Here is a lot of information about orthodontics, how much it costs, and how to care for it! - المركز الطبي لرعاية الأسنان

Here is a lot of information about orthodontics, how much it costs, and how to care for it!

How much does medical teeth alignment cost? Do you need treatment for teeth and jaw problems? Are you suffering from severe misalignment within your teeth? Do you have overcrowding or overlapping of teeth with each other? The medical field of dentistry has provided an effective solution to treat these issues successfully and quickly, which is teeth alignment, which is one of the most prominent therapeutic procedures used for this purpose. Follow us in this article.

How much does medical teeth alignment cost?

How much does medical teeth alignment cost?

How much does medical teeth alignment cost?

Teeth alignment treatment is a medical procedure that can be performed for all medical conditions and at different ages, whether for children, adults or adolescents. It is best to have braces installed at an early age when there are problems within the teeth. This way, it helps prevent further damage to the teeth.

Teeth alignment is one of the most important therapeutic branches used in dentistry, which works to restore the shape and function of the teeth after they have been exposed to major deformities in the teeth and jaws, such as misalignment or deviation of the teeth, and wide gaps between the teeth. It gives an attractive and radiant smile after the end of the treatment period, and gives a natural appearance to the teeth after adjusting them.

There are several types or shapes of teeth alignment, each differing according to the quality of the materials it is made of, the severity of the problem the patient is suffering from, and also the doctor’s vision in determining the most suitable type for the patient.

We will discuss teeth alignment, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to install it and more information related to this alignment. Follow us in this article.

Steps before medical teeth alignment

Here are some tips that you should know before resorting to installing medical teeth alignment, which include several points, namely:

  • Knowing the types of teeth alignment

It is important to know the types of teeth alignment and the flaws and advantages that each type contains, so that you can choose the best type for your condition without falling into harm after installation, and learn more information that concerns you about each type.

  • Treatment of dental problems

You should treat all the problems or damage you are suffering from before installation, so that these problems do not increase and be exposed with the installation of the alignment, and lead to a negative impact on the health of the mouth and teeth after installation.

  • Avoid some foods

It is necessary to avoid eating sticky or hard foods when chewing before installing teeth alignment, such as:

  1. Popcorn.
  2. Chips and nuts.
  3. Sugars.
  4. Gum, and hard vegetables like carrots.
  • Clean teeth thoroughly

You should pay attention to cleaning your teeth and mouth thoroughly, especially after meals, using toothpaste or a toothbrush, as well as effective dental floss in removing food residues. This will help facilitate the cleaning process at the dentist without any obstacle when installing the alignment.

  • Take pictures of your teeth

You can take some pictures of your teeth condition before installation, to see the extent of changes or achieving the desired results after installing the alignment. This will help you in case you do not notice any change during the treatment plan, and here you can go back to the doctor to show them the pictures you took.

Types of medical teeth alignment

There are several different types of medical teeth alignment, which can determine the most suitable type with the person’s condition, based on the doctor’s vision and the size of the problem the patient is suffering from. These types can be divided into several forms, as follows:

  • Traditional metal teeth alignment

This type is one of the most famous and prominent alignments used in medical centers, as it is characterized by stability, durability and high strength in moving teeth. It is made entirely of metal, and it does not require high costs, so many medical cases resort to it.

The ceramic alignment is considered one of the types that lead to an aesthetic appearance for the teeth, as it consists of a set of brackets that are fixed on the teeth in the same natural color as them. It is made of a light-colored ceramic material, and it cannot be easily noticed by others. It also works to move the teeth quickly and efficiently, which is why it requires a high cost, unlike other types.

  • Internal teeth alignment

This alignment is installed in a hidden way and is not visible on the teeth. This is done by installing the metal arches on the inner part of the teeth and then threading the wire from the back side of them. Therefore, many people need to install internal teeth alignment, but it is difficult to clean it completely, and it also requires high financial costs.

Many cases prefer to use the invisible alignment, which is made of a completely transparent plastic material and cannot be noticed on the teeth. It is a customized mold designed according to each patient’s condition. It also allows the patient to remove or install it as they wish, but this alignment requires a long period of time for its results to appear on the teeth, which is why it does not suit most patients.

“Get a beautiful teeth alignment at prices that make it available to everyone at the dental center.”

Types of medical teeth alignment

Types of medical teeth alignment

Advantages of teeth alignment

Teeth alignment treatment aims to improve the external appearance of the teeth and smile after realigning and rearranging the teeth again and getting rid of all existing deformities. In addition to that, there are a number of advantages or benefits that teeth alignment has, which are:

  1. Enhancing the overall appearance of the teeth to an aesthetic and acceptable look for the patient.
  2. Adjusting speech sounds and improving pronunciation in an effective and more efficient way.
  3. Chewing food naturally without any obstacle.
  4. Treating the problem of protruding teeth forward.
  5. Getting rid of overlapping or impacted teeth.
  6. Treating stuttering in children.
  7. Relieving pain resulting from misaligned or crowded teeth.

“Get effective and fast results for treating severe dental misalignment with teeth alignment at the Dental Center.

Disadvantages of teeth alignment

Despite the advantages offered by teeth alignment when installed for the patient, it does have several disadvantages or negatives, which are:

Root resorption

Root resorption is one of the most common problems that can occur after installing the alignment. In some cases, it can lead to other complications within the teeth until it leads to their loss, especially if the patient suffers from inflammation of the tooth supports or the surrounding tissues.

