There are many advantages and types of diamond braces, learn about them with us! - المركز الطبي لرعاية الأسنان

There are many advantages and types of diamond braces, learn about them with us!

Diamond dental braces, dental braces are one of the most therapeutic and cosmetic treatments that have proven high efficiency and have also been done by many patients who preferred it over other famous and less expensive treatment methods, and due to the intense demand for orthodontics, which was the latest type of diamond braces, we will talk about it in detail during this article.

Diamond dental braces

Diamond dental braces

Diamond dental braces

Dental braces are the most important ever in the treatment of problems of teeth crowding over each other or their crookedness and leaning of their structure or any damage or health problem with them, and its stunning results made it the focus of specialists’ attention and also the focus of their interests, which encouraged them to apply technology to all steps Specialized to exploit them in obtaining the maximum benefit from treating various pathological conditions.

And diamond dental braces are the latest types of braces that have recently been used and have proven their effectiveness and quality in restoring teeth to their healthy and disease-free structure, and this type of braces is characterized by the absence of any wires or rubber fastening, but the binding is self, which makes its appearance on the teeth better. So it suits cases where the purpose is cosmetic.

It also suits cases that suffer from lack of closure of the jaws’ teeth on each other or distortion of the teeth structures and crowding of the jaw cavity with teeth and the small size of the cavity and its inability to accommodate their number. Get to know the advantages of simple metal dental braces through this article.

What is the difference between Damon dental braces and traditional fixed braces?

Damon dental braces are a type of regular dental braces but developed and modified to be the most advanced version that treats more problems and meets the needs of different pathological conditions. The fundamental differences between them resulting from the application of technology are that Damon braces arcs are easy to slide and move because they are self-ligating and equipped.

In complete contrast, traditional braces require commitment to follow-up sessions with the treating physician until the wires are fixed in the new position and tightened to fit the teeth after moving towards their correct healthy position that should be fixed in it. Damon braces are not painful unlike the situation in traditional dental braces, and they do not contain wires and rubber bands that are present in the traditional ones.

What are the advantages of Damon dental braces?

Damon dental braces are a developed and modern brace that helped facilitate the treatment of many pathological conditions suffering from the crookedness of their teeth or damage to them. This is due to their possession of many advantages, including:

  • The treatment period required by Damon dental braces is less than that required by traditional braces.
  • Damon dental braces do not require frequent visits to the treatment center for follow-up because they do not need wires or rubber bands.
  • Damon braces do not require tooth extraction.
  • This brace does not contain rubber, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria and germs on the surface of the teeth and in the oral cavity.
  • Brace easy to clean.
What are the advantages of Damon dental braces?

What are the advantages of Damon dental braces?

Strengths and weaknesses of Damon dental braces

Damon dental braces are one of the most popular types of braces circulated on many social media platforms and inquired about on various search engines, due to the success of pathological cases treated with it. It also has many strengths, including:

  • Does not require tooth extraction in many cases.
  • The patient does not feel severe pain.
  • Reducing the number of follow-up visits to the doctor.

Despite this, there are some disadvantages that may make patients hesitate to undergo treatment with this type of braces:

  • Advanced medical tools and technologies are not used to the great extent that reduces the duration of treatment.
  • The metal wire of this type of braces causes pain in the first few days after installation.
  • There are some research and studies that have proven that there is no big difference between the Damon method and the traditional method of orthodontics.

What are the types of Damon braces?

The types of Damon braces are not very different from those for traditional braces. They are made from the same raw materials and have many of the same characteristics as well. Among these devices are the transparent and ceramic braces, which are considered the best type of Damon braces used in cases where the purpose is cosmetic because they are invisible and do not attract the attention of others. Dental braces can be less painful and more comfortable with our innovative pain relief products at The Dental Center.

How much faster does a Damon brace work compared to a traditional fixed brace?

What most distinguishes Damon braces is their superior efficiency and high speed compared to traditional braces. The speed of tooth movement in the case of installing Damon braces is faster than their speed when using traditional fixed braces. However, it should be taken into account that tooth movement is limited within one month, so the duration of treatment cannot be reduced to less than 6 months in all cases.

Does a Damon brace need an orthodontic chain?

No, the Damon brace is self-locking and self-moving, so it does not need a chain or band for its wires, unlike the fixed brace that requires a fixing chain and strap as an essential part of its installation procedures and ensuring its success.

