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Find out the price of a celebrity smile and what are the ways to get it?

The Price of a Celebrity Smile, A celebrity smile is among the best technologies that many people resort to in order to obtain dazzlingly white teeth and a perfect smile that reflects their self-confidence and improves their general appearance. Due to the high interest in celebrity smiles on various social media sites and the desire to know their cost, this article will discuss it, how it’s installed, its special features, potential disadvantages, and other important information and details related to it.

The price of a celebrity smile

The price of a celebrity smile

The Price of a Celebrity Smile

The celebrity smile aims to improve the general appearance of the teeth to present an attractive personality and give a pleasing, comfortable, and acceptable effect to others. It has proven its effectiveness and efficiency in catching our eyes due to the brightness and shine that the teeth exhibit after its installation. There are various types and techniques of the celebrity smile, which require different raw materials for their manufacture. This has led to varied prices, in addition to the procedures required for installing each type playing a significant role in determining the price among other factors that we will detail in the following headings in the article. A unique experience for you – find the perfect celebrity smile to maintain clean and healthy teeth with The Dental Center.

What is a celebrity smile?

What is a celebrity smile?

What is a Celebrity Smile?

The celebrity smile is often worn by celebrities, media personalities, and public figures, especially at events and during television and radio interviews. It usually attracts the general public’s attention when watching movies, series, or even sports events. This smile is characterized by giving the teeth a dazzling whiteness and a coordinated bright appearance that positively reflects on the person’s general appearance, enhancing it and giving confidence and attractiveness. Typically, this smile is made from ceramic or cosmetic raw materials that possess many cosmetic qualities needed by the teeth.

How to Care for a Hollywood Smile

There are several tips that can be followed to maintain healthy and intact teeth and protect the Hollywood smile installations for years in the mouth in the best condition without any negative impact on them. These tips include the following points:

  • Adhering to the guidelines for cleaning the teeth, such as brushing them daily and choosing the right toothpaste and brush, resorting to dental floss or miswak, and various types of medical mouthwash to protect them from any remaining debris on their surface.
  • Adhering to the allowed foods and avoiding the prohibited ones, as this step is the most important and impactful on the health of the teeth due to the presence of foods that cause damage to the teeth such as acids, sugars, and starches, which work to erode the structures of the teeth and may stick to the teeth, giving a chance for bacteria to grow and spread infection in the mouth. The most important foods that nourish the teeth and maintain their health are whole grains rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for their proper growth and strengthening against any damage.
  • Some beverages should be completely avoided, such as alcoholic drinks, and it may be possible to reduce stimulants like tea and coffee somewhat because they stain the teeth and cause yellowing due to their deposition on their surface.
  • Regularly brushing the teeth with fluoride toothpaste that fights decay and gives the teeth strength and hardness.
  • Preventing the teeth from any pressure, especially when consuming hard and tough foods or opening things with them.
  • Adhering to the periodic sessions for checking the teeth and whitening them with the doctor.
How to Get a Celebrity Smile?

How to Get a Celebrity Smile?

How to Get a Celebrity Smile?

The Hollywood smile has offered many advantages for various medical conditions and solved many cosmetic or functional problems faced by some people. The recent technological development has helped to develop and discover different ways to apply it, which include the following:

  • Veneers: One of the most famous cosmetic techniques used due to the amazing and fast results it offers to patients with various medical conditions. Veneers are made from many cosmetic raw materials like ceramic porcelain, which is known for its dazzling whiteness and shine, significantly improving the appearance of the teeth.

These veneers are based on the idea of grinding the teeth and removing part of the enamel coating them, so they require precision and caution when applying and require professional skill from the treating doctor. Given the many procedures that can be applied when installing veneers, their cost is somewhat high compared to other methods.

  • Lumineers: These are veneers discovered as a result of developing the veneer technology; thus, they are a type of veneer installation and are made from the same raw materials and applied similarly to how veneers are applied. However, the only difference is the thickness, which allows the lumineers to be installed without the need to grind the teeth because they are thinner or less thick compared to veneers, which exceeds some patients’ expectations without feeling any side effects.
  • The removable smile: These installations rely on the doctor taking measurements of the patient’s damaged teeth to give them to the lab so that the lab technician can make veneers similar to these measurements in shape, color, and size.
Am I a Good Candidate for a Celebrity Smile?

