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Everything you need to know about the cost of tooth implantation and the most important instructions to follow after the implantation!

Tooth implant cost, how much does tooth implant cost and can everyone afford it or will this make us go back to tooth implant alternatives, all this information and more we will get to know in detail in addition to many other different information and many other things that interest you in this regard in detail so follow us so you can find what you like.

Tooth implant cost

Tooth implant cost

Tooth implant cost

After tooth implants gained great admiration from people and they saw amazing results themselves, everyone wonders about the cost of implanting one tooth or more, so we find that prices vary from country to country and according to the type of implant used, but the average cost of one implant in our dental center ranges from 6000 to 12000 Egyptian pounds.

It is well known that the cost of tooth and tooth implants in the United States of America is very high, up to $3000 to $4500 for one tooth, while in Egypt, tooth and tooth implant prices are among the low-cost countries, ranging from 3000 to 10000 Egyptian pounds for one implant.

What is a tooth implant procedure?

Tooth implant procedure works to compensate for the broken and damaged tooth through a root made of materials that are fully compatible with body tissues such as titanium, which has a great ability to adhere and integrate with the jaw bones.

This method is one of the latest methods used to compensate for missing teeth and teeth as a result of decay or fracture, and the implants placed are not susceptible to decay.

How is tooth implantation done in Egypt

Tooth implantation in Egypt is done through several steps performed by your specialist doctor as follows:

  • First stage: It depends on fixing the implant, which is made of titanium metal, in place of the missing tooth in the bone tissue, and this implant makes the root and the procedure is performed under the effect of local anesthesia.
  • Second stage: It is best at this stage to wait until complete healing occurs between the bone tissue and the implant, and this time is not specific but varies according to the patient, and we find that the implant integrates with the bones of the lower jaw faster than its counterpart that integrates with the bones of the upper jaw.
  • Third stage: More than one session is performed in order to obtain prints of the mouth that help manufacture the appropriate prosthetic part, also known as the alternative tooth.
  • Fourth stage: It includes installing the alternative tooth permanently and attaching it to the titanium root body.
How is tooth implantation done in Egypt

How is tooth implantation done in Egypt

Types of tooth implants

Types of tooth implants vary according to their manufacturing companies and names from country to country, but most of them fall under two main types as follows:

  • Endosteal: It is considered the most commonly used and prevalent safe type among dentists, and in this type the implant is placed inside the jaw bones, and there are types that differ in shape, size and use.
  • Subperiosteal: This type is when the implants are placed under the gum, that is, above the jaw bone and is often known as an onlay implant.

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Latest tooth implant techniques in Egypt 2023

Latest tooth implant techniques in Egypt 2023

There are more than one technique on which tooth implantation is based, and the appropriate type is chosen according to the health of the jaw bones and the number of teeth to be replaced, which are as follows:

Onlay tooth implant

It relies on placing the implant inside the gum tissues above the jaw bones, where the head of the implant is seen from the gum for prosthetic restoration, and this method is characterized in that it can safely carry dentures for individuals who do not have enough height in the bones.

Endosteal tooth implant

It is the most common type, where the process takes place in two stages and they are planted directly into the jaw bone and are an alternative to the bridge or removable denture, and it has many shapes including nail, cylinder and smooth dowel.

Two-stage tooth implant

It is one of the widely used techniques in the field of tooth and tooth implantation in Egypt, where the implant is placed in the jaw bones through a surgical procedure under the gum, and the gum tissue is closed with several stitches to protect the implant during the bone healing process with it, and then after a period of complete healing, a second surgical procedure is performed. to reveal the implant and attach the abutment and prosthetic tooth to it.

Single stage tooth implant

This operation includes inserting a longer, one-piece implant that protrudes from the gum tissue as soon as it is placed in the jaw bones, and after a period of healing, the abutment and crown are placed without a second surgery to uncover the implant.

In this technique, a two-piece implantation procedure can be used, as in the two-stage procedure, in which the implant abutment and healing are connected faster.

Single stage tooth implant

Single stage tooth implant

Does tooth implant surgery require preparation?

The tooth implant process depends on replacing the roots of teeth and molars with titanium abutments and installing them in the jaw bones and above them an artificial tooth or molar that resembles the real one and does its job. Since tooth implants may require one or more surgical procedures, it is necessary to have an examination in order to prepare for the tooth implant procedure, which includes:

  • A comprehensive examination of the teeth, molars and gum tissue by taking x-rays, 3D images and making models of the teeth and jaw.
  • Reviewing the medical history of the case and reviewing the medications and supplements taken and making sure he has heart disease or has undergone tooth implantation before.
  • Developing a treatment plan according to the condition, taking into account some factors such as the number of teeth and teeth that need to be implanted, in addition to the condition of the jaw and surrounding teeth.
  • Choosing the appropriate type of anesthesia, whether local, sedative, or general anesthesia, depending on the case and the best choice for it.

Post tooth implant surgery instructions

To ensure the success of the tooth implant process, you must follow some instructions to maintain the health of the artificial and natural teeth as well, which include:

  • Maintaining oral and dental hygiene using a toothbrush and toothpaste, and there are types of toothbrushes that clean the corners, cracks around the teeth, gums and metal abutments.
  • The need to visit the dentist regularly in order to ascertain the health of the implant and the safety of the grafts.
  • Be careful to eat soft, mushy foods and avoid strong pressure on the implant.
  • Avoid bad habits, breaking hard objects, and avoid tobacco and caffeine products.
Post tooth implant surgery instructions

Post tooth implant surgery instructions

Can more than one tooth be implanted?

Of course, more than one tooth can be implanted, but if you have two or three adjacent missing teeth and want to replace them, then getting a permanent tooth bridge supported by the implant is the appropriate and best choice in that situation, so two or three tooth crowns are attached to each other.

What factors control the cost of tooth implants?

Indeed, there are several factors that affect the prices of tooth implants, the most important of which are:

  • The number of missing teeth that need replacement.
  • The person’s need for a full denture implant, and the cost of this is very high.
  • The type of titanium material used in the graft.
  • The general condition of the jaw bones and their need for reconstruction or not.
  • The need to perform some additional procedures for the implant process, which include treatment of nerve and root inflammation
  • Getting a CT scan of the jaw
  • Conducting necessary tests and examinations before starting the implant process
  • Determining the type of anesthesia, whether the case requires general anesthesia or local anesthesia, as they differ in price from each other, as the general is of course greater in cost than the local.

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