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Learn about the appropriate age for orthodontics for adults and how important it is

The Appropriate Age for Adult Orthodontics, Orthodontic installation technology is one of the therapeutic techniques that are not affected by age when treating any problems that may affect the teeth, making it suitable for both adults and children. Given the importance of orthodontics in treating senior citizens’ problems and the frequent questions about its suitability, we will discuss all the details related to it, especially the factor of advanced age.

The Appropriate Age for Adult Orthodontics

The Appropriate Age for Adult Orthodontics

The Appropriate Age for Adult Orthodontics

It is commonly known that the age for installing orthodontics is between 12 and 15 years. However, we notice that there are individuals older than that who have undergone treatment with orthodontics and achieved the desired results for them after its installation without any problems or complications. Orthodontics has proven its effectiveness and efficiency in medical cases between the twenties, thirties, and forties, maintaining their teeth healthy and intact. It’s time to achieve the change you deserve with orthodontics at The Dental Center.

Is Orthodontics Comfortable for Adults?

Yes, installing orthodontics in adults provides impressive results in all medical cases as a result of following the medical instructions related to it after installation or taking care of the teeth and gums sufficiently to maintain them in good health and a decent aesthetic appearance. Learn how to deal with tooth protrusion after orthodontics through this article.


Is Orthodontics Worth All This Trouble for Adults?

Is Orthodontics Worth All This Trouble for Adults?

Is Orthodontics Worth All This Trouble for Adults?

Yes, a few years ago, adults were not fond of the idea of installing orthodontics to treat their various dental problems. However, with the sharp technological advancement in the field of dentistry and the emergence of modern medical technologies and devices, many doctors have resorted to installing various orthodontics for elderly patients.

Due to the adults’ turnout for installing orthodontics, this motivated researchers and specialists to improve the therapeutic procedures applied when installing orthodontics to suit adults and meet all their needs. They did not only focus on improving the general appearance of the teeth but also strived to apply more techniques that solve various problems related to tooth protrusion, gaps, and misalignment of the jaws. Choose from a variety of orthodontic colors to express your unique personality and style at The Dental Center.

What is the Best Orthodontic Treatment for Adults?

There are different and varied types of orthodontics, and the doctor decides which type is more suitable for each patient. Usually, the doctor discusses the financial capabilities that the patient can afford and the results he hopes to achieve. The least expensive of these types is the traditional metal braces, which many seniors do not prefer due to their inability to adapt to them and their visible appearance to others.

The alternative to it is the sapphire braces or the invisible orthodontics, which consist of transparent designs that are changed as the position of the teeth moves towards the targeted location. This orthodontics applies a mild pressure on the teeth to move them accurately to the desired location, and it can be removed when eating or brushing teeth. Therefore, it is preferred to install it for only 22 hours a day. Learn more about the transparent orthodontic retainer through this article.

The Importance of Orthodontics for Adults

The Importance of Orthodontics for Adults

The Importance of Orthodontics for Adults

Installing orthodontics for adults is one of the most effective therapeutic methods that provide results with high efficiency. Therefore, we can mention its importance in the following points:

  • Orthodontics treats jaw protrusion problems.
  • Improves the pronunciation of some letters and phrases.
  • Supports the teeth in performing their function when eating, as it helps them chew food well, which prevents indigestion due to the inability to chew and swallow food.
  • Treats the problems of teeth buried in the gums.

Stages of Orthodontics for Adults

Installing orthodontics is one of the most therapeutic and cosmetic methods that require long periods to complete its procedures and achieve the effective results that the patient hopes for. Therefore, we can mention the long stages and procedures required by many cases when installing orthodontics through these points:

  • X-ray imaging of the teeth to know the extent of the damage and determine the necessary therapeutic procedures.
  • Making a model of the teeth placement before installing the orthodontics for comparison later when giving the results.
  • Treating any problems that the teeth or gums may be exposed to before installing the orthodontics to prevent any complications later.
  • Installing the components of the orthodontics, and the doctor may resort to installing bridges to support some of the teeth, and both the movable and fixed types perform the same functional tasks.
Reasons for Performing Orthodontics for Adults

Reasons for Performing Orthodontics for Adults

Reasons for Performing Orthodontics for Adults

Installing orthodontics solves many problems that teeth face and the sudden changes that may occur in the mouth. It is one of the best therapeutic techniques used in treating advanced and sophisticated cases because it usually provides impressive results in all cases it treats. Therefore, we can mention some of the reasons that lead to installing orthodontics for adults in the following points:

  • Cases suffering from unorganized teeth.
  • Teeth that are inconsistent in shape, color, and size.
  • Teeth buried in the gums.
  • Teeth crowded in the gums.
  • Gaps between the teeth.
  • Jawbone problems.
  • Protrusion of the front teeth, especially whether for the upper or lower jaw.

