advantages and benefits of root canal treatment:

  1. Getting rid of cavities in the teeth.
  2. Ending the infection in the root canal.
  3. Preserving the shape of the tooth.
  4. Getting rid of the damaged nerve.
  5. The patient often does not need any other medical procedure after root canal treatment.
  6. Maintains the condition and full function of the teeth.

The best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

There are many medical procedures that you may need in case the teeth are affected by diseases, and here comes the role of our Dental Center, which is considered one of the best medical centers specialized in dental treatment and cosmetics in Egypt. At the center, we work to provide a selection of the best and varied treatment methods that help improve the patient’s condition for the better.

Inside our Medical Center for Dental Care, we provide you with many opportunities and various forms of modern technologies to improve the condition of your teeth for the better. Therefore, choosing our center is one of your steps towards a distinctive smile and healthy teeth as you wish and suits you. All you have to do now is to contact us and get the appropriate appointment for you.

Benefits of root canal treatment

Benefits of root canal treatment

Is root canal treatment painful?

The inflamed nerve in the tooth or molar causes a state of pain that affects the patient and leads to a state of discomfort in general. If the problem in the tooth nerve worsens, there may be pain during the filling process. However, at The Dental Center, we offer you the best anesthesia techniques that greatly reduce pain during root canal treatment, so the patient does not feel any pain until the dental treatment is complete.

Tips for undergoing root canal treatment

Maintaining the tooth or molar that has undergone root canal treatment is the best thing you can do to reach the desired recovery state as soon as possible. Therefore, you should be fully aware of the procedures and instructions you follow after root canal treatment, and this is what our doctors at The Dental Center help you with through their tips, which give you the ability to recover better after root canal treatment.

Here are some important medical tips after undergoing root canal treatment:

  1. Be careful not to put pressure on the teeth or chew gum.
  2. Avoid eating solid foods that require pressure on the tooth.
  3. It is preferable to eat on the opposite side of the filled teeth.
  4. It is important that you stop eating food and drinks for at least three hours after root canal treatment.
  5. Go to the visits scheduled for you by the doctor to check the current condition of the tooth.

We aim to provide a comfortable and pain-free experience during the root canal treatment at The Dental Center.

Advantages of undergoing root canal treatment

Although some do not prefer to undergo root canal treatment due to the pain that may accompany the patient for a while, the many advantages that root canal treatment offers the patient help them easily choose this procedure. Here are some of the benefits and advantages for the patient after root canal treatment:

  • Maintaining the external shape of the teeth to prevent atrophy or erosion.
  • Preserving the jawbone from damage in case the tooth falls out.
  • The patient is completely rid of the pain resulting from nerve inflammation.
  • The tooth or molar functions fully and naturally.
  • There is no room for re-infection in the tooth.
  • Root canal treatment is less expensive than other treatment options in case of complete tooth loss.

Through our Dental Center, we are keen to provide you with a distinctive experience after root canal treatment and get all the benefits associated with it.

Cost of root canal treatment in Egypt

The difference in root canal treatment prices in Egypt is due to the materials used in filling the teeth, the age of the person undergoing the filling, and also the procedures needed before root canal treatment. So you don’t worry about these details, we offer you reasonable prices for root canal treatment at The Dental Center, ranging from 750 to 1650 Egyptian pounds.

Our prices at The Dental Center  are characterized by transparency and clarity, where we provide accurate details about installation costs and there are no hidden fees.

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