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My experience with dental implants and whether dental implants fall out over time?

Dental implants, that recent breakthrough in the field of dentistry, which has gained a large audience recently, let us get acquainted together with how to perform this operation and the results that appear through it. The following article will shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants, along with recounting the different experiences of people who have actually undergone the experience and benefiting from their experience.

My Experience with Dental Implants

My Experience with Dental Implants

My Experience with Dental Implants

There is no doubt that many people feel anxious before undergoing a dental implant procedure and the long duration it takes, and they become bored from waiting for a long period of up to months for the healing and complete recovery process between the different stages. However, all those questions and confusion disappear as soon as they see the final result and that the result of the implant resembles the shape of natural teeth, and they have a conviction and satisfaction with the final result they have achieved.

One girl from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia says that she made many attempts that actually failed to repair some of the congenital defects in her molars, and she ended up having to extract this molar, which made her turn to the idea of tooth implants, an experience that was largely successful and gave her fruitful results. She went to one of the largest specialized centers in Riyadh, and initially installed the metal part, then waited for a period of up to three months and had an x-ray done to ensure the implant had fused with the gum, and then the doctor implanted the new tooth.

My Experience with Immediate Dental Implants

Recently, immediate dental implants have achieved great success due to the fact that the patient does not have to wait for months to be able to install the metal part and install the new tooth on top of it, but the operation is completed within two or three days. The implant is placed in the bone itself, and within two days, the doctor has taken measurements of the tooth he wants to implant and sent them to the lab, and the next day, the doctor installs the crown. For more information about immediate implants, we recommend the following article Click here.

We have the experience of a young man who actually went through the process, and he says it was the fastest and best experience he has ever had. He says that he had been suffering from the loss of one of his teeth for about five years and was looking for the best solution until the doctor advised him to have an immediate dental implant, which was a successful experience, and the result was permanent, which he could not believe.

My Experience with Front Tooth Implants

Being exposed to the loss of one of the front teeth is considered one of the distressing things that causes discomfort and annoyance for the patient when talking to someone or trying to smile, and implanting the front teeth is one of the difficult experiences, but it is worth trying to maintain the appearance of the mouth while eating, drinking, and speaking.

Here we have a girl from the United States of America who tells her experience that she was exposed to an accident in her childhood that led to the breaking of her front teeth when she was nine years old, and she procrastinated about this matter until she was 16 years old, and those close to her advised her to have her teeth implanted so that they would be permanent and stable.

And indeed, she went to the specialist doctor who extracted her broken teeth and began the steps of installing the metal implant, then waited for a period of six months until he installed the new teeth, and she says that she initially had difficulty eating food until the matter disappeared and she felt extremely happy with the result she obtained.

Muhammad, a young man from Bahrain, says that he has actually undergone the experience of implanting a front tooth more than five years ago. He had a missing tooth, and the doctor advised him to have it implanted. He added that he used to chew food with great difficulty and might have to cut the food with his hand before eating it, but over time, he began to use the artificial tooth naturally and did not cause him any further problems or pain, but he says if he had the same thing again, he would not resort to tooth implants and would be satisfied with installing a bridge.

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My Experience with Front Tooth Implants

My Experience with Front Tooth Implants

How is the Dental Implant Procedure Performed?

A dental implant is a procedure in which the missing or damaged tooth is replaced by implanting a screw in the position of this tooth, as it forms a strong base that leads to fixing the new tooth. Then, the abutment is placed on it, and finally, it is covered with the crown, which is the artificial tooth.

In most cases, the screws are made of titanium, and the doctor makes an incision in the gum, then drills a hole in the jawbone to place the screw in it and secure it. There are some cases where the bone is not sufficient, and the doctor resorts to adding bone through bone grafting or resorting to it in case the jawbones are weak due to an injury that leads to the loss of natural teeth.

The doctor makes a hole in the jaw where he inserts the titanium implant, then sutures the incision afterward, and the area is left until it heals completely. During the healing process, the patient may wear dentures over the incision for a day or two until the pain subsides. After the gum has healed, the doctor checks the stability and strength of the implant to proceed to the next stage, which is installing the abutment and crown.

The abutment is made of titanium, and the doctor makes another opening in the gum after the area has healed and fused, and secures the abutment in the middle of the implant. Of course, the area is left for several days until it heals completely, and the abutment will be slightly protruding above the gum line. A temporary crown can be placed on the abutment or dentures can be used over it until the healing period is over.

We come to the final stage of dental implants, which depends on placing the crown over the abutment, where the doctor takes an idea of the shape of the surrounding teeth at the implant site so that he can make a crown that matches the shape of the existing teeth. If the implanted tooth is one of the front teeth, the doctor will try to make a crown that matches the color of the natural teeth so that the smile appears in a uniform color, and the crown is secured to the abutment until the implant steps are completed.

My Experience with Dental Implants After an Accident

Here we have a case of a thirty-year-old girl who lost some of her teeth due to an accident she suffered more than a year ago, and the doctors advised her to have dental implants for the teeth she lost, as it was the suitable option for her condition.

She says that she was in a very bad psychological state and was overwhelmed by despair and frustration with the appearance of her smile and teeth, and that it was the end of the world for her until she underwent the dental implant surgery, and the result was very satisfactory for her. Although the treatment and recovery period was long and somewhat painful, the good feeling she feels now and the result she has achieved made her forget all the bad feelings she had gone through since the accident.

