The cost of orthodontics in Egypt and who are the candidates for this procedure? - المركز الطبي لرعاية الأسنان

The cost of orthodontics in Egypt and who are the candidates for this procedure?

Cost of Teeth Straightening in Egypt, Are you looking for an effective treatment to get rid of crooked teeth? Or do you need to fill gaps between your teeth? Do you want to achieve a perfect and healthy smile? You can get braces as one of the effective treatments to achieve the results you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll discuss it in detail, so keep reading.

Cost of Teeth Straightening in Egypt

Cost of Teeth Straightening in Egypt

Cost of Teeth Straightening in Egypt

Teeth straightening is a common medical procedure widely used in medical centers, as it provides a range of benefits and advantages for the patient, whether in the overall appearance of the teeth after rearranging and realigning the teeth rows and filling all the wide gaps between the teeth, as well as improving chewing and speech functions naturally. Therefore, many cases of different ages are interested in getting braces to achieve an effective and lasting result for the problems in their teeth.

Through this article, we’ll take an overview of teeth straightening, its types, how it’s installed, and more information related to this procedure, so keep reading and benefit.

Who are the Candidates for Braces?

Of course, there are several reasons or factors that lead to the use of braces, but it’s certainly done with some of the following cases:

  1. People who suffer from crowding or misalignment of teeth, which negatively affects chewing and speech.
  2. The need to fix a misalignment between the jaws.
  3. Cases with overlapping or protruding teeth, with no natural alignment between the jaws.
  4. Suffering from wide and empty spaces between the teeth.
  5. Difference in size and shape of each tooth.
  6. Lack of harmony between the jaws, i.e., a difference in size between the upper and lower jaws or vice versa.

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Types of Braces

There are different types or shapes of braces, which can be chosen according to the patient’s health condition, the severity of the problem in the teeth, and also the dentist’s recommendation. We’ll mention them as follows:

  • Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are one of the most well-known and prominent braces used to effectively and quickly correct teeth. They are also not very expensive, as they are made entirely of metal, which can cause discomfort for most patients.

  • Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a type of aesthetic braces used to give a natural and aesthetic appearance to the teeth. They are made of a light-colored ceramic material that matches the original color of the teeth and is not easily noticeable on the patient’s teeth. However, these braces require proper care and cleaning to prevent discoloration or shape change.

  • Lingual Braces

These braces are installed in a hidden and invisible manner by attaching the archwires to the inner surface of the teeth, with a thin metal wire passing through the back. This makes them difficult to see inside the mouth. However, this type of braces is not suitable for many cases, as it is expensive and difficult to clean or maintain.

  • Clear Aligners

These are considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of braces, which makes many people opt for them. They are clear plastic trays custom-made for each patient, and they require changing some tooth spaces periodically during the treatment with these aligners.

They are not easily noticeable to others, but they take longer to achieve the desired results, and they are more expensive than other types.

Learn more about gap-closing braces by reading this article.

Steps for Installing Braces

The process of installing braces involves a series of steps or stages that are followed during installation, which include the following points:

First: Medical Diagnosis

Before installation, the dentist performs a comprehensive examination of the teeth and jaws to ensure their health and the absence of any other problems that need treatment before braces. During this step, the most suitable type of braces for the patient’s condition is determined.

Second: Performing Medical Tests

The dentist needs to conduct X-rays and medical tests to assess the condition of the jaws and teeth and examine the state of the jaw bones.

Third: Removing Excess Teeth

After the previous stages, the dentist begins to remove all excess teeth from the mouth to prepare the teeth for the installation of braces. This also helps prevent crowding inside the teeth.