Types of Orthodontics for Adults

There are several types of orthodontics, which differ in the raw materials used in manufacturing each type and the different application methods required by some types. Therefore, we can mention the types of orthodontics for adults in the following points:

  • Metal Orthodontics: This type of orthodontics is installed from wires and brackets made of different metals, and one of its most prominent disadvantages is that it does not give the teeth their special aesthetic appearance but is noticeable. However, it is faster in giving results and its cost is simple.
  • Transparent Orthodontics: It is the best type of orthodontics used for cosmetic purposes, and this orthodontics is transparent in the form of a mold that has the same measurements as the patient’s teeth, and one of its most prominent advantages is that it is not noticed by others.

This type requires a longer period to be installed compared to metal orthodontics, and this mold is changed continuously with the change in the position of the teeth to the correct position intended to move them to, so we notice that it is used in 18 or 30 molds, and its only disadvantage is its high cost compared to other types.

  • Ceramic Orthodontics: This type is manufactured from raw materials that have color grades similar to the natural color of the teeth, where its wires and supports do not differ from the color of the teeth, which improves and enhances its aesthetic role in improving the appearance of the teeth, and this orthodontics cost is high compared to metal orthodontics but despite that, it gives better results in shorter time periods, and this orthodontics requires care in order not to affect its appearance and structure by any changes that occur in the mouth.
  • Lingual Orthodontics: This orthodontics is the only invisible type because it is installed on the back surface of the teeth, making it more enhancing to the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. However, it is only installed for specific cases that meet its special conditions and also high cost compared to other types of orthodontics.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontics offers many benefits to all patients and shows its efficiency and effectiveness in obtaining good results. These benefits can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Improving the overall appearance of the teeth: where orthodontics works on organizing the teeth in a neat sequence, which corrects their appearance and gives them the perfect smile as a result of working on eliminating the gaps between the teeth and filling any gaps between them.
  • Protecting the gums from damage: The gums may be exposed to many diseases in case of tooth crowding, but orthodontics prevents that from happening.
  • Preventing gum erosion: Orthodontics reduces the chance of teeth erosion resulting from jaw clenching problems, and its role is to protect the teeth from damage and solve misalignment problems between the jaws, which prevents the loss of tissues, bones, gums, and teeth.
  • Improving speech: Misalignment of jaw teeth and tooth protrusion affect the pronunciation of some letters and words, and orthodontics helps get rid of these problems, making the pronunciation clear without swallowing it or showing any speech impediment.
  • Strengthening the mouth content: Orthodontics strengthens the tissues surrounding the teeth and solves the problems of teeth buried in them.
  • Restoring the teeth to their correct position: Orthodontics moves the teeth back to their correct position again, ensuring the teeth’s ability to receive any other cosmetic services such as dental implants, bridges and crowns, or cosmetic veneers.
  • Assisting in the digestion process: In cases of crooked teeth, which suffer from the inability to chew food, orthodontics improves the way of chewing food, which positively reflects on the digestive system’s functional performance.
  • Preventing cavities in the teeth structure: Orthodontics helps in treating any cavities in the teeth structure so they do not get decayed or the damage reaches the gums.

Post-Orthodontic Procedures for Adults

Installing orthodontics works on moving the teeth to their correct position and reduces their protrusion, narrows the spaces between them, and corrects their crookedness. However, despite obtaining these good results, these results may be reversed, and the teeth may return to their old position before the orthodontics and loosen in their place. Therefore, here comes the role of the retainer that most specialized doctors prefer to install to maintain the teeth fixed in the place they moved to and not to crook again. This retainer must be cared for and maintained clean and not exposed to damage in order to preserve the results obtained from the orthodontics and keep the mouth stable. Do your teeth need orthodontics? Find out the answer through this article.

Differences in Orthodontic Procedures for Adults and Children

There is no difference in the steps and procedures followed when treating by installing orthodontics between adults and children, even the results are similar, and the only difference is that the treatment period needed by adults is longer than the period for children due to the quick response of children to treatment because of the continuous growth of their bones at this stage, unlike adults whose bone growth has completed and their adaptation is somewhat slow.

Learn about the price offers of orthodontics for children through this article.

