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Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about Emax Dental Prosthetics

Emax dental implants, artificial dental implants are among the most prominent techniques that are followed in treating various dental problems suffered by all patients, and due to their importance and satisfactory results for the various morbid conditions and doctors, we will answer all questions about them through this article.

Emax dental implants

Emax dental implants

Emax dental implants

Artificial dental implants are the most prominent therapeutic methods used in recent years in the field of dentistry, which have given good results that made patients accept them and prefer them over other old treatment methods that they used to rush to before. The idea of ​​implants depends on finding artificial teeth as substitutes for damaged natural teeth.

Dental implants are made from many different raw materials, and emax material is one type of these materials that has some properties similar to natural teeth, as it has the same white color of the teeth and has the strength and hardness that support the teeth to regain their ability to perform all the functional tasks of chewing food well when taking it.

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The difference between zirconium and emax

As we mentioned in the previous lines, there are many types of artificial implants that differ according to the type of raw material used in their manufacture. These materials are different and varied, including zirconium, which was also recently discovered with emax, and they are characterized by having some aesthetic properties that help improve the appearance of the teeth and enable them to perform their functional role.

However, despite this, there are fundamental differences between them, which are the strength and durability of emax and its resistance to fracture and cracks compared to zirconium, which makes it able to withstand any pressures that fall on it. It is the highest quality and the latest artificial implants preferred by doctors and patients, which makes it the most expensive. Emax high quality implants that last a long time, discover beauty and comfort with our distinguished services in the field of dental cosmetics and restoration at The Dental Center.

Types of Emax dental implants

Emax dental implants are the most widely used artificial implants in recent times among doctors to treat any problems faced by different patients. These implants have two main types:

  • Emax zirpress implants

These two types are made of glass ceramic material, but they differ in the degree of aesthetics and strength, as emax press implants are highly durable, unlike emax zir press implants with superior aesthetics. It is possible to get to know each type and its subtypes in detail through the following lines, as emax press implants can be defined as artificial teeth made of lithium disilicate material that has structural and functional properties similar to natural teeth, which makes these artificial implants suitable. It also has many types which are:

  • Emax press HT implants

These are artificial teeth that have a high degree of transparency, which makes them suitable for the enamel layer that closes the teeth, especially when compensating for anterior teeth and aesthetic veneers.

  • Emax press MT implants

These are implants with a lower degree of transparency than Emax press HT implants, which makes them suitable for anterior dental crowns and makes them appear more aesthetically white and shiny compared to the previously mentioned transparent implants.

  • Emax press LT implants

These are emax implants that have a low degree of transparency to make them suitable for posterior dental crowns.

  • Emax press multi implants

Implants suitable for anterior teeth due to their availability in different degrees of transparency and numerous colors, which makes them first-class aesthetic implants.

  • Emax press MO implants

These are implants suitable for posterior teeth that suffer from simple pigmentation spots on their surface due to their medium degree of darkness.

  • Emax press HO implants

These are completely dark artificial teeth, which makes them suitable for teeth and molars located in the posterior region of the mouth that suffer from severe discoloration and require immediate and severe treatment.

  • Impulse opal implants

These are aesthetic implants such as veneers that are fixed on the surface of the anterior teeth and have an ivory color suitable for the color of the enamel layer covering the teeth.

As for emax zirpress implants, they are made of fluorapatite material in high or elevated forms with medium and simple transparency, and these implants are suitable for tooth or gum replacements such as dentures or gum parts.

The last type of emax implants is Emax ceram implants, which is a type of non-fluorapatite ceramic mixed with lithium disilicate and zirconium oxide, which adds an aesthetic quality to the teeth and makes them match the natural teeth to a large extent. Quality and attention to detail are our signature, so discover why we consider The Dental Center to be the best in the field of different dental implants.

Types of Emax dental implants

Types of Emax dental implants

Features of Emax dental implants

Emax dental implants are the most commonly used in recent times to treat any dental damage, and their high success rates or impressive results depend entirely on adherence to and implementation of the methods that preserve them, which are:

  • Their color is similar to the color of natural teeth, which helps improve the overall appearance of the teeth.
  • Gives the mouth a consistent appearance.
  • Restores the patient’s self-confidence.
  • Improves the patient’s psychology.
  • Helps the teeth perform their functional tasks such as chewing food well when eating.
  • Protects the rest of the teeth in the mouth from damage.
  • Maintains the stability and balance of the mouth and distributes pressure throughout it.
  • It is easy to manufacture and mold them in the shape of the patient’s teeth.
  • There are many emax treatment options such as crowns, bridges, dental fillings, braces, which provide the needs of different patients.
  • Keeps the affected tooth in the mouth for as long as possible to prevent its removal and the presence of a gap after it that facilitates the damage of oral tissues and the spread of infection in it.

