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Details about the cost of Hollywood teeth and the modern installation method!

Hollywood teeth cost, Hollywood teeth are the latest technologies used in recent years until they became one of the leading cosmetic methods to treat different teeth problems and defects. Due to the intense turnout by patients, we will present in this article many details about it, most notably its latest techniques used and what are the cases that require its installation and how it is installed and what is the *special cost and the factors that determine it and its many advantages and much more.

Hollywood teeth cost

Hollywood teeth cost

Hollywood teeth cost

The smile is one of the factors that can make others attracted to the person as it shows the beauty of the soul and expresses its contents, so everyone is keen recently to get their attractive and distinctive smile that gives them enough confidence to deal with others and express themselves.

Hollywood teeth is a technique that aims to hide any defects or deformities that appear on the tooth surface, so it is a cosmetic and not a therapeutic technique as it cannot repair any problems related to them. It is one of the easy and effective solutions that makes many celebrities scramble to install it in order to get the overall good appearance. Its cost is determined by many factors that we will mention in detail in the following headings in the article and the cost generally ranges between 3000 to 5000 Egyptian pounds for one tooth.

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Latest Hollywood smile techniques in Egypt 2023

The technological development that has occurred in the field of dentistry always helps in discovering many cosmetic ways to easily get rid of the different problems affecting the teeth, and among the latest techniques discovered by specialists for Hollywood smile installations are:

  • Teeth whitening: The process of teeth whitening has remarkably developed in recent times, which has helped in easily obtaining ideal teeth free of defects with the help of different laser light belts.
  • Veneers: These cosmetic overlays that hide defects in the surface of the anterior teeth, computers and 3D printing have been used in order to improve their application and obtain their effective results easily. Learn how to install veneers through this article.
  • Dental implants: Tooth implantation uses strong and advanced grafts that suit the nature of the patient’s mouth and do not differ much from the natural teeth that were damaged, preventing any complications.
  • Cosmetic braces: Braces and orthodontic wires keep the teeth in their natural places and in an orderly sequence that makes the teeth look good and give an ideal smile.
Who are the candidates for Hollywood smile in Egypt

Who are the candidates for Hollywood smile in Egypt

Who are the candidates for Hollywood smile in Egypt

All therapeutic and cosmetic techniques performed in various specialized dental centers and clinics suit all disease conditions and give the same efficiency. But in the case of the emergence of various diseases and advanced conditions that need many procedures compared to others, patients for whom the Hollywood smile procedure is the best and ideal solution for them have been discovered. These conditions can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Patients with uneven, unevenly shaped and sized teeth.
  • Protruding front teeth.
  • Cases suffering from fractures and cracks in the teeth structure.
  • Large gaps between teeth.
  • Fallible teeth.
  • Teeth with stains and spots on their surface.
  • Heavy smokers.

How to install Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile is one of the cosmetic methods that help treat problems of gaps and large spaces between teeth in addition to their crookedness and movement from their natural place in the gum or fractures and cracks in their structure and stains on their anterior surface with yellow, gray and other colored spots. There are many types of Hollywood smile, but the most famous are porcelain veneers that are similar in color and shape to natural teeth, the thinness of their thickness, and the use of adhesive materials in order to fix them, which makes them one of the most stable veneers. Porcelain veneers and other types of Hollywood smile installations are fixed as follows:

  • Medical examination of the teeth in order to identify the problem and the appropriate therapeutic method for it.
  • In the event that the Hollywood smile installation technique is chosen, the doctor prepares the teeth and mouth, whether by treating any health problems or anesthetizing the teeth in order to fix the veneers on their surface.
  • Taking measurements of the patient’s teeth in order to give them to the lab and make a similar mold for them.
  • Testing the installations on the patient’s teeth in order to know their suitability and adjust them if necessary, then fixing them on the surface of the damaged teeth.

Factors determining the cost of Hollywood smile in Egypt

Factors determining the cost of Hollywood smile in Egypt

The cost of any medical service provided by health facilities, whether governmental or private, depends on several factors. Therefore, when mentioning the factors determining the cost of Hollywood smile in Egypt, we will mention the following points:

  • The patient’s condition and the health status of his teeth and the extent of damage inflicted on them and his medical history.
  • Number of damaged teeth and affected area in need of repair.
  • Price of raw materials used in making installations.
  • Dollar exchange rate controlling raw material prices.
  • Location of center, clinic or hospital where the patient will receive treatment.
  • Experience of the treating physician and professionalism of the medical team assisting him.
  • Cost of techniques used in treatment and medical devices that assist in it.
  • Extent of development of sterilization methods and infection control used.

