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Learn About Cosmetic Fillings and Why They Are Used

Cosmetic Fillings, cosmetic dental fillings are one of the medical procedures that help you get a suitable treatment for tooth decay, cracks and cavities in your teeth. Before you get this type of filling, you should know its advantages, importance and other important information provided to you in the following article.

Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings are one of the good procedures that help the person get better teeth and get rid of the problem of decay permanently. Cosmetic fillings help the patient get an aesthetic and distinctive appearance for the teeth, away from any cavities or actual problem in the teeth that negatively affects the condition and shape of the tooth.

Getting cosmetic dental fillings is not just for cosmetic purposes, but a person may need this procedure to improve their condition for the better and avoid the accumulation of bacteria in the cavities inside the tooth, which affects its health condition and makes them feel pain or discomfort. Therefore, you should start getting cosmetic fillings now to improve your condition.

Types of Cosmetic Fillings

Tooth filling is done after removing the decay present in the tooth, which causes it pain and discomfort, in addition to the bad odor and also a change in the color of the tooth pulp to black or dark. This decay must be removed first, then comes the role of cosmetic dental fillings, which essentially work to compensate for the missing part of the teeth and reduce the chances of bacteria accumulating again on this tooth.

There is more than one type of tooth filling or rather the materials used in tooth filling, and these types are as follows:

  1. Gold filling: Gold alloys, which are a mixture of gold and copper, are used to make a tooth filling. They have a high degree of pressure resistance and can last with the patient from 10 to 15 years, but they are expensive to install.
  2. Silver fillings: These are considered one of the strong and solid types of tooth fillings that can last with the patient for many years. The cost of getting them is also lower than gold, but their disadvantage is their color, which is different from the color of the teeth, and this is not welcomed by some people.
  3. Composite fillings: The patient gets an effective filling with a high degree of resistance needed when eating. It also has a good color that matches the natural color of the teeth, making it a good choice for many patients.

Getting the shape of teeth you want has become available through cosmetic dental fillings that give you a better shape for your teeth and relieve you from recurring tooth decay problems.

What is the difference between regular and cosmetic fillings?

Dental fillings, in general, are considered one of the good medical procedures that help the patient get the shape of teeth they want, and thus feel a great improvement in the shape of the tooth or molar. There are two types of these fillings: regular fillings and cosmetic fillings. Both are obtained in the case of tooth decay, which causes a problem for the patient.

The difference between regular fillings and cosmetic fillings is the shape of the filling. In other words, the cosmetic filling is distinguished by a better appearance for the teeth and makes the person get a greater degree of comfort and does not bear the burden of the discolored shade of regular fillings. This is because cosmetic fillings have the same color as the teeth, and therefore do not appear noticeable but rather give a beautiful appearance to the teeth.

How long do cosmetic fillings last?

The expected lifespan of cosmetic dental fillings largely depends on more than one factor, including the materials used in the manufacturing and whether the cosmetic dental fillings are cleaned and cared for or not, as well as other factors that help the person get a good condition for their teeth and the fillings present.

In general, a cosmetic filling can last more than 10 years with care and attention, and by taking care to clean the teeth regularly so that the person does not experience any undesirable complications. Caring for the tooth filling is like regular tooth cleaning, but it should be done more gently so as not to cause any damage to the teeth and negatively affect them.

How long do cosmetic fillings last?

How long do cosmetic fillings last?

Can a cosmetic filling fall out?

Yes, both regular and cosmetic dental fillings can fall out, and this is due to several reasons, including frequent consumption of hard things such as ice cubes or nuts, among other causes that can lead to a break in the dental filling or part of it. The breakage does not have a specific time or after a certain period, but it is likely to occur at any time.

Through regular follow-up that you get at the Medical Center for Dental Care, along with continuous monitoring of the condition of the cosmetic filling, the chances of the cosmetic filling falling out can be reduced. This is because caring for and maintaining different types of fillings contributes greatly to preserving them for as long as possible without breaking or part of them falling out.

Choose the best for your teeth. Get cosmetic dental filling services at our The Dental Center.

Disadvantages of Cosmetic Fillings

There are many advantages that are available to you if you use cosmetic dental fillings that give a natural appearance to the teeth that have been affected by decay and also affect their shape. Fillings also prevent the formation of deposits in the hollow part of the tooth, which reduces the occurrence of decay in this part again. Despite having this amount of advantages for cosmetic fillings, there are some disadvantages that patients may face.

