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Nerve filling sessions and how long does the pain last after them?

Root Canal Treatment Sessions, Some people have negative habits that affect the health of their teeth and mouth, exposing them to damage or problems that require treatments to get rid of them and obtain healthy teeth. These problems also cause other injuries to tissues or nerves. One of these solutions or treatments is root canal treatment, which we will discuss in detail throughout this article.

Root Canal Treatment Sessions

Root Canal Treatment Sessions

Root Canal Treatment Sessions

Patients resort to undergoing root canal treatment when they suffer deep damage that reaches the nerves, and this is due to several reasons, most notably when a person suffers from severe tooth decay and leaves it without treatment or any medical intervention, which leads to nerve damage or erosion and continuous pain resulting from this damage. Therefore, many doctors recommend the necessity of resorting to treatments when suffering from minor decay, so that it does not increase over time and develop into tissue or internal nerve damage in the same tooth. We will present all the information that will interest you about root canal treatment, its causes, how it works, and its side effects, all through this article, follow us.

What is Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is considered one of the effective medical procedures that treat the infected pulp area, which is the main center containing the internal tissues and nerves of the tooth. When severe decay occurs and modifications are made several times inside the teeth, this leads to nerve inflammation. If these inflammations are left untreated, the condition develops into an abscess in the affected area. Most patients see that the root canal treatment is one of the painful treatments or those that affect the health of the tooth after removing the damaged nerve, but the nerve cannot cause any harm to the functions of the tooth after its removal.

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Reasons for Resorting to Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is resorted to when the internal area of the tooth is damaged and, over time, bacteria and microbes spread, and the condition worsens. If the patient leaves the tooth untreated, they may experience the following:

  • Damage and death of the tooth pulp responsible for all internal parts.
  • Swelling of the face and swelling of other surrounding areas of the same tooth.
  • Loss of bone around the tooth roots.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

The root canal treatment procedure is carried out in three stages over two or three sessions, depending on the patient’s health condition, whether it is easy or difficult. This period may increase if the size of the injury or existing inflammations is large. The root canal treatment steps are as follows:

  • Cleaning the Root Canal

This is the first step before performing root canal treatment, where the doctor thoroughly cleans the roots as follows:

  1. The doctor applies a local anesthetic to the affected area.
  2. They make a small incision above the tooth surface to access the internal tissues.
  3. Then, the infected pulp or nerve is removed using medical tools.
  • Filling the Root Canal

This step is carried out as follows:

  1. The doctor disinfects and deeply cleans the affected area using very precise tools.
  2. They create the filling from rubber materials and use an adhesive material to seal the openings in the roots.
  3. After removing all damaged nerves, the patient no longer feels any pain.
  • Adding a Filling or Crown to the Tooth: After completing the medical procedures to remove the nerve, the tooth is in a weakened state and susceptible to breaking at any time. Therefore, doctors recommend placing a crown on the tooth surface to protect and strengthen it. The crown can be manufactured within a certain period, and during this time, the patient should not chew food at the filling location. They must wait until the crown is completed and installed, after which they can use the tooth normally.

Root Canal Treatment Complications

There are a number of complications or side effects resulting from root canal treatment. If these complications occur, the doctor will complete the filling. To avoid them, the patient must follow the doctor’s advice and instructions, including taking certain antibiotics, which include the following:

  1. After root canal treatment, it is not possible to locate all the existing roots of the teeth completely, which leads to the spread of bacteria or infection and reaches the surrounding bones.
  2. Inconsistency between the size of the filling and the roots, allowing bacteria to spread and causing infections again.
  3. Exposure to cracks during the procedure or breakage of some medical tools.

Number of Root Canal Treatment Sessions

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Most often, root canal treatment requires two or three sessions to be completed. It is possible to complete the root canal treatment in a single session, depending on the patient’s condition and the size of the injuries or existing inflammations. The number of sessions may increase or decrease. If the patient’s condition is simple, only one session is needed, followed by the final installation of the crown or veneer.