Am I a Good Candidate for a Celebrity Smile?

Am I a Good Candidate for a Celebrity Smile?

The celebrity smile is a cosmetic technology suitable for patients of all ages and is one of the safe installations that greatly benefit the patient compared to the few potential harms. However, there are some cases where installing the smile is the best and only choice for them, typically suffering from one of the following problems:

  • People who have problems with the appearance of their teeth and seek to improve it and achieve a good overall appearance.
  • Patients with crooked teeth and inconsistency in shape, size, and color among them.
  • Cases of tooth structure erosion.
  • Suffering from various gum diseases, ranging from inflammation and sensitivity to erosion, which require other therapeutic techniques to improve and restore their health and then install the smile afterward. At The Dental Center, we address gum recession with advanced techniques because your oral health matters to us.

Celebrity Smile Before and After

The appearance of teeth before the celebrity smile is radically different from their appearance after installing the smile. The doctor takes pictures of the teeth before and after any installations or operations, especially cosmetic operations that reshape and change the texture and appearance of the teeth significantly. Photos of celebrities spread on various social media and multiple sites are the best evidence of this and are referred to to determine the type of operations they underwent and discuss their details and costs with the doctor and how suitable they are for the person.

The Disadvantages of a Celebrity Smile

The celebrity smile helps solve many problems and flaws that the teeth may suffer from, which can vary between gaps, pigmentation, and crookedness, benefiting the patient a lot with quickly appearing results and impressive changes in the shape of their teeth and improving their functional performance. However, despite this, there are some harms that occur to people who have installed a celebrity smile, which can be listed in the following points:

  • Experiencing severe pain: One of the steps of installing a celebrity smile is the need to grind the teeth and remove part of the enamel coating the teeth, causing pain to the patient after finishing its installation despite being given local anesthesia to reduce its pain.
  • Permanent smile installations: These installations cannot be removed and replaced with others in case they are scratched or flawed, leading to serious complications.
  • High cost: These installations are manufactured from high-cost cosmetic raw materials, so the cost of these installations or veneers is high in various specialized centers and clinics.
  • Requires excessive care: These installations need excessive care in cleaning the teeth somewhat compared to other cosmetic techniques. They require a special brush and toothpaste containing chemicals in high percentages and concentrations and the regular use of various cleaning tools such as miswak and dental floss and adhering to the use of special whitening and cleaning materials for the movable installations as well.
  • Appearance of unpleasant odors: These artificial veneers may cause the appearance of unpleasant smells in the mouth resulting from the emergence of bacteria or infection or suffering from inflammations.
  • Requires high expertise and precision: These installations are not always based on simple steps but require an expert doctor in installations who performs all procedures with a high level of precision and caution to avoid any problems that may cause serious side effects or complications later.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic

The Dental Center is one of the most specialized centers in Cairo that offers various dental cosmetic services at average prices suitable for all different community segments. The center insists on offering discounts throughout the year and continuously on various therapeutic services as well as cosmetic ones. These offers can be inquired about when contacting the customer service team of the center when visiting the official website of the center by clicking on this link.

The center includes a selection of dentists specialized in various dental treatment and cosmetic techniques, as well as surgeons and pediatricians, out of the center’s concern to provide all services and comfort means for patients. This is also clearly shown in providing modern technologies and advanced medical devices that help in their application along with following sterilization and infection control methods recommended by the World Health Organization.

The Price of a Celebrity Smile in Egypt 2023

The price of a celebrity smile in Egypt is determined based on several factors including the type of installation suitable for the patient, the price of raw materials entering its manufacture, which varies with the dollar price as they are imported materials, the patient’s condition and medical history that determine the necessary procedures for him and which vary from one patient to another, leading to a variation in cost. The cost of technologies and medical devices and sterilization methods used, and the experience of the doctor and the medical team supervising the treatment or operation are among the most important factors that play a vital role in determining the price as well, leading to the price of the removable smile ranging between 5250 and 7000 Egyptian pounds per jaw, while the veneer per tooth ranges between 2500 and 5000 Egyptian pounds, and some high-efficiency types reach up to 9000 Egyptian pounds. Lumineers are the most cost-effective, starting from 4000 Egyptian pounds and not exceeding the cost of special imported materials from 10000 Egyptian pounds.