Details about how to remove a dental implant are available through this article.

Steps to install emax dental implants 2023

Installing emax dental prostheses is one of the procedures that does not require any preparation and does not take any time before installation, and can be done in simple steps:

  • Thoroughly examine the mouth visually and using imaging tools such as X-rays in order to know the health and safety of the gums and teeth and treat any diseases present in the oral cavity.
  • Clean the teeth and remove any calculus deposits on their surface.
  • Remove part of the enamel layer coating the teeth in order to fix the prostheses on their surface.
  • Use an electronic rod to capture all the details of the teeth in the mouth and make prostheses similar in shape, color and size.
  • Test the fit of the prostheses to the patient’s teeth, then make any modifications they may need, then finally fix them on the surface of these teeth.

People who can benefit from Emax dental implants

Emax dental implants are the most famous aesthetic implants that help eliminate any deformities or defects of the teeth, so they are used extensively in a wide range of morbid conditions which are:

  • Cases of complete or partial tooth loss.
  • Those who suffer from fractured tooth structures.
  • Misalignment of teeth in a consistent pattern.
  • Crooked teeth.
  • Erosion of tooth structures.
  • The emergence of cracks and cracks on the tooth surface.
  • Colored teeth.
  • Cases with colored spots and stains on the surface of their teeth.

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People who can benefit from Emax dental implants

People who can benefit from Emax dental implants

Ways to maintain Emax dental implants

Emax dental implants are the most prominent artificial implants that give good results that make patients and doctors gain confidence in them. Their high success rates or impressive results depend entirely on how the methods that preserve them are adhered to and applied, which are:

  • Brushing teeth periodically daily.
  • Use a soft toothbrush that does not cause any gum or implant inflammation.
  • Adhering to the use of fluoride-rich toothpaste that resists decay.
  • Commitment to soft, easy-to-swallow foods.
  • Prevent hard foods that may cause pressure on the implants and move them from their place.
  • Avoid stimulants, sugars, starches and carbonated drinks so as not to stimulate the growth of bacteria on the acids produced from their digestion.
  • Abundance of fruits rich in vitamins and minerals while being careful to avoid acidic fruits.
Prices of Emax dental implants 2023

Prices of Emax dental implants 2023

Does the color of Emax dental implants change over time?

No, the color of emax dental implants does not change over time or when ingesting colored foods and drinks. They are not even affected by teeth whitening sessions because they are raw materials that do not easily lose their color, but rather resist any chemicals that may affect the color of their texture.

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Are Emax dental implants stronger than other types of dental implants?

Yes, emax dental implants are the strongest and most durable compared to other artificial implants, especially zirconium and porcelain. They are long-lasting implants that also give an aesthetic appearance to the teeth.

Alternatives to Emax dental implants

Emax dental implants are one of the most commonly used implants recently in cases of dental treatment and cosmetics. They are also the latest and highest quality and most effective in the few years since they were recently discovered. There are also alternatives that give the same results and have a good appearance that improves the overall appearance of the teeth, such as the famous zirconium implants.

Porcelain implants that have a color similar to the color of natural teeth make them suitable implants in cosmetic cases. As for metal and ceramic implants together, their popularity has spread recently, as they are able to withstand the acute pressure in the posterior areas of the mouth, so they are suitable for posterior molar crowns.

Best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center is your first stop if you are looking for good quality, distinctive service and impressive results and skilled doctors, so don’t miss the opportunity to get to know our address and our medical team and the prices of our services through our official website by clicking on this link. And a brief overview of the center can be mentioned in the following lines.

Our center guarantees patients of all ages, health conditions and problems they suffer from the appropriate treatment for them and their financial capabilities, as the center includes the most skilled dentists in Egypt and the Arab world, trained on the latest therapeutic and cosmetic techniques, so they keep abreast of everything new in medical devices used to facilitate treatment procedures and maintain patient comfort so that they do not feel any pain or discomfort.

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