It is possible that the chance of exposure to this damage increases, especially when the treatment period with the alignment is prolonged. To exclude this problem, it is necessary to treat all existing dental problems before installation.

Feeling pain or discomfort

This disadvantage is considered one of the most prominent and prominent negatives resulting from teeth alignment, which can increase to high levels after the day following installation. In this case, the doctor prescribes some painkillers and antibiotics that work to reduce this pain.

For this reason, most patients do not complete the treatment plan with the alignment, due to the strong pressure and constant tightening on the teeth, which leads to a constant feeling of pain.

Changes in the dental nerve

In most cases, the dental nerve may be exposed to severe inflammation, as a result of using great force from pressure on the teeth and in an irregular manner, which causes the dental nerve to lose its effectiveness completely. Therefore, it is important to apply a slight force of pressure on the teeth with the alignment, so that they are not exposed to this damage.

Benefit more from installing teeth alignment, by reading this article.

Dental caries

Dental caries is one of the negative aspects that result from teeth alignment, and it appears through a set of white spots on the surfaces, which develop and increase over time until internal cavities occur in the tooth. The front teeth are the most susceptible to this condition.

To avoid this problem, you can pay attention to daily cleaning of the teeth and alignment using the specialized toothbrush and suitable toothpaste.

Gum diseases

The gums can be exposed to inflammation or other diseases within the gums during the treatment period with the alignment, which is usually a result of the following factors:

  • In case of other diseases in the patient’s body.
  • Accumulation of layers of plaque or tartar on the teeth.
  • The degree of the patient’s body resistance.

Candidates for installing medical teeth alignment

There are some cases that are recommended for installing teeth alignment, which many doctors advise doing with these cases. The most important candidates for teeth alignment are as follows:

  1. People who suffer from overcrowding or overlapping of teeth with each other, which causes harm to the external appearance of the teeth as well as their function.
  2. The need to treat malocclusion between the jaws.
  3. Misalignment of a number of teeth on the same row in an unnatural way.
  4. Differences in the sizes and shapes of teeth with each other.
  5. Cases that suffer from wide gaps between the teeth, which are usually the result of genetic or congenital causes.
  6. Differences in the size of the lower jaw from the upper jaw or vice versa.

We  at the dental center provide full customization for medical teeth alignment to ensure stability and comfort.

Candidates for installing medical teeth alignment

Candidates for installing medical teeth alignment

Steps for installing medical teeth alignment

There are several steps or stages for installing teeth alignment, as follows:

First: Medical diagnosis

Initially, the doctor performs a comprehensive examination of the condition of the teeth and jaws, along with determining the most suitable type of alignment for the patient’s condition. In most cases, the fixed traditional metal alignment is used, as it is more effective and durable.

Second: Conducting medical examinations

The doctor needs some medical examinations and X-rays on the teeth and jaws, to look at the condition of the upper and lower jaws, and to ensure the safety and health of the bones and all tissues surrounding the teeth.

Third: Extracting extra teeth

In case of having a number of extra teeth before installing the alignment, it is important to extract them first, so that the teeth do not interfere with each other, and to be able to accept the alignment effectively and efficiently.

Fourth: Installing the teeth alignment device

  1. Thoroughly cleaning the teeth and mouth, using an acidic solution or liquid to prepare the teeth.
  2. The doctor places a jaw fixation device, so that he can open the mouth when installing the alignment.
  3. Adjusting the spaces between the teeth and molars by placing a small metal device.

How to care for medical teeth alignment

It is important to follow several instructions or guidelines after installing teeth alignment, to maintain its results for long periods, which are:

  1. Continuous follow-up with the doctor to ensure the safety of the alignment and the absence of any other problem.
  2. Taking care of teeth cleanliness using the suitable toothbrush and toothpaste for you, especially after every meal, as well as dental floss to remove all food residues.
  3. Avoiding sugars or carbonated drinks that affect the color of the teeth, as they also weaken the enamel layer of the teeth.
  4. Not eating hard or sticky foods that are difficult to chew.

Avoid health problems, teeth alignment helps correct several health issues, such as difficulty in cleaning and gum inflammation at the Dental Center.

Cost of teeth alignment

There is no single price for teeth alignment, as there are several criteria or factors that affect its cost, the most important of which are:

  • The health condition of the teeth.
  • The level of services provided at the medical center.
  • The type of alignment used.
  • The experience and skill of the doctor.
  • The quality of the techniques and equipment used.

In most cases, the prices of traditional metal teeth alignment start from 12,000 Egyptian pounds to 25,000 Egyptian pounds, while the cost and price of invisible teeth alignment ranges between 10,000 Egyptian pounds and 30,000 Egyptian pounds.

Best medical center for dental treatment and alignment

The Dental Center  is considered one of the best centers specialized in dental treatment and cosmetics in the region. The center has a team of qualified and specialized doctors in the field of dentistry, who provide unique and outstanding services to their patients. The center is distinguished by providing modern techniques and advanced equipment, which ensures effective and safe treatment procedures for patients.

Regardless of your personal needs, the center offers customized solutions that meet your individual requirements and aspirations, through its diverse services such as restorations, teeth whitening, and dental implants. The Medical Center for Dental Care is the ideal destination to meet your therapeutic and cosmetic needs.

Best medical center for dental treatment and alignment

Best medical center for dental treatment and alignment

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