You can get the information you want about braces for children’s teeth and the appropriate age for installation through this article.

Does a Damon brace need an orthodontic chain?

Does a Damon brace need an orthodontic chain?

What are the time intervals that must be observed in reviewing an orthodontist to examine a Damon brace?

Damon braces do not require follow-up with the treating physician as traditional braces do, so the patient does not visit the treatment center before 6 or 10 weeks after the Damon is installed, while the fixed brace requires the patient to adhere to the follow-up session appointments once a month in order to examine the brace, mouth and ensure the safety of the teeth and health of the gums. Get to know the best orthodontist in Cairo through this article.

The ideal candidate for Damon braces

Damon dental braces are a type of braces that doctors have recently resorted to in treating various dental problems, especially:

  • Crooked teeth.
  • Lack of closure of the jaws’ teeth on each other or mismatch of the bite of the two jaws.
  • Those who are not medically suitable for rubber or removable braces or who do not want to install them.

How does Damon dental braces work?

Damon dental braces, like any traditional dental braces, rely on pressing on the teeth until they are moved towards their correct position later on. But the difference here is that it aligns the teeth with each other by self-movement or self-bonding that makes the braces wires move automatically with the teeth without the need to tighten or adjust their straps.

You can learn about the cost of transparent dental braces through this article.

Disadvantages of Damon braces

As we mentioned in the previous lines of the article, Damon braces are one of the important treatment methods, but like anything in the world, this brace has some disadvantages such as the advantages mentioned in the previous lines, and these disadvantages may be:

  • Their material cost is high.
  • Causes irritation and inflammation of the gums for some pathological conditions.
  • The metal wire of this type of braces is visible.
  • Some cases require the extraction of some teeth in order to install this brace in the mouth.

After Damon dental braces treatment

After treatment with Damon dental braces and giving it the expected results, the doctor removes it, then is careful to clean the teeth from any deposits, calculus on or on their surface, and removes wisdom teeth if it has grown buried or has any defect that may adversely affect the oral cavity and teeth.

Then fixatives are installed, the purpose of which is to maintain these results and prevent the teeth from returning to their wrong position again. You can learn about the difference between fake dental braces and medical dental braces through this article.

How much do Damon braces cost?

Damon braces are one of the most influential techniques on famous dental problems of losing them or damaging them, as it shows its role in eliminating the famous problems of distortion and protrusion of teeth or bite problems. Therefore, we notice that the procedures vary from case to case, and this is what controls determining the cost, as the number of damaged teeth and the steps they need for treatment are among the most important factors in determining prices for any medical service.

In addition to the number of years of the doctor’s experience and the extent of the development of techniques and devices used in treatment and the reputation of the center or clinic where the treatment is performed. After taking all these factors into account, we notice that the cost of Damon braces can start from 117,420 Egyptian pounds. You can also learn about the duration of scattered dental braces through this article.

Alternatives to Damon braces

Damon braces is a type of famous dental braces for treating problems of loss and distortion of teeth and protrusion of their structure. In cases where braces are not preferred in all their types or their health condition does not allow them to be treated with this technique, due to their failure to meet some conditions, this encouraged specialists to find alternative methods, which are:

  • Cosmetic veneers.
  • Artificial tooth restorations such as transparent restorations.
  • Narrow jaw expander.
  • Dental retainers.
  • Tooth implantation.
Alternatives to Damon braces

Alternatives to Damon braces

Is Damon braces painful?

No, because there are no straps or rubber used to secure and tension the teeth, which ensures less pressure on the teeth when trying to secure them in their proper place. Make your journey with Damon dental braces more comfortable and easier with our innovative pain relief products at The Dental Center.

Best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the best specialized centers for dental treatment and cosmetics in Egypt, especially in Nasr City and New Cairo. This center includes an elite group of the most skilled and experienced doctors in Egypt and the Arab world who are keen to apply the latest techniques using the most advanced devices in order to obtain stunning and satisfying results for them while following infection control and sterilization methods at the highest level.

Our motto at The Dental Center has always been that everyone has the right to get perfect teeth and receive good service at the appropriate price for them, which guarantees them safety and no exposure to risks or any complications. Therefore, our center offers many offers on various therapeutic and cosmetic services in order to ensure treatment for different social classes for all patients.

So do not hesitate to join us at The Dental Center to get your perfect smile in a short period of time.

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