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What are 3D dental lenses? How much does it cost in Egypt?

3D dental lenses, There are many techniques that help in teeth whitening, which have proven their high efficiency in giving quality results, including 3D dental lenses that many patients are looking for as a result of some doctors recommending them. In this article, we will talk in detail about these lenses, how they are installed and the problems they treat, their cost and the extent of the benefits to the patient when installed, and the disadvantages that may occur.

3D dental lenses

3D dental lenses

3D dental lenses

The radiant smile is the main goal for many people in recent times as a result of the trend of society since the early twentieth century towards the era of the ideal image. Many seek to get a good look and appear properly. 3D dental lenses have helped in this as they have given the desired results for various pathological conditions that were suffering from various deformities of the teeth. These lenses play on restoring the patient’s confidence in himself and the ability to speak correctly and pronounce the exits of words and letters correctly, in addition to chewing food well and not suffering from indigestion. Your smile deserves the best! Regain your confidence after installing 3D dental lenses for your teeth at The Dental Center.

What is Hollywood 3D smile?

The Hollywood 3D smile is thin ceramic layers installed on the front surface of the anterior teeth, so they are made from raw materials similar to natural teeth in color, shape and texture, and with the same sizes. The main goal is to hide defects and deformities of the teeth, as is the case with many other cosmetic techniques, but an additional role that includes treating these problems as much as possible, which suits them and helps them perform their various functional tasks.

This technique was first discovered in Canada and is one of the technologies that used technology primarily to solve dental problems. It relies on taking a three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth in order to analyze it and work to get a better picture of their smile. When comparing it to the original image, the problem is discovered and the appropriate solution for it is known in order to create an ideal smile for the patient’s teeth.

This smile is characterized by flexibility, ease of removal and reinstallation again, which helps to clean it well in order to get rid of any food residues or deposits stuck to its surface. Although it is delicate, it is rigid, which helps it withstand any changes that occur in the mouth and teeth. The support they need without cooling them so as not to lose their strength. You can learn about the possibility of installing braces on the Hollywood smile by reading this article.

What are the problems treated by Hollywood 3D smile?

What are the problems treated by Hollywood 3D smile?

What are the problems treated by Hollywood 3D smile?

Cosmetic and therapeutic techniques such as Hollywood 3D smile work to solve many dental problems, especially the most common ones that can be mentioned:

  • Cases suffering from gaps between teeth and each other, especially those between the anterior teeth because they have a bad psychological effect on the patient, which makes them require a radical solution quickly to restore their self-confidence and smile. Hollywood 3D smile helps with that.
  • Problems with teeth harmony in shape and size, as it works to unify their length and texture, which improves the patient’s smile appearance.
  • People who suffer from tooth yellowing and appearance of stains on their surface due to following wrong behaviors and habits of drinking and eating or neglecting dental hygiene.
  • Cases suffering from chronic gum disease and brittleness of the bones of the oral cavity, where the smile provides the necessary support for them and tries to keep them in a healthy and intact form for as long as possible. You can read about the possibility of installing braces on the Hollywood smile by reading this article.

How much does Hollywood 3D smile cost?

The cost of any medical service provided in various centers, clinics or specialized institutions varies based on the experience of the treating physicians and the development of techniques, devices and sterilization methods used, in addition to the main factor which is the price of raw materials from which it is manufactured, in addition to the patient’s health condition and the extent of damage in the mouth. In many centers recently, the cost of Hollywood 3D smile does not exceed 6000 Egyptian pounds.

What are the benefits of Hollywood 3D smile?

What are the benefits of Hollywood 3D smile?

What are the benefits of Hollywood 3D smile?

Hollywood 3D smile offers many positives and benefits to all patients who have it installed, and it is possible to list these benefits that have a positive impact on the patient’s health and psychology in the following points:

  • Ease and speed of application as it is installed in just two sessions and does not require many procedures.
  • It acts as a barrier between food and teeth, preserving them from exposure to any cause that leads to damage or decay, in addition to giving the teeth the strength and hardness that helps them withstand any changes that occur in the mouth.
  • It gives teeth the aesthetic appearance of them and a beautiful, ideal smile.
  • Low cost compared to other techniques.
  • It does not cause any pain to the patient, so it is installed in most cases without giving the patient a local anesthetic.
  • Safe and does not threaten the teeth and mouth with any harmful side effects that may occur.
  • It lasts for many years in the patient’s mouth, as it may exceed 8 years.
  • It is not affected by foods and drinks that stain teeth in different colors such as stimulants and spices. Our Hollywood 3D smile service at The Dental Center provides you with a permanent and effective solution for damaged teeth.

What is the difference between 3D Hollywood smile and regular Hollywood smile?