Importance of Crowning Teeth After Nerve Removal

The importance of crowning teeth after root canal treatment can be determined through the following points:

  • Maintaining Dental Health: The size of the existing decay in the tooth determines whether the patient needs a veneer or not. If the patient suffers from minor cracks, the doctor can fill the tooth with resin material instead of crowning the entire tooth. Additionally, tooth veneers cannot be used in cases where there is minor damage to the adjacent teeth and the remaining teeth are healthy and sound.
  • Avoiding Teeth Grinding: This problem, which many people suffer from, leads to weakening and easy erosion of the teeth without any medical intervention. Therefore, a veneer must be placed on the affected tooth after root canal treatment, especially in cases where the patient has a teeth grinding problem.
  • Protecting Damaged Teeth: When the damaged tooth is treated and the damaged nerve is removed, the teeth are in a weakened state and susceptible to breaking at any time. Therefore, it is recommended to place a veneer on the teeth after nerve removal to prevent any damage and permanent loss.
Importance of Crowning Teeth After Nerve Removal

Importance of Crowning Teeth After Nerve Removal

Treating Cheek Swelling After Nerve Removal

It is possible for nerve removal to lead to some symptoms or side effects such as pain or sensitivity when chewing food in general, or swelling of the gums and swelling of the cheek and surrounding areas. If these symptoms persist for several days after nerve removal, the patient must inform the doctor and consult them to determine the appropriate treatment for cheek and face swelling after this procedure.

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Causes of Pain After Nerve Removal and Root Canal Treatment

Nerve removal and root canal treatment are procedures that result in some tooth pain, which disappears over time. However, in some cases, the situation may worsen due to several reasons or factors, as follows:

  • Tooth Abscess: It is possible for the patient to develop an infection or spread of bacteria, leading to an abscess, which causes pain when eating or difficulty moving the head and opening the mouth.
  • Tooth Sensitivity After Nerve Removal: Nerve removal may cause sensitivity in all cases towards eating or drinking, which lasts for a certain period after the procedure and may persist for up to four weeks. This sensitivity can be alleviated by using a desensitizing toothpaste. This is a natural occurrence after root canal treatment.
  • Sensitivity to the Filling: Many people who want to undergo a filling procedure experience sensitivity to the materials used in this procedure, causing pain, gum inflammation, and other issues. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of filling before placing it in the patient’s mouth.
  • Presence of Cracks and Wounds in the Teeth: When the tooth develops cracks or wounds after treatment, this can lead to damage such as contamination or decay. In this case, treatment is repeated after nerve removal.

How Long Does Pain Last After Root Canal Treatment?

It is natural to experience pain or discomfort in the tooth after root canal treatment, and there is no need for concern or discomfort. This feeling may last from two to four weeks, after which it will completely disappear. Some over-the-counter pain relievers or medications can be used to reduce any pain.

We understand that tooth pain after root canal treatment can affect the patient’s experience, so we aim to provide personalized and professional care to alleviate symptoms and improve comfort, contact us.

How to Care for Teeth After Root Canal Treatment

There are some tips or guidelines that must be followed after completing the root canal treatment, which are as follows:

  1. Avoid eating hard or tough foods during the initial period after undergoing root canal treatment. You can consume some light and easy-to-chew foods.
  2. Use some pain relievers or medications prescribed by the doctor to reduce the pain that occurs immediately after the procedure.
  3. Pay attention to daily dental and oral hygiene by using the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste for you.
  4. Continuous follow-up with the doctor to avoid neglecting dental health.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is considered one of the important treatments that lead to effective results when performed. It offers several benefits that maintain the health of the teeth and mouth, as follows:

  • It plays a major role in treating deep decay that reaches the roots and tissues.
  • It eliminates bacteria present in the pulp and completely removes the damaged nerve, helping to get rid of pain resulting from that.
  • It leads to successful and long-lasting results if properly cared for.
  • It protects the treated tooth or surrounding areas from any contamination or infection.
  • This procedure also helps preserve the treated teeth through the filling and placement of the veneer or crown.

What Happens If Root Canal Treatment Is Not Performed?

If root canal treatment is not performed, it results in complications that harm the health of the teeth and mouth, causing difficult problems that require major medical interventions and high costs. Not completing the root canal treatment and sealing the root canals with fillings allows bacteria and infection to enter, causing an abscess that erodes and damages the jawbone around the affected tooth. Additionally, if a veneer or crown is not placed on the tooth after treatment, it weakens and becomes susceptible to easy breakage. If these issues are neglected, further treatment may be required, and the person may lose their teeth.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The cost of root canal treatment can be determined through a set of factors that affect the cost when performed, but generally, the cost of root canal treatment ranges from 1500 Egyptian pounds to 3000 Egyptian pounds per tooth through our specialized dental center . The factors are:

  1. The patient’s health condition.
  2. The treatment procedures performed before the root canal.
  3. The size of the injury to the affected tooth.
  4. The level of services or healthcare provided by the center.
  5. The materials used in the filling.

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Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

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