Advantages of a Celebrity Smile

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a celebrity smile solves many problems and flaws that are rare to occur or affect the teeth and mouth, reflecting or clarifying its importance to the patient, which can be presented in the following points:

  • Gives satisfactory results to all patients in a short period of time.
  • The results it gives last for many years, maintaining the stability of the teeth without costing much.
  • Improves the overall appearance of the teeth, giving them attractiveness, shine, and brightness, proving its efficiency unlike some techniques that affect the appearance of the teeth and mouth somewhat like orthodontics.
  • Some of its installations are fixed in color and do not change with the general atmosphere of the mouth or the consumption of foods and drinks that stain the surface of the teeth with different colors.
  • Hides any defects in the structure of the teeth such as crookedness and inconsistency.
  • Treats cases of tooth sensitivity.
  • Treats cases of cracks and fractures in the tooth structure.
  • Some special installations treat osteoporosis of the teeth resulting from the weakness of the enamel layer coating them.
  • It is available in many different shades of white for teeth, which gives all patients the opportunity to choose the color that suits their teeth.
  • Some of its compositions do not require teeth cooling, which preserves them and their sturdy, solid structure.
  • The compositions of veneers and lumineers are characterized by a high degree of stability, as they are not easily moved from their place or removed from the tooth surface.
  • They do not require long periods of time, which distinguishes them from other cosmetic techniques.

What are the disadvantages and precautions of a celebrity smile?

We mentioned many of the advantages of a celebrity smile in previous headings in the article, as well as some of the harms that may occur when installing this smile, but there are also some negatives and precautions that should be taken into account in order to get the stunning results that characterize it without the need to change or replace it during a short period of time and be exposed to serious complications, and these negatives and precautions include the following points:

      • Damage to smile fittings: It is possible that the celebrity smile will be damaged or decayed and fractured in its structure, which makes it unable to perform its functional tasks, but rather has the opposite effect that appears in the form of bacteria beginning to grow in the mouth and the spread of infection.
      • Change of smile color: It is possible that different stains and spots will appear on the surface of these prosthetic lenses when indulging in foods that stain the teeth and stimulants and spices.
      • Loss of smile fittings: It is possible that the mobile smile will be broken or cracked when installed and removed repeatedly, and it may not be installed correctly, which helps accumulate food between its spaces and bacterial growth.

How long does a Hollywood smile take?

The Hollywood smile is a technique resorted to by many specialists in getting rid of any defects that appear on the tooth structure or surface. It is a technique that has recently been discovered as a result of the sudden change in technology, which has been positively reflected in various fields of science and the discovery of different treatment and beautification methods in the field of teeth in particular, in addition to developing many medical devices that may help in applying techniques and speeding up results and reducing side effects of various operations and surgeries, which works to comfort the patient and reduce the chances of him feeling pain. As a result, the Hollywood smile takes place during one session that does not exceed half an hour and in most complicated cases does not exceed two hours.

What is the difference between teeth whitening and the Hollywood smile?

There is a fundamental and clear difference between teeth whitening techniques and the Hollywood smile, although their results are the same and they work towards achieving one goal, which is to get bright white teeth free of any deformities in their structure, which helps improve their overall appearance and enhance a person’s self-confidence and mood. This difference lies in the fact that whitening remains effective for a period of 6 months to a year, which may increase or decrease slightly depending on the whitening method or technique followed. In many cases, the effect of teeth whitening lasted up to 3 years when using lasers and the dentist’s skill and attention to all teeth care instructions, unlike the Hollywood smile, which lasts for many years ranging from 5 to 15 years and in many cases up to 20 years depending on the type of composition or veneer used as well.

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