Hollywood smile cost in Egypt 2023

Hollywood smile in Egypt is one of the techniques that has been heavily sought after in recent years by many patients of different age groups and medical conditions. There are many types of Hollywood smile, which differ according to the important materials that go into its composition, as well as the nature of its composition, whether movable or fixed. Therefore, we notice that the removable Hollywood smile costs between 5250 to 7000 Egyptian pounds per tooth, while the fixed one is no less than 3000 Egyptian pounds and does not exceed 5000 Egyptian pounds, and the total cost of all teeth in the mouth may range between 78,500 to 157,000 Egyptian pounds.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental cosmetics in Egypt

Advantages and disadvantages of dental cosmetics in Egypt

Advantages and disadvantages of dental cosmetics in Egypt

The advantages of dental cosmetic procedures in Egypt are numerous and varied, differing according to the technique used. The benefits for the patient can be listed in the following points:

  • Treating the various health problems related to teeth or mouth.
  • The high safety offered by the different cosmetic methods as a result of the technological development that helped the progress of their application and the medical devices that assist in this without causing any pain or suffering to patients.
  • Success of most cosmetic techniques used in various medical conditions at high rates.
  • Restores the patient’s self-confidence and improves his psychology.
  • Gives quick and immediate results, which encourages patients to undertake them.

Although the advantages mentioned in the preceding lines have been mentioned, there are some harms or negatives that cosmetic procedures can cause with their various techniques and methods of application. Among these disadvantages are the following points:

  • There are some techniques whose costs reach exorbitant amounts that do not suit all patients.
  • There are some cosmetic methods that require long periods of time and continuous follow-up with the doctor even after installation.
  • Some cosmetic techniques may not be removable and continue with the patient even if problems occur or they are installed incorrectly, causing other health problems and serious complications over time.
  • Signs of teeth or gum sensitivity may appear towards some components used in the manufacture of cosmetic installations, or some techniques may use chemicals when applied that cause irritation of the tooth nerve.

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Best dental cosmetics clinics in Egypt

The dental center is the best center that provides dental cosmetics procedures at the highest level in Cairo. It is characterized by suiting all patients of different ages as it provides all services for the elderly and provides them with tranquility during waiting. In addition to providing a room equipped for children in order to entertain them before examination, the center is keen to use modern cosmetic techniques and implement them using advanced laser devices while following sterilization methods and infection control provided by the World Health Organization. Specialized doctors and surgeons supervise all cases and are accompanied by medical teams assisting them. Customer service can be contacted in order to find out about current offers and discounts on all cosmetic services through this link.

How long does Hollywood smile last?

Hollywood smile is one of the cosmetic techniques or installations that last for long periods of time in the patient’s mouth due to the strength and durability of the raw materials used in its manufacture and its withstand high pressures in the mouth. These installations in the mouth can last up to 15 years or more if the patient maintains their hygiene and teeth hygiene continuously and enjoys a healthy and intact mouth.

Hollywood smile alternative

Hollywood smile is one of the most effective ways to cosmetically enhance teeth, but despite its many benefits and advantages, the relatively high cost of some of its types makes it unsuitable for all patients. Technological development has helped discover an alternative that gives the same efficiency, which is snap on smile technology, also called removable veneer by some specialists. The cost of snap on smile is simple compared to other techniques, and its most important advantages are that it does not require anesthetizing the teeth or removing any part of the enamel layer coating them, which makes it minimal in procedures and quick to install.

Who are candidates for Hollywood smile?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are some cases in which the Hollywood smile procedure is one of the best cosmetic techniques that maintain the safety of their teeth as well as the vitality and beauty of their smile and get the attractive appearance that patients lack who suffer from white spots on the surface resulting from lack of brushing teeth In addition to gray stains resulting from smoking or yellow resulting from eating foods that stain their surface and cases that were exposed to accidents and violent collisions, which affected the solidity of the teeth structure, and others as explained previously.

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