Both techniques are used to get rid of various deformities and dental problems and give teeth their aesthetic appearance and make the smile white, bright and radiant, but there is a fundamental difference between them in shape and method of drawing the smile and external design of the teeth, which causes a slight difference in the results obtained from them and a noticeable difference in the design of the jaw teeth. It is possible to clarify these differences between them in the following points:

  • Hollywood 3D smile does not require teeth cooling unlike regular Hollywood smile, which makes it more comfortable and easier to install.
  • Regular Hollywood smile works to design the smile and arrange the teeth of each jaw manually after taking age, gender, face shape and tooth color into account, unlike Hollywood 3D smile, which requires a computer program that depicts the teeth and then works to analyze this image until it gives the ideal picture of the teeth in the end and trying to manufacture a smile containing the same specifications resulting from the device in the laboratory by an expert or highly skilled technician.

My experience with Hollywood 3D smile

There are many cases that have undergone Hollywood 3D smile installation and who convey their experiences in different centers and clinics on social media sites. Among these experiences is a young woman named Rania, who is 30 years old and was suffering from gum sensitivity problems and discoloration of teeth to yellow and brittleness of the bones of her oral cavity, which resulted in other oral problems including bad odors, which made her not respond to teeth whitening sessions. But when she decided to have a Hollywood Smile 3D after the doctor convinced her, all problems disappeared after only 3 sessions and she was always recommending it to many of her surrounding colleagues who were suffering from various dental problems.

Does Hollywood 3D smile have harms?

Maybe, there may be some minor harms or disadvantages resulting from installing Hollywood 3D smile. Among these harms or most famous is the inability to repair it in case it is damaged or a problem occurs on its surface. Also, its color is fixed and does not change over time, so the degree that suits the natural tooth color of each patient should be chosen so as not to spoil the general appearance of the teeth.

Hollywood 3D smile shapes

There are different shapes of Hollywood 3D smile that can be used to eliminate various problems that affect or damage the teeth and make them lose their good function and appearance. It is possible to mention these forms as follows:

  • Veneers: It is one of the most used techniques, it is the basic technique for Hollywood smile installation operations in general. A more advanced type emerged from it, which is lumineer, which has some different features than it. They are cosmetic lenses that adhere to the anterior surface of the teeth in order to get rid of many problems that may affect the teeth. They are lenses specially made for each patient according to the measurements of his teeth and are also similar to natural teeth in color and shape.
  • Lumineers: They are ceramic shells or veneers made of cosmetic porcelain that has many aesthetic qualities, including transparency and crack resistance. They are no different from veneer lenses in the method of manufacture and fixation as we mentioned, lumineer is one of the types of veneer.
  • Emax: These are lenses characterized by the color and shape that resembles natural teeth, but also work to reflect light on the teeth, which gives them radiance and brightness. They suit the anterior teeth more in order to get stunning results.
  • 3D lenses: These are cosmetic but sculpted lenses, they are one of the latest cosmetic techniques that give stunning results without exposure to any pain because they do not require teeth cooling like old techniques. These shells are easy to remove and reinstall again because they are thinner than traditional lenses, and do not cause any harm to the gums.

Precautions to be taken after Hollywood 3D smile installation

There are some precautions that should be adhered to after the installation of Hollywood 3D smile in order to ensure the success of its installation, preserve it and prolong its continuity in the patient’s mouth. Among these precautions are the following:

  • Commitment to permitted foods and avoidance of prohibited: One of the most influential factors on the smile and which may cause its failure in the event of non-compliance is that it always affects the surface of the teeth. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and whole grains should be consumed, starchy foods and sweets should be reduced, and any hard or sticky foods that may cause pressure on smile installations should be avoided.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks, stimulants and alcohol: This type of sweetened drinks that erode teeth and cause them to decay.
  • Maintaining daily hygiene: Brushing teeth using appropriate brush and paste, while being careful to use dental floss or any other cleaning tool that can help remove food residues stuck between teeth.
  • Regular follow-up with the doctor: Commitment to appointment sessions, especially whitening or examination sessions every 6 months or annually in order to reassure the smile and solve any problem that may occur in the mouth early before complications occur.

Do 3D dental lenses require cooling?

No, most cases that have installed 3D dental lenses do not need teeth cooling, but the strength of the enamel layer coating them is maintained so as not to cause their fragility. However, there are some rare cases that may need to remove part of the enamel layer coating their teeth, and the cooling is very simple, negligible.

Best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the best centers providing dental cosmetic and treatment services at the highest level of quality, efficiency and satisfaction for all patients who have received the center’s services, most notably the 3D smile. The center provides 3D smile technology with the latest technologies using the latest laser devices in the field of dentistry, so do not forget to visit the center’s official website and contact the customer service team by clicking here in order to inquire about current discounts and offers. The center includes an elite of the most skilled doctors in various fields of dental treatment and cosmetics, which ensures comfort and safety for patients of all ages, especially children and pregnant women.

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