Some of the disadvantages of cosmetic dental fillings are:

  1. It is difficult to use cosmetic dental fillings in case of a large cavity in the teeth after removing the decay, and this is due to the fact that the fillings may not be stable if they are present over a wide area inside the tooth.
  2. There is a possibility of contamination of the fillings, and this is due to certain types of foods that the person consumes. However, cleaning the teeth and caring for them by using dental floss and mouthwash can help you avoid this type of disadvantage of cosmetic fillings.

Your keenness on regular visits to the doctor and monitoring your condition with them will primarily work on reducing the disadvantages or problems that you may be exposed to after getting a cosmetic filling for your teeth. Therefore, you must visit us at The Dental Center to get the available follow-up service we provide.

Advantages of Cosmetic Fillings

There are many advantages that help in benefiting from cosmetic dental fillings that improve the appearance of the tooth affected by decay and also affect its condition and appearance. You can get acquainted with the advantages of cosmetic fillings as follows:

  1. It improves the appearance of the teeth and restores their natural shape.
  2. It is considered one of the treatment methods for tooth decay.
  3. It protects the nerve in case the decay has reached it.
  4. It does not cause pain during installation because it requires local anesthesia.
  5. Its color is similar to the actual color of the teeth, so it does not negatively affect their appearance.
  6. It is very stable and covers the missing part of the teeth after cleaning them from decay.
  7. It helps avoid the accumulation of bacteria or deposits that lead to tooth decay.
  8. It works to fill the gaps between the teeth.

Experiences with Cosmetic Fillings

There are many successful experiences that have changed the state of teeth after getting cosmetic fillings, and they got rid of the decay and cavities that it creates in the teeth, which can reach the nerve and have a bad effect on it and on the pain that continues with the patient for a long time afterwards. Therefore, the cosmetic filling was the best solution for them.

Some of the experiences of people are as follows (I was suffering from pain in my teeth, and I was neglecting to follow up with the doctor, and eventually I discovered that it was due to decay in my teeth that had been penetrating the teeth for several years, until most of my teeth and molars were affected. When I visited the dentist, they told me that there were several cavities in my teeth, some superficial and some had penetrated to the nerve, and that I needed to have this decay removed.

When I asked the doctor about the method by which the decay would be removed, they told me that this procedure requires drilling a certain part of the affected tooth or molar with the decay, and that the amount of drilling would be minimal in the case of superficial decay, but in the case of decay reaching the nerve, a large part of the tooth or molar would have to be drilled.

After removing these cavities, my experience with cosmetic fillings began, when the doctor told me that I had two main options. The first was metal fillings, and they told me that they were the least expensive. The second option was cosmetic fillings, which are the latest advancements in dentistry. I did, in fact, choose the cosmetic fillings, which greatly improved the appearance of the teeth after removing the decay from them and placing the fillings.)

Experiences with Cosmetic Fillings

Experiences with Cosmetic Fillings

Who are the candidates for using cosmetic fillings?

Restoring the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and molars and improving the person’s smile. Therefore, cosmetic dental fillings are used to help you get great comfort and a beautiful appearance for your teeth. Getting cosmetic fillings is no longer difficult, but it can be done through a number of medical steps.

There are some people who are most in need of cosmetic tooth fillings, and they are as follows:

  • A person who has been exposed to severe tooth decay, leading to disfigurement of the tooth.
  • If the decay in the patient’s teeth has reached the nerve and is causing them pain.
  • In the case that the person is getting their teeth cosmetically improved, they must undergo cosmetic fillings that solve the problem of decay and its unsightly appearance.
  • If the teeth have gaps, disfigurements and cracks that affect their condition and appearance.

Before taking any medical action, the patient can get a good medical consultation so that they can achieve complete recovery from tooth problems that affect their appearance and also cause the patient severe pain.

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Reasons for using cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic dental fillings are one of the latest medical technologies that treat a number of tooth problems. These problems can damage the tooth and cause defects in it, and also cause the patient to feel pain or discomfort when eating. They can also be used when getting a Hollywood smile, which requires preparation of the teeth and modification of the damaged molars.

Here are some reasons that lead the doctor to choose cosmetic dental fillings and treat the patient with them:

  • In case of gaps in the teeth.
  • Breakage of part of the molar.
  • The presence of some cracks in the teeth.
  • It is used after treating tooth decay. To learn more about tooth decay problems, click here.
  • Worn teeth that have more than one health problem and need restoration.