When is Orthodontics Not Beneficial?

Orthodontics is one of the therapeutic methods that can be resorted to in solving dental problems more than once for a person and at different age stages. The only condition that must be adhered to in order to guarantee the success of the treatment and obtaining the desired results is that the mouth is healthy and the teeth, gums, and tissues associated with them are in appropriate health and safety to install the orthodontics and withstand the pressure resulting from it and moving the teeth from their place to another.

The Most Difficult Orthodontic Cases

Orthodontics is one of the therapeutic techniques that work on solving the different and varied problems of the teeth in addition to its ability to organize the teeth and make them arranged and shiny. The medical cases differ in the problems they suffer from, where there are cases that suffer from gaps and others from crookedness and protrusion of the teeth, etc.

However, there are cases that are more difficult and complex, which suffer from gaps, crookedness, and protrusion of the upper jaw teeth and the growth of the front teeth of the upper jaw on each other, in addition to the appearance of spots on the surface of the teeth and signs of the beginning of decay, and this case was difficult and was not accepted by any clinic or center, but in The Dental Center, this case was dealt with utmost professionalism, caution, and accuracy in determining the necessary procedures and how to treat the different problems of the teeth before proceeding with installing the orthodontics, and the results were satisfactory for the doctor before the patient.

Disadvantages of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is one of the most beneficial therapeutic methods because it ensures the stability and strength of the teeth and their ability to perform their functional tasks, among many other advantages mentioned at the beginning of the article. However, despite that, there are some disadvantages that may reflect negatively on the patient and clarify these disadvantages in the following points:

  • Weakness of the teeth surface: The enamel layer covering the teeth is fragile and weak due to the wear of the teeth that occurs over time, and this damage causes the appearance of pigmentation on the surface of the teeth, such as white spots, which makes the teeth more susceptible to decay.
  • Injury to the soft tissues in the mouth: When installing orthodontics or one of the therapeutic and cosmetic installations, signs of sensitivity may appear in the mouth, such as the lips and cheeks, and this is due to the sharp friction occurring from the components of the orthodontics with the contents of the mouth, which negatively reflects on the health of the tissues.
  • Reaction from the immune system: Some symptoms of allergy may appear towards the chemical materials used in manufacturing the orthodontics, and in case of knowing this allergy, it is necessary to inform the doctor about it in advance so as not to expose the patient to danger.
  • Damage to the roots of the teeth: The teeth move from their natural place towards the correct place intended to fix them due to the pressure exerted on them by the braces and wires of the orthodontics, which affects the length of the roots and their stability and the strength of the teeth and the stability of the mouth consequently.
  • Adverse results after orthodontics: Some problems and risks may appear after removing the orthodontics, and the most common of these problems is the return of the teeth to their position before the orthodontics or their loosening in their place.

Learn about the special features of transparent orthodontics through this article.

The Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

Discover the beauty of your smile at The Dental Center, where providing dental services goes beyond expectations because we pride ourselves on offering the best and most important services for the care of your teeth and jaws, with the highest standards of quality and personal attention to each patient. We assure that our center is equipped with the latest global devices to ensure achieving perfect results that combine comfort and accuracy. Our extensive experience extends to include all areas of general and immediate surgery, in addition to fixed and removable prosthetics, where we guarantee you benefit from comprehensive services that meet your unique needs whether you need simple filling operations or children’s dental care with utmost care.

We guarantee you a comfortable and professional medical experience, and our services are not limited to that, but we also offer a specialized section in cosmetics and orthodontics, in addition to exciting options like “Hollywood Smile” and dental lenses, so move towards a dazzling look and unparalleled confidence with our specialized and dedicated team to achieve the best results for your teeth at The Dental Center, and we guarantee you not only strong and beautiful teeth health but a distinctive medical experience that combines quality, comfort, and excellence.

How Much Does Installing Orthodontics Cost?

The cost of installing orthodontics depends entirely on several factors, the most important of which are the prices of the raw materials that enter its manufacture and which vary over the years with the economic situation and the change in the dollar rate, and the patient’s condition and his medical history and the treating doctor’s experience are among the most important factors taken into consideration without neglecting the number of damaged teeth and the extent of the damage that has occurred to them also, so we notice that the cost of installing traditional orthodontics can range between 26000 and 30000 Egyptian pounds, and the cost of transparent orthodontics may differ somewhat due to some of its cosmetic features where it may be found in centers and clinics at prices from 35000 to 45000 Egyptian pounds, Learn about the difference between the transparent retainer and the metal one through this article.

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