My Experience with Dental Implants After an Accident

My Experience with Dental Implants After an Accident

Results of Dental Implants

The dental implant procedure gives satisfactory and successful results to a large extent in most cases, but despite this, there are those who practice bad habits after the implant procedure and neglect the care of their teeth, which leads to the opposite results of the procedure. So let us present the most important instructions that must be followed in order to maintain oral and dental health after the implant procedure, including:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Reduce the intake of stimulants and caffeine found in coffee, tea, and cocoa
  • The necessity of maintaining oral health and using toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss to get rid of food residues, in addition to using a disinfecting mouthwash.
  • Do not chew or consume hard foods or ice so as not to cause the tooth to slip or break.
  • Make sure to go for regular visits to the doctor in order to ensure the results of the implant and diagnose any problems the patient faces and arrive at a suitable solution for them quickly.

Do Dental Implants Fall Out Over Time?

The success rate of dental implants ranges from 90 to 95%, and yet there are some reasons that lead to the failure of the dental implant, which vary between early and late causes, which we will review in some detail as follows:

Early Causes of Implant Screw Failure

  • An infection may occur at the implant site during or after the dental implant procedure, especially in people with immune diseases, smokers, or those who do not care about dental hygiene.
  • Movement of the implanted part, which is a result of some doctors following the technique of completing the implant procedure in one session, which causes the healing and fusion process to be incomplete, and therefore, the teeth lack sufficient stability and move too much, causing the implant screw to appear and come out of its natural position.
  • In case there is not enough bone or if the jawbones were not properly prepared, it may lead to the failure of the procedure and the falling out of the dental implant screw because it cannot withstand the implant.
  • In some cases, the body may reject the dental implant if it has an allergy to the titanium material, and the symptoms of the allergy manifest as loss of taste, swelling, and a feeling of tingling. The person should consult the doctor immediately if they experience these symptoms so that the appropriate measures can be taken.
  • Failure to follow the doctor’s instructions after the dental implant procedure may lead to complications that worsen and cause the dental implant to fall out later on. Among the most important of these instructions is to eat soft and easy foods after the procedure for a period, in addition to cleaning the mouth continuously and avoiding hard foods.

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Early Causes of Implant Screw Failure

Early Causes of Implant Screw Failure

Late Causes of Dental Implant Screw Failure

The dental implant procedure may be successful and several years may pass peacefully until some complications begin to occur and eventually lead to the failure of the implant screw, including the following causes:

  • If the implant is close to the nerve, it may cause injury or damage to the tissues and nerves, which can lead to numbness and a tingling sensation in the lips, tongue, face, and gums.
  • The body may reject the implant in some cases, which occurs in the form of severe pain with a fever, swelling, and chills.
  • An injury in the area surrounding the implanted tooth may cause a disturbance in the stability of the screw.
  • If the implanted tooth is in the upper jaw of the mouth, it may protrude into one of the nasal sinuses, resulting in many complications and problems.
  • For more information on the types of implants and screws used in dental implant surgeries, read the following article Click here.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Although the success rate of dental implants exceeds 95%, it results in some effects and disadvantages that we will discuss in some detail in the following points:

  • It takes a long time to see the results: Dental implants are not considered a quick solution because they require many steps and waiting for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months to achieve satisfactory results.
  • Injury to the area surrounding the implant: The gum surrounding the implant site may become infected with bacteria, which can cause inflammation in the area around the implant, which is one of the diseases of the tooth abutment that can lead to bone loss.
  • Need for additional work before the implant: We find that in some cases, the doctor needs to add bone to the jawbones due to their weakness or brittleness, in addition to the possibility of raising the nasal sinus cavity if it is swollen and pushing it into the area that needs bone grafting.
  • One of the most important disadvantages of dental implants is that they are expensive, and insurance does not cover these needs or carry them out.
  • Some complications may appear after the dental implant procedure, which are usually minor and disappear with treatment, including infection at the implant site, injury to other teeth or blood vessels, nerve damage resulting in pain, tingling and numbness, or injury to the nasal sinuses due to the protrusion of dental implants, bleeding and injury to the nasal cavity.</li
Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

How Long Does Pain Last After Dental Implants?

The steps of the dental implant procedure are performed under the effect of local anesthesia, which means that the patient does not feel any pain or the incision in the gum or the drilling in the jaw.

The pain then begins to appear after the anesthesia wears off and reaches its peak within 24 to 72 hours after the procedure, and then begins to subside in intensity until it disappears completely within a week to ten days.

During this period, the doctor prescribes types of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications after undergoing the surgery, which greatly speeds up the healing process. Ice packs can also be used to reduce swelling and the severity of pain at this stage.

After Dental Implants

There are some instructions that must be followed after dental implants in order for the healing process to take place and the implant to be successful, which include the following:

  • The doctor prescribes some types of painkillers such as paracetamol to reduce the feeling of pain.
  • Prescribing antibiotics depends on the patient’s condition and the presence or absence of bacterial infection, and in this case, the dose prescribed by the doctor and the number of days required to take the medication must be adhered to in order to obtain a good result.
  • The necessity of maintaining dental hygiene so that the teeth do not become decayed, and this is done by using a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss on a daily basis.
  • Make sure to visit the doctor regularly to check on the safety of the dental implants.
  • Eat soft and easy-to-eat foods and avoid hard ones, so consume more vegetables, fruits, soups, yogurt, and juices, among others.
  • Avoid hard foods such as candy and ice to avoid damaging the teeth.
  • Do not hesitate to consult the doctor about any abnormal symptoms that appear to you, as acting quickly can protect you from the complications and problems that may appear later on.

Do Dental Implants Cause Bad Breath?

Dental implants do not result in bad breath, unlike other dental restorations where food can accumulate around the implanted teeth, as is the case with other restorations. However, there are some cases where bad breath may occur, resulting from one of the following reasons:

  • Infection during the implant procedure
  • Swelling or inflammation of the gum after the dental implant procedure.
  • Gum bleeding

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Do Dental Implants Cause Bad Breath?

Do Dental Implants Cause Bad Breath?

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