Fourth: Installing Braces

  1. The teeth and mouth are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prepare for the installation of braces.
  2. The dentist uses a jaw stabilizer to allow the patient to open their mouth during the installation of the braces.
  3. The spaces between the molars and teeth are properly adjusted using a small metal tool.
  4. The dentist then prepares a model of the patient’s teeth by taking measurements and sizes to accurately determine the positioning of the metal archwires.
  5. The teeth are cleaned and dried again before starting the installation of the braces.
  6. The dentist applies an adhesive material to the outer surfaces of the teeth, then attaches the metal brackets facing specific directions, applying pressure on the teeth to help correct their position inside the mouth.
  7. Ultraviolet light is applied to the adhesive material to solidify and strongly bond it, making it difficult to dislodge.
  8. Then, the archwires of the braces are securely connected using a thin metal wire with a controlled amount of tension applied, depending on the patient’s needs.
  9. After installing the braces, the jaw stabilizer is removed.

After installing the braces, appointments are scheduled every 4 weeks during the treatment period to apply or increase the pressure on the teeth. This helps effectively move and adjust the teeth to their new position.

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Steps for Installing Braces

Steps for Installing Braces

Benefits of Braces

There are many benefits and advantages offered by braces, whether it’s achieving a healthy and radiant smile or properly aligning and readjusting the teeth. Additionally, there are other benefits of braces, such as:

  1. Providing an aesthetic and organized appearance for the teeth and face in general.
  2. Improving speech by correcting proper pronunciation of sounds.
  3. Resolving the issue of a protruding upper jaw or vice versa.
  4. The ability to chew and eat food naturally without discomfort.
  5. Treating stuttering in children.
  6. Adjusting crowded or overlapping teeth, reducing the pain caused by them.
  7. Treating impacted teeth in the jaw.

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Drawbacks of Braces

Despite the benefits of braces, there are several drawbacks or risks, which include:

Difficulty in Cleaning

Using braces can make it difficult to clean and care for the mouth and teeth, resulting in some issues such as gum and surrounding tissue inflammation, as well as tooth decay. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of cleaning the teeth with a specialized toothbrush and suitable toothpaste.


Experiencing pain after installing braces is one of the most common drawbacks of this procedure, which can cause many patients to discontinue the treatment plan. This pain is usually a result of the constant pressure applied by the metal wires on the teeth. The pain can also increase for several days after installation, causing discomfort.

Relapse of Braces

In most cases, the teeth can revert to their previous misaligned position, which is known as a relapse. This problem often occurs due to gum or tooth support inflammation, as well as aging.

Tips for Maintaining Braces

Here are some tips or instructions to follow to maintain braces after installation to ensure achieving the desired results. The most important tips are:

  • Limit Food Intake

You may find it difficult to clean your teeth, which requires avoiding sugary or sticky foods that can cause tooth decay or adhere to parts of the braces, leading to damage or erosion. Additionally, avoid hard foods that can cause the braces to break.

  • Gently Clean Your Teeth

It’s best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush that can clean your teeth without scratching the braces, as well as a fluoride-containing toothpaste.

  • Clean Your Teeth After Every Meal

It’s important to clean your teeth after meals and use dental floss to remove food particles and prevent bacteria buildup.

  • Schedule Regular Dental Check-ups

It’s essential to visit the dentist regularly during the braces treatment plan to ensure the health of your teeth and braces.

  • See the Dentist if You Experience Pain

If you experience persistent pain after installing the braces, it’s necessary to visit the dentist to prevent further complications or damage to your teeth.

Your beautiful smile is our goal. Experience a pain-free braces treatment at our Dental Center.

Tips for Maintaining Braces

Tips for Maintaining Braces

Duration of Wearing Braces

The duration of wearing braces depends on several criteria or factors that affect the treatment period, which are:

  1. The patient’s age, as the treatment period increases with older age, while children do not require a long duration.
  2. The type of braces used, as each type requires a specific duration to achieve the desired results. For example, clear aligners require a shorter period than traditional metal braces.
  3. The patient’s health condition and the severity of the problem they are facing, whether it’s complex or simple. The more severe the problem, the longer the treatment period.

In general, the duration of wearing braces ranges from 18 months to 3 years, depending on the aforementioned factors.

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Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry

Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry

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