You should be aware of the importance of cosmetic dental fillings that help you get a lot of comfort and change the shape of your teeth for the better.

How is a cosmetic filling procedure done?

You can get a cosmetic tooth filling through a few simple steps, as it is not considered a surgical procedure, but rather a type of treatment for tooth decay. Installing these fillings is one of the steps of this decay, and we can explain the steps of the cosmetic filling procedure to you as follows:

  1. The doctor starts by conducting a comprehensive examination of the teeth and identifying the condition of the tooth and the extent to which decay has affected it.
  2. After determining the size of the decay and the condition of the tooth, the doctor gives the patient a local anesthetic to reduce the pain during the removal of the decay.
  3. After the anesthesia starts to take effect, the doctor then proceeds to clean the tooth and get rid of the decay in it by using a dental drill or a suitable laser technique for the teeth, which are tools that help in removing the decay.
  4. The attending physician ensures the condition of the teeth and that the decay no longer has any effect on them or any remaining residue that could cause pain again.
  5. The doctor begins to apply layers of the cosmetic filling in the cavity in the tooth and solidify them using blue light until they are strong enough to withstand the normal pressure on the teeth.
  6. After completing this, the doctor cleans and polishes the tooth itself and ensures that there is no protrusion in the teeth.

Recovery after getting cosmetic fillings may require some time for the person to start getting rid of the pain that follows this procedure, and they must pay attention to the types of food they consume during this period so that it does not affect the filling.

Who should get cosmetic fillings?

Getting cosmetic dental fillings has become easier now through The Dental Center, which allows you to get rid of tooth decay completely and modify the damage that has occurred in the tooth. The people who are candidates for cosmetic fillings are those who have tooth decay or their teeth have cracked or have cavities that have exposed the nerve and caused pain.

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Who should get cosmetic fillings?

Who should get cosmetic fillings?

Tips for maintaining cosmetic fillings

You can easily get the dental fillings you want and improve the condition of the tooth after decay. This is done through a medical procedure to remove the damaged part of the tooth, then the cosmetic filling is installed, which has the same color as the teeth, so you won’t notice a big difference in the shape or shade. This is what the patient is essentially looking for.

After installing the cosmetic fillings, you must maintain them properly. The doctors at The Dental Center provide you with some important tips for maintaining the fillings, which are:

  1. Maintaining the Maintaining the cleanliness of the teeth themselves, which means that it should be done by using a toothbrush and toothpaste two to three times a day.
  2. Pay attention to using an antiseptic mouthwash to get rid of bacteria that affect the condition of the teeth.
  3. Dental floss can be included in your daily routine.
  4. Avoid extremely cold or hot foods that can affect the filling.
  5. Reduce hard or very sticky types of food so as not to damage the fillings.
  6. Regular follow-up with the attending physician who will provide you with a full report on the condition of the filling and whether it needs any adjustment.

Expected results after using cosmetic fillings

Dental fillings provide you with a good condition for your teeth that helps you regain your bright smile and not be embarrassed by the appearance of the tooth due to decay. Therefore, after the decay, cracks and cavities in the tooth are removed and the cosmetic filling is placed, the patient will be able to talk freely and also smile without any embarrassment, in addition to getting rid of the problem of tooth pain due to the exposed nerve.

The attending physician may advise you to undergo other good procedures that help improve the patient’s condition, such as teeth straightening or placing restorations in conjunction with installing the cosmetic filling, because your teeth need more steps to treat their problems permanently.

How much does a cosmetic tooth filling cost?

Modifying the shape of teeth and treating the problem of decay that affects them at any age is very important in order for the person to regain self-confidence and get rid of the accompanying pain from these diseases. Therefore, it is important that you are keen on treating your teeth with the best treatment methods at The Dental Center.

The cost of cosmetic tooth fillings at the Medical Center for Dental Care ranges from 800 to 1300 Egyptian pounds. There are other factors that affect the calculation of the cost of the filling, such as what will be done for you before placing the filling and whether you will need additional sessions after installation, and other factors that can be determined with the medical team assisting your doctor.

Best medical center for dental treatment and beautification

You should be aware of the most important qualities that you should find in the center that provides you with dental treatment, and among the most important is the reputation of the center and the opinions of its patients, as well as the type of services you get there and the quality of the available techniques. Therefore, we at The Dental Center provide you with the best modern medical procedures and advantages that make us one of the best centers in Cairo